Information about the Baker Coat of Arms

Testimonial with original spellings

The Armes & Creast with this Discent is testified & declared by Robt Cooke Clarenceux per Patent under his hand & seale of this office datid the xth of May 1573.

Genealogy of the Coat of Arms

                Simon Baker of Feversham in Kent
          John Baker of Tenterden in the Countie of Kent
               Christopher Baker of Tenterden in Kent
                    George Baker of London
             Ann Swaine                      Ann French
            d of William                     d of Pawle 
               Swaine                   a prebend of Windsor
      |                   |                          | 
   Daughter              Son                      Daughter
Frances wife to      Alexander Baker              Dowglass
Robert Bowles        of London Esq. one of         wife to
                     the Justices of Peace      Aron Woodcock
                     for the Countie of
                     Midd. 1634 

      Wife                                       Wife
   Alice Jerviss                               Frances Grigg
   d of Edward of                              d of Michael 
   com. Southampton                      Widow of Francis Pendleton
     |        |       |                 |                   |
  1st Son     |    3rd Son         1st Daughter       3rd Daughter   
  Henry Baker |  Allexander Baker   Alice Baker         Ann Baker
              |of Clifford's Inn     wife to             wife to
              |                     Henry Seamor    Thomas Packington
   2nd Son ---|                    of Maxwell in      of Edgeware in     
 Henry Baker  |                comm. Southhampt Esq.     com. Midd.
                 2nd Daughter             4th Daughter
                     |                         |
                Mary Baker                Winfrid Baker  
        wife to Charles Hauers Esq.          wife to
                                      Sir Edward Wignall
                                      of Tandridge in com.
                                          Surrey Kent

Testifed by Alex. Baker