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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Abair, Alpha Cecil F W 1893Jul11 1975May19 1975May27 A-15-09  
Abair, Joseph Newton M W 1888Jan29 1968May17 1968May21 A-15-10  
Abasses, Baby         1898Nov17 P.Field  
Abbate, Anthony M W 1894Jul03 1968Apr30 1968May04 E-38-17  
Abbott, Dorothy Lee F   1915Mar12 2000Aug23 2000Aug29 5-1-F  
Abbott, Kenneth Ross M   1912Oct11 1990Feb28 1990Mar05 F-01-04  
Abelman, Mary K. F   1862May 1893Oct 1893Oct07 3-35-H  
Ableman, Mary K. F       1893Oct08 H-35-01  
Abrahamian, David M   1898Jan02 1974Nov25 1974Nov29 J-19-03  
Abramek, Dennis John M   1944Oct18 2000Jan03 2000Jan12 2-4-D  
Acenas, Francisco M W 1911Apr22 1977Dec02 1977Dec06 E-07-09  
Achtermeyer, John H. M W 1891Feb07 1959Jun26 1959Jul01 GW-167-01  
Ackerman, Joseph M     1941Dec28 1942Jan02 M-32-14  
Ackerman, Rudolph M   1863----- 1942Mar23 1942Mar24 H-28-12  
Acosta, Edalia F   1926Dec26 1992Nov26 1992Dec02 K-09-08  
Acosta, Jose Jr. M W 1903May01 1983Sep15 1983Sep20 H-22-15  
Acosta, Jose Salvador M   1916Feb14 1996Jan15 1996Jan19 9-9-K  
Acosta, Jose T. Sr. M M 1897Mar19 1960Jun08 1960Jun10 H-21-01  
Acosta, Maria D. F W 1893May03 1961May01 1961May03 H-21-02  
Acosta, Mercy F   1907Jun02 1975Aug07 1975Aug11 H-22-14  
Acosta, Raymond M   1931Oct06 1976Sep28 1976Oct01 H-22-13  
Acosta, Rebecca F W 1926Mar11 1940Apr24 1940Apr24 C-26-02  
Acosta, Rose F   1933Jul30 1989Jun16 1989Jun20 H-23-03  
Adams, Annie Ruth F N 1930Apr14 1972Apr10 1972Apr18 H-39-11  
Adams, Baby           C-69-02  
Adams, Bessie Alice F W 1892Jun28 1972Dec23 1972Dec26 GS-127-06  
Adams, Betsy F W   1948Aug30 1948Sep02 M-28-01  
Adams, John W. M   1869Oct-- 1940Mar14 1940Mar18 GS-47-13  
Adams, Maria F   1858----- 1944Jan25 1944----- H--  
Adams, William J. M W 1890Mar19 1965Oct16 1965Oct19 GS-127-07  
Adamson, Ellrie M   1935Aug03 2002Feb10 2002Feb15 12-12-A  
Ader, Charity J. F   1843----- 1916Oct21 1916Oct22 C-65-04  
Agelonedis, John P. M W 1892Jul24 1962Oct31 1962Nov03 B-35-13  
Agnew, William Walter M W 1877Jan23 1950Nov07 1950Nov13 GW-05-02  
Aguilar, Edgar Lionel M   1980Mar27 1999Jul18 1999Jul23 7-4-F  
Aguilar, Jesus M W 1931Jul02     C-22-07  
Aguilar, Nicolas M W 1892Mar29 1973Feb01 1973Feb19 C-68-13  
Aguirre, Abel Gilbert M   1990Oct10 1991Jul30 1991Aug05 J-08-02B-15  
Aguirre, Anthony Leonard M W 1967Dec20 1969Feb23 1969Mar01 J-08-01B-15  
Aguirre, Arthuro Rodriguez M W 1944May08 1986Mar19 1986Mar25 K-01-11  
Aguirre, Cruz R. M W 1942Jul05 1985Sep09 1985Sep17 K-01-10  
Aguirre, Isabel R. F   1920Mar04 1983Oct26 1983Nov02 K-01-07  
Aguirre, Liberato G. M H 1913Jul04 1994Dec05 1994Dec08 K-01-08  
Aguirre,Ryan C.     2005Nov30 2005Dec03 2005Dec09 33-34-F-4 Row 4  
Agustin, Julio     2003Oct01 2003Oct01 2003Oct03 29-34-F  
Aimes, Peter James M W 1879Oct04 1972Jul05 1972Jul14 H-40-07  
Ake, William Tell M W 1900Jun17 1971Jan10 1971Jan13 E-39-09  
Akers, George Curtis M W 1880Aug01 1954Apr17 1954Apr20 GS-50-14  
Alarcon, Antonio M W 1926Jul20 1927Aug18 1927Aug-- C-07-11  
Alarcon, Aurelio R. M W 1891----- 1966Jan12 1966Jan17 GN-36-11  
Alarcon, Jose M W 1924Mar21 1924Jul01 1924Jul-- C-14-12  
Alarcon, Josefina S. F   1901Mar12 1994Apr26 1994May02 GN-36-10  
Albertson, Myrtle F W 1942Jul18 1966Dec04 1966Dec08 GN-103-02  
Albrecht, Julius M W 1878Nov22 1958Dec17 1958Dec20 GW-43-03  
Albrecht, Theresa F W 1898Aug14 1976Dec27 1977Jan07 GW-13-04  
Aldaz, Ignacia Natcha F   1942May21 2001May13 2001May18 3-8-F  
Aldrich, Amanda F   1840Mar29 1897Jun29 1897Jun30 C-45-08A  
Aldrich, Arthur Allin M W 1879Dec28 1951Nov14 1951Nov24 C-45-07A  
Aldrich, Cyrus C. M   1833Aug--   1900Jul13 C-45-09A  
Aldrich, Emma Susan F W 1868Feb23 1957Nov21 1957Nov25 H-10-01  
Alexander, Anne Cornelia F N 1874May-- 1949Aug27 1949Aug27 J-04-SE9  
Alexander, Cordia     1908-----     GS--  
Alexander, Cordia "NMN" F   1908Dec08 2000Nov06 2000Nov14 9-3-E  
Alexander, James M N 1865----- 1951Sep12 1951Sep15 J-05-05NE  
Alexander, John M   1895Jun25 1994Apr24 1994Apr28 E-03-10  
Alexander, John M   1906-----     GS--  
Alexander, Ruth  F W 1876Jul17 1971Mar15 1971Mar22 H-43-24  
Alexander, William M W 1897Jul16 1964Oct24 1964Oct28 M--  
Aliewine, Luther Kirk M W 1891Jul03 1961Jul05 1961Jul08 H-- LINK
Allain, Toriano M   1974Aug26 1975Nov30 1975Dec06 GN-208-26  
Allee, James Wm. M W 1871May20 1954Dec25 1954Dec29 GS-134-07  
Allee, Ruby H. F   1872----- 1944Jan04 1944Jan07 GS-134-02  
Allen, Baby Boy M N 1957May04     M--  
Allen, Beth Rose F   1913Feb05 1996Jan03 1996Mar26 10-9-E  
Allen, Bryant M W 1904Jul24 1983Dec11 1983Dec15 J-54-02  
Allen, Ernest Alfred M W 1898Feb08 1967Oct26 1967Nov09 H-68-02  
Allen, Geneva Mae F   1907Jun25 1996Feb25 1996Mar05 14-22-B  
Allen, George Winfred M   1917Jul15 1991Oct12 1991Oct24 K-03-07  
Allen, Hardy Leon M W 1885Jul05 1948May31 1948Jun02 GS-25-10  
Allen, Ira E. M W 1896Aug22 1970Apr12 1970Apr15 H-45-07  
Allen, Luda F N 1907Jan04 1960Oct07 1960Oct12 J-54-03  
Allen, Melvin M N 1954Mar12 1954Mar13 1954Mar15 J-01-09  
Allen, Milton M N 1954Mar10 1955Jun28 1955Jul02 J-01-09  
Allen, Myrtle J. F W 1886Sep30 1966Dec21 1967Jan03 E-30-08  
Allen, Samantha Lyn F   1988Sep16 1988Oct28 1988Nov01 J-48-01  
Allen, Terrill Wynn M W 1948Sep27 1984Oct22 1984Oct29 K-03-08  
Alles, Cherie Ann F   1958Apr29 1990Aug22 1990Aug28 F-06-01  
Allison, Jeffery Lloyd M W 1962May26 1984Jun23 1984Jun28 K-02-10  
Allison, Matilda Marie F   1927Mar06 1990Feb15 1990Feb22 GW-172-01  
Allstead, Mildred D. F   1920Jan23 1999Nov30 2001Nov13 16-1A-D1  
Allvarado, Francisca     1924Jul26 2003Aug26 2003Sep03 1-33-K  
Almanzar, Dan Andre M W 1914Nov23 1983Aug23 1983Aug29 D-13-01  
Almond, Leona Mildred F N 1912Jun03 1979Mar07 1979Mar12 J-27-09  
Alongi, Rosario M   1959Mar20 1986Jun04 1986Jun09 K-05-04  
Alonso,Leonard     1918Jun08 2005Nov04 2005Nov28 6-24-F-1 Row 1  
Alonzo, Augustine M   1892----- 1940May17 1940May20 H-14-05  
Alonzo, Concha Acosta F   1921Oct01 1998Nov27 1998Dec4 9-7-GW  
Alonzo, Guadalupe L. F W 1895Dec12 1971Apr01 1971Apr06 H-13-02  
Alonzo, Henry L. M   1921Oct24 1993Mar05 1993Mar11 GW-07-10  
Alonzo, Pedro M W 1927Jul18 1927Jul18 1927Jul18 C-07-04  
Alonzo, Ricardo L. M W 1936Aug12 1959Nov03 1959Nov03 H-11-01  
Altenbaumer, Gerald D.     1936Sep05 2004Sep08 2004Oct04 7-13-K  
Altman, Anna S. F   1883----- 1974Mar01 1974----- JC-L-4  
Altman, Louis E. M   1874----- 1960Jul03 1960----- JC-L-3  
Alton, Florence F. F W 1882Jul15 1972Nov07 1972Nov10 GW-70-08  
Altshuler, Max S. M   1887----- 1956Apr25 1956----- JC-K-24  
Alvarado, Guillermo     1937Apr24 2003Oct07 2003Oct14 9-4-F  
Alvarez, Angel M   2003Feb19 2003Feb19 2003Feb24 20-34-F  
Alvarez, Angel     2003Feb19 2003Feb19 2003Feb24 20-34-F  
Alvarez, Francisco G. M M 1900Oct04 1948Mar20 1948Mar25 C-12-06  
Alward, Marie A. F W 1880Jul--- 1971Dec25 1971Dec29 E-14-09  
Amacker, Camille F   1892Jan18 1988Jul03 1988Aug05 J-18-10  
Aman, Florence May F W 1895Jul03 1959Sep03 1961Feb02 C-45-05  
Ammons, Clara May F   1895Jan07 1988Jun15 1988Jun20 E-47-13  
Ammons, Francis Leroy M W 1898Jan08 1968Feb06 1968Feb10 E-47-14  
Amor, Edward Eugene M W 1950Apr26 1972Jun06 1972Jun10 A-02-02  
Amor, Edward Roosevelt M W 1924Mar09 1984May03 1984May08 A-02-03  
Amsler, Clarence Ray M W 1910Feb19 1984Mar14 1984Mar16 D-32-06  
Anaya, Francisco M M 1876----- 1955Jul25 1955Jul28    
Anders, Harold Michael M W 1940Nov11 1953Mar10 1953Mar16 GE-33-03  
Anders, Judith Kay F W 1945Dec11 1953Mar10 1953Mar16 GE-33-01  
Anders, Kenneth Rosenthal M W 1908Apr25 1953Mar10 1953Mar19 GE-33-02  
Anders, Patrick Doyle M W 1943Sep15 1953Mar10 1953Mar16 GE-33-01  
Anders, Valerie Faye F W 1949Jun27 1953Mar10 1953Mar16 GE-33-03  
Anderson, -------         1915----- GS-132-07  
Anderson, Anna F   1893Jan26 1964Aug16 1964Aug19 GW-65-08  
Anderson, Arnold Oliver M W 1899Oct08 1972Aug10 1972Aug15 C-36-01  
Anderson, Carney M N 1891Sep11 1962Jul08 1962Jul13 H--  
Anderson, Charles M W 1902Jun27 1968Mar25 1968Mar27 E-17-01  
Anderson, Charles S. M   1892Jun13 1974Aug14 1974Aug19 C-48-01  
Anderson, Clarence I. M W 1894Jul27 1984Mar01 1984Mar05 E-35-11  
Anderson, Cordetta Trent F W 1899Apr09 1960Apr17 1960Apr28 C-48-02A  
Anderson, Eldora E F   1909Jan30 1995Mar10 1995Mar15 2-36-C  
Anderson, Elmer E. M   1864----- 1939Jun12 1939Jun16 GS-130-10  
Anderson, Essie F   1865----- 1914Dec22 1914Dec24 GE-139-06  
Anderson, Fannie F W 1883Jan06 1957Apr21 1957Apr27 C-53-04  
Anderson, Frank A. M W 1876Jul04 1955Nov27 1955Nov30 C-49-02  
Anderson, Gertrude M. F W 1899Nov30 1967Feb13 1967Feb18 GN-36-04  
Anderson, Henry A. M     1943Apr13 1943Apr17 GS-132-08SW  
Anderson, Henry S. M   1848----- 1905Aug24 1905Aug26 P.Field  
Anderson, Howard M   1875----- 1940Aug04 1940Aug07 GE-147-08  
Anderson, Ida Alice F W 1872Jun29 1955Sep17 1955Sep21 GS-130-09  
Anderson, James Wesley M   1853-----   1915Sep25 GE-139-05  
Anderson, Lancisco M     1936Jul25 1936Jul28 GE-146-07  
Anderson, Leon J. M N 1906Feb20 1971Feb10 1971Feb24 H-39-09  
Anderson, Marie Carolynn F W 1896May29 1973Jan18 1973Jan22 E-35-10  
Anderson, Mary Sidney F N 1906Jun24 1969Jan23 1969Jan27 J-17-07  
Anderson, Myrtle Louise F W 1909Feb20 1961Feb04 1961Feb07 GW-117-06  
Anderson, Ruth M. F W 1881Mar26 1961Oct23 1961Oct27 C-49-03  
Anderson, Ruth Peters F W 1873Dec21 1963Sep06 1963Sep09 GE-146-06  
Anderson, Sarah Adella F   1876----- 1933Nov07 1933Nov10 GE-147-07  
Anderson, Wayne Christopher M W 1897Jul25 1976Oct11 1976Oct15 GN-36-03  
Anderson, Winfred Harold M N 1914Mar23 1973Dec02 1973Dec06 E-27-14  
Anderson,Olive E.     1922Dec07 2005Sep15 2005Oct20 3-20-niche 1  
Andrews, Thomas Hadley M W 1867Oct28 1948Jan04 1948Jan07 B-35-15  
Androshak, Paulette Nancy F W 1949Aug23 1982Sep02 1982Sep08 A-37-03  
Angelsen, Virginia F W 1914May03 1985May27 1985May30 E-36-13  
Angelson, Arlene Gaye F W 1948Dec29 1970Nov21 1970Nov25 E-36-14  
Angilella, Frank A. Sr. M   1905Jan29 1987Mar26 1987Apr11 K-48-01  
Angilella, Jules "NMN" F   1906Aug09 1998Jan10 1998 Jan23 2-48-K  
Angus, Franklin Robert M W 1897Sep24 1960Nov16 1960Nov19 C-61-11  
Anton, Anna Belle F   1902Jul04 1979Mar16 1979Mar21 H-68-01  
Anton, Harry N. M W 1890Apr06 1966Feb18 1966Feb22 H-59-07  
Apperson, William Louis M W 1888Jan29 1969Apr02 1969Apr07 M-22-13  
Appino, Frances C.     1907Jul14 1990Dec27 1991Jan03 D-30-01  
Applebee, Lee Eugene M   1928Aug19 1991Aug10 1991Aug16 D-16-06  
Applebee, Terry Eugene M   1951Dec28 1997Sep06 1997Sep15 12-18-D  
Arbor, Joseph M. M   1889Sep15     JC-Z-8  
Arbor, Ruth  (Zabinsky) F   1900Dec12 1965Apr15 1965----- JC-Z-8  
Arce, Josefa Velez F W 1909Sep20 1984Sep21 1984Sep25 K-05-06  
Arce, Remus Fernandez M   1938Jan23 1999Nov26 1999Dec02 2-37-F  
Archibald, Sarah M. F   1870Jun08 1917Aug02 1917Aug03 C-65-11  
Archundia, Raynaldo M W 1902Oct03 1985Dec05 1985Dec17 C-20-05  
Arechiga, Luserito     1990Oct05 1990Oct05 1990Oct09 D-19-08  
Arechiga, Maria M. F   1964May13 1990Oct03 1990Oct09 D-19-08  
Arehart, Ralph Leroy M W 1890Feb02 1970Apr19 1970Apr22 GW-123-10  
Arens, Henry M W 1885Dec25 1958Feb20 1966Apr08 GN-105-01  
Arens, Katherine F W 1880Feb02 1970Jul09 1970Jul13 GN-105-02  
Arenschield, Dr. Edwin M. M   1860----- 1916----- 1916Aug15 GS-25-05  
Arevalo G., Emilia  F W 1904Apr16 1981Jul25 1981Jul29 D-32-03  
Arevalo, Angel Carlos M   1941Aug02 1999Apr21 1999Apr26 7-27-D  
Arevalo, Carlos M   1908Oct22 1990Jan19 1990Jan25 D-32-03A  
Arey, C. Winfield          1900Jan12 B-19-04  
Arey, George M W 1876Nov25 1952Oct01 1952Oct06 B-19-01NW  
Arey, George W. M     1921Apr11 1921Apr12 B-19-02  
Arey, Maggie S. F     1893Sep01 1893Sep06 B-19-03  
Arey, Maggie S.  F   1848Aug 1893Sep 1893Sep06 3-19-B  
Arguelles, Catalina   (Arevelles) F W 1927----- 1937Feb05 1937Feb-- C-21-10A  
Arment, Mark Eric M W 1967Jan26 1973Dec27 1974Jan05 A-19-07  
Armington, Lutie     1906Sep28 2004Apr03 2004Jul19 2-56-GE  
Armstrong, Annie M. F   1922Sep18 1993Feb15 1993Mar11 J-52-15  
Armstrong, Chewuaki A. F B 1960Nov05 1994Dec04 1994Dec09 J-52-02  
Armstrong, Grace LaVerne F   1931Apr25 1989Jan23 1989Jan27 K-30-12  
Armstrong, Hudson I. M   1915Feb08 1995Mar23 1995Apr10 2-52-J  
Armstrong, Mabel Yates F   1874----- 1920Dec15 1920Dec-- GS-176-07  
Armstrong, Osa Belle F W 1886----- 1964Apr15 1964Apr21 GW-163-01  
Armstrong, Robert A. M     1940Feb26 1940----- C-62--  
Armstrong,Michael T.     1948Jan08 2005Sep12 2005Oct07 3-53-J  
Arndt, Othencil Francis     1912Aug22 1992May13 1992May27 C-36-04  
Arndt, Otto M W 1882Jan22 1961Jan27 1961Jan31 GW-19-04  
Arndt, Virginia E.  F   1917Apr05 1995Nov01 1995Nov06 4-36-C  
Arnett, Dorothy Anna F   1911Feb23 1976Feb22 1976Aug03 GN-208-51  
Arnett, Henry William M W 1900Apr10 1976Nov04 1987Aug14 K-48-06  
Arnold, Frank M. M W 1874Feb20 1956Sep21 1956Sep25 C-66-06  
Arnold,JoAnn     1948May11 2005Apr13 2005Apr18 4-22-F Row 1  
Aron, Hershell M   1922Sep09 1990Nov13 1990Nov21 F-59-06  
Aron, Sam M   1902----- 1976Feb25 1976----- JC-C-14  
Aronson, Rebecca F   06/10/1878 10/23/1955 1955----- JC-K-18  
Arredondo, Manuel M W 1903Jun17 1967Jan30 1967Feb02 GW-116-09  
Ashbridge, Frederick M   1883Aug20 1979Sep05 1979Sep10 GW-06-01  
Ashbridge, Rosanne Mary F   1906Nov23 2000Jan20 2000Jan25 2-6-GW  
Ashley, Billy Joe M W 1929Mar06 1967Mar10 1967Mar13 H-44-07  
Ashley, Lulu Frances F W 1882Mar02 1951Dec12 1951Dec31 J-29-01SE  
Ashmore, Laura P. F W 1919Aug31 1972Mar14 1972May13 H-38-16  
Ashton, Arthur L. M W 1873Apr05 1947Apr02 1947Apr05 M-32-NE  
Ashton, Ralph C. M N 1904Jun21 1968May15 1968May20 H-43-05  
Ashton, Thelma Katherine F W 1920Jan12 1986Sep03 1986Sep05 GN-158-08  
Askam, Anna B. F W 1880Dec17 1967Dec26 1967Dec28 B-11-07  
Askew, Gloria Ann F   1924Dec06 1988Oct02 1988Oct06 K-04-04 Obit
Askew, Napoleon M N 1920May01 1960Apr09 1960Apr13 GW-17-11  
Asthausen, Henry A. M W 1871Feb03 1953May30 1953Jun05 H-06-09  
Astorga,Victorina     1949Oct30 2005Mar10 2005Mar22 8-24-J  
Atamian, Elizabeth Milts F   1904Jul02 1988Sep14 1988Sep27 GW-75-07  
Atamian,Vahan M W 1908May21 1985Jan12 1985Jan28 GW-75-06  
Atherson, Kathleen Marie F W 1962Oct31 1962Oct31 1962Nov05 GN-208-29  
Atherton, John Almond III M   1949Nov28 1975Aug24 1975Aug27 GN-39-02  
Atkinson, Anna Catherine F W 1885Jan16 1963Feb10 1963Feb15 GN-62-05  
Atkinson, Horace Joseph M   1901Mar21 1975Mar19 1975Apr04 E-14-10  
Atkinson, Miriam C. F   1904Nov03 1988Feb29 1988Mar09 E-14-11  
Atkinson, William Richard M W 1902Nov17 1987Jul29 1987Aug05 GN-62-04  
Atondo, Juana Maria F   1870----- 1935----- 1935----- C-12-08  
Atterberry, Baby Girl F W 1950Jun25 1950Jun25 1950Jun27 B-24-05  
Aubuchon, Homer C. Jr. M   1946Aug19 1990Jun10 1990Jul03 F-20-03  
Augur, Vicky Eileen F W 1955May19 1985Oct31 1985Nov05 GS-27-05  
Augustin, George Wilfred Jr. M   1903Sep26 1991Jan09 1991Jan15 K-22-04  
Augustine, Maude     1915Aug06 2003Oct11 2003Oct17 5-22-K  
Auguston, Fannie B. F W 1879May23 1956Dec30 1957Jan02 J-49-08  
Auguston, John H. M W 1883Aug29 1965Jul09 1965Jul13 J-49-09  
Auguston, Zora B. F   1879----- 1956----- 1956----- J-48-01  
Aulfes, Gustav M W 1889Jan03 1971Jan04 1971Jan07 GN-149-01  
Aulfes, Katherine H. F W 1895Nov13 1980Jun07 1980Jun20 GN-149-02  
Austin, Doyleen Michelle F   1954Sep12 1975Jan30 1975Feb04 GE-34-08  
Austin, Joan Colleen F   1937Jan08 1991Jul12 1991Jul17 E-34-09  
Austin, Lehmann Robert M W 1901Oct25 1959Dec27 1959Dec28 M--  
Averill, Alvah Serge M W 1897Jan01 1977Jul03 1977Jul07 GN-38-01  
Averill, Cecelia V. F   1902Jun06 1974Oct24 1974Oct29 GN-38-02  
Avila, Camacho Juan Enrique M   1973Mar23 2001Apr21 2001May01 10-4-F  
Avila, Jesus M W 1924Jun21 1929Mar26 1929Mar-- C-08-03  
Avila, Rafael M W 1895Oct24 1933Jan05 1933Jan-- C-09-10  
Avis, Robert "NMN" M   1914Jul02 2001Apr02 2001Jun14 3-39-F  
Ayala, Angelina F W 1928Feb20 1930Feb05 1930Feb-- C-18-08  
Ayala, Angelina Aquilar F   1926Sep04 1993Jun15 1993Jun22 J-39-C  
Ayala, Rafael P. M W 1889Mar28 1982Jun19 1982Jun23 GW-167-11  
Ayala, Ramon M     1940Jun21 1940Jun23 C-16-04  
Ayon, Federico M   1930Mar23 1994Mar03 1994Mar15 K-23-04  
Ayres, Jessie Mae F W 1909Jan28 1955May14 1955May17 B-29-05  
Aytes, Baby M     1944Dec19 1944Dec19 C-43-18 Web link
Aytes, Elaine F W 1949May13 1949Aug23 1949Aug26 C-48-15 Web link



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