(This is the from the book published by our society.)




Soon after Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society was founded in 1985 we chose as our first

project the publication of a book of the burials at Elsinore Valley Cemetery.

Little did we know the scope of the project and that it would take us ten years to complete.


As Joint Chairpersons for the project Margaret Proctor and I, Shirley Brooks, would like to thank the following:


The Board of Directors and office staff of the Elsinore Valley

Cemetery for their patience and help during all these years.


All members past and present of Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society who

 “walked the cemetery” in the heat and cold of our Elsinore weather,

spent hours in the office copying & checking their records,

sorting and re-sorting our records, proof-reading the computer printouts

and helping in so many ways to bring this project to a successful conclusion.


Special thanks go to the following:


Our member, Pamela Koppel, of Granada Hills,

who in spite of the earthquake that severely damaged her home,

managed to computerize, the more than 6000 burials that have taken place from 1876 thru 1994.

In addition to the records at the cemetery,

Pamela included information from the microfilm records of the 1956 cemetery survey

conducted by the Genealogical Society of Utah,

the California Death Record Index-1905 thru 1993

and the California Federal Census records from 1900, 1910 and 1920.


Ron Arnold, son of Imogene Lewellen (our society president),

who lives in Columbus, Indiana,

for the great artwork that resulted in a perfect title page for our book.


Professor Gary Shumway of Cal-State University in Fullerton, California,

our publisher, for his help and encouragement.


Thank you,

Shirley Brooks and Margaret Proctor

Project Chairpersons




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