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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Cacy, Ora Columbus M W 1894Mar25 1967Jul11 1967Jul17 J-19-16  
Cain, Angie Foy F W 1887Jul28 1980Apr04 1980Aprr08 B-13-06  
Cain, Taylor Matson M W 1883Apr22 1956Dec15 1956Dec18 B-13-05  
Cairns, Douglas C. M W 1928Aug02 1984Jul26 1984Aug01 J-55-11  
Calderone, Jose M W 1861Mar-- 1958Sep29 1958Sep30    
Caldon, Florence Mae F W 1909May01 1969Jan01 1969Jan07 H-43-14  
Caldwell, Elijah S. M   1876Sep29 1955Dec28 1956Jan03 B-25-06  
Caldwell, Marion M W 1905----- 1970Dec08 1970Dec11 GW-166-06  
Caldwell, William T. M W 1908Mar28 1961Feb05 1961Feb08 GW-119-08  
Calhoun, John A. M W 1947Jul14 1994Jan21 1994Feb24 F-29-08  
Calhoun, Marguerite Grace F W 1910Dec14 1973Aug05 1973Aug10 GS-29-08  
Calkins, Abigail L. F     1930May26 1930May26 GE-99-03  
Calkins, Franklin Wells M   1855Jun03 1928Dec20 1928Dec20 GE-99-02  
Calkins, Jerome B. M W   1937Jul30 1937Aug02 GE-99-04  
Calkins, Leslie B. M W   1945Mar16 1945Mar20 GE-99-07  
Calkins, Robert Eugene II M   1978Jul23 1978Sep24 1978Sep27 GN-208-74  
Callam, Rosa L. F N 1880Sep10 1965Jun21 1965Jun24 J-40-09  
Callentine, May F   1871May28 1923May09 1923May14 GE-93-02  
Callison, Claude L. M W 1900----- 1938----- 1938Oct15 B-39-08  
Cameron, Addie  (Adele) F   1872----- 1929Jul06 1929Jul10 GE-57-07  
Cameron, Beatrice Clark F W 1882Apr20 1965Jul12 1965Jul15 GE-57-09  
Cameron, Frank V. M   1873----- 1891Jan03 1891Jan04 GS-184-10  
Cameron, James Lawrie M W 1869Nov11 1950Oct26 1950Oct28 GE-57-08  
Cametaux, William Martin M W 1870Jun03 1953Apr29 1953May13 M-23-03  
Campas, Andrew V.  M   1957May09 1997Feb07 1997Feb14 6-3-F  
Campbell, Alma F W 1910Dec14 1947Mar17 1947Mar22 B-26-03  
Campbell, Infant F W 1971May05 1971May05 1971May10 GN-208-90  
Campbell, Mattie Lee Plowman F   1891Jan01 1978Dec24 1978Dec28 GN-155-05  
Campbell, Wanda Nadine F W 1922Nov15 1982Sep13 1982Sep15 J-39-01  
Campell, Verna L. F N 1901Feb28 1980Mar17 1980Mar20 GN-109-03  
Campion, Anna F W 1883May22 1971Feb27 1971Mar03 H-39-06  
Canfield, Alice B. F   1897Feb20 1980Dec13   GS-09-08  
Canfield, Frank Gifford M W 1876Feb23 1964Apr29 1964May02 GS-09-09  
Cann, Budd M   1897Jun22 1971Sep10 1971Sep15 H-41-06  
Canstein, Alois Peter M W 1905Nov29 1972Oct11 1972Oct17 A-12-01  
Cantarini, John E.  M   1908Feb19 1998Feb01 1998Feb05 2-33-C  
Cantarini, Lucy Mary F   1913Nov18 1996Sep11 1996Sep20 3-33-C  
Capra, Sebastion B. M W 1878Dec02 1970Jan16 1970Jan26 H-44-20  
Carberry, Walter M W 1894Apr07 1966Nov28 1966Dec03 J-54-10  
Cardelli, Joseph John M   1909Jun07 1990Dec27 1991Jan02 GS-222-05  
Cardone, John Joseph M   1921Apr26 1987Feb11 1987Feb19 E-44-06  
Cardwell, Thomas L. M   1912Apr30 1990Mar18 1990Apr03 GW-220-02  
Carey, Albert Edward M W 1897Dec19 1968Feb14 1968Feb17 GN-112-09  
Carey, Carol Ann F   1946Jun11 1996Jun03 1996Jun07 9-168-GW  
Carey, Jessie F. F W   1954Dec21 1954Dec28 B-25-04  
Carey, William Henry M W 1888Aug25 1968Jul08 1968Jul12 H-71-07A  
Carfi, Ellen H. F W 1892Nov05 1980Jan16 1980Jan18 A-28-02  
Carfi, Fred John M W 1891Dec19 1972May23 1972May30 A-28-01  
Cargano, John M W 1883Mar02 1968Oct10 1968Oct12 H-68-12  
Carlin, Alice Jean F W 1887Mar05 1962Jul21 1962Jul24 GW-169-11  
Carlson, Charles M W 1878Jan04 1964Jun10 1964Jun12 GN-156-05  
Carlson, Milton M       1939Nov15 GE-12-02  
Carlton, Michael Terrence M N 1951Sep08 1979Dec01 1979Dec04 E-23-03  
Carlton, William D. M W 1886Sep26 1980Jan08 1980Jan11 E-15-11  
Carmichael, Edith Elvira F   1906Dec24 1983May06 1983May10 GN-152-06  
Carmon, Sydney Jeanette     1988Oct13 1988Oct13 1988Oct21 K-49A-15  
Carner, James Frederick M W 1893Jul09 1966Jul08 1966Jul11 GN-151-09  
Carney, Isaiah Rice M   1999Dec28 1999Dec28 2000Jan05 28-34-F  
Carpenter, Ray M W 1902Jan23 1971Nov03 1971Nov09 E-29-09  
Carr, Arthur Fred M   1884Nov26 1975Jan26 1975Jan29 H-23-02  
Carr, Marjorie Frances F   1908Sep27 1991Feb12 1991Feb20 GN-155-02  
Carr, Mary E. F   1847----- 1939Jan29 1939Feb01 GE-191-06  
Carrare, Catherine E. F   1892Oct23 1993Jul11 1993Jul15 C-35-03  
Carrillo, Javier M   1967Jul11 1990Jan13 1990Jan17 D-26-09  
Carrington, Oscar M N 1897Jun12 1965Nov20 1965Nov24 GN-154-11  
Carrizosa, Angella F W 1932Nov17 1933Sep01 1933Sep01 C-18-03  
Carrizosa, Angie Alonzo F W 1914Aug13 1959Oct03 1959Oct06 H-10-14  
Carrizosa, baby       1946Jan-- 1946Jan14 C-27-01  
Carrizosa, Carmen Carpio de F W 1892Oct17 1932Sep14 1932Sep14 C-18-04  
Carrizosa, Daniel Ruiz M W 1950Apr03 1951Jan11 1951Jan12 H-14-01B  
Carrizosa, Eleasar G. M M 1908Feb18 1981Sep11 1981Sep15 J-37-12  
Carrizosa, Jesus L. M W 1901May02 1971Apr08 1971Apr13 H-21-10  
Carrizosa, Joseph Alonzo M   1938Jan02 1979Jan07 1979Jan10 H-15-01  
Carrizosa, Julia F     1944Jul-- 1944Jul26 C-19-NE  
Carrizosa, Maria Luisa F   1927Jul28 1930Mar19 1930Mar27 C-13-08  
Carrizosa, Raymond A. M   1945----- 1946Oct28 1947Feb04 H-10-13  
Carrizosa, Sara A. F   1915----- 1946Feb17 1946Feb19 H-14-02  
Carroll, Brandon Allen M   1983Oct20 1999Jul21 1999Jul29 6-255-GN  
Carroll, George Perry M W 1873Oct26 1967Dec15 1967Dec22 B-50-06  
Carroll, Jean Smith F W 1878Feb10 1951Nov20 1951Nov30 J-28-12  
Carroll, Mary F W 1897Jan11 1972Dec03 1973Feb08 GN-208-43  
Carron, George L. M W 1888Jan25 1952Apr03 1952Apr07 B-45-02  
Carson, Alta M. F W 1870Dec30 1950Jun07 1950Jun09 B-23-16  
Carson, Ruth Mae F   1893----- 1933Sep28   E-09-06  
Carson, Theodore V. M W 1888Sep06 1968Jan13 1968Jan15 E-09-07  
Carson, Wilma Louise F   1907Sep05 1999Mar14 1999Mar18 8-9-E  
Carter, Charles P. M W 1858Dec-- 1924Feb08 1924Feb08 H-07-08  
Carter, Earl King M   1892Sep05 1959Jun08 1959Jun11 GS-10-13  
Carter, Ethel Adlee F B 1897Dec27 1979Jul22 1979Jul27 D-32-07  
Carter, Eugene J. M   1902Dec25 1986Mar22   JC-O-1  
Carter, James F. M   1893-Jul09 1966Jul08      
Carter, John Raymond M   1909Jul26 1988May19 1988May23 GW-219-01 Obit
Carter, Lois Iva F W 1913Aug08 1972Jan06 1972Jan10 C-37-04  
Carter, Martha Elizabeth F   1870Aug31 1960Nov16 1960Nov19 GS-10-12  
Carter, Mattie W. F W 1854Oct-- 1939Apr17 1939Apr19 H-07-12  
Carter, Maxine Mae F   1914Nov06 1975Jul04 1975Jul09 GW-219-02  
Carter, Nancy Jurrilla F W 1878Feb16 1961Sep07 1961Sep11 GW-75-04  
Carter, Rodney Allen M   1976Oct05 1976Oct05 1976Oct12 B-24-31  
Carter, William M N 1898Jun29 1981Jun15 1981Jun22 D-32-07A  
Cartier, Audrey L.  F   1921Sep23 2001Dec25 2002Jan03 7-40-F  
Carvajal, Claudia F W 1981Jul29 1982Mar07 1982Mar11 GN-208-96  
Carver, Vella H. F W 1885Mar20 1963Mar07 1963Mar08 GN-37-09  
Carver, William Percy M W 1881Oct06 1968Jan04 1968Jan08 GN-37-10  
Cary, E. Rilla     1860----- 1935Dec18 1935Dec18 B-37-01  
Casaccia, Denise Maria F AI 1958Jun23 1978Jun07 1978Jun13 GW-20-02  
Casados, Apollonia F   1928Mar06 1987May17 1987May20 A-33-08  
Casados, Benjamin M W 1895Dec05 1974Jun15 1974Jun18 A-32-08  
Casados, Frances R.     1901Mar29 1992Feb17 1992Feb21 A-32-07  
Casados, Mary Ann F W 1957Apr25 1957Jul25 1957Jul29 B-24-S-52  
Casados, Suzanna F W 1956Jan20 1957May04 1957May08 B-24-S-52  
Cascio, Dorothy J. F   1914Jun07 1994Dec07 1994Dec12 B-31--04  
Case, Dale C. M   1926May10 1992Aug20 1992Aug25 K-09-03  
Case, William H. M   1843----- 1922May10 1922----- J-23-05  
Cash, Jas Madison M W 1892Sep25 1964Mar01 1964Mar04 H-58-08  
Casillas, Cesilio M M 1889Nov22 1980Nov01 1980Nov04 E-05-08  
Casillas, Paula Garcia F W 1886Jan15 1978Apr17 1978Apr20 E-05-01  
Casillas, Petra     1926Feb28 2004Jan21 2004Jan26 2-44-F  
Casillas,Luis Manzano     1921Aug19 2005Dec07 2005Dec14 1-44-F  
Cass, Constance Taylor F W 1897Aug25 1951Jan04 1951Jan08 GE-140-05  
Cass, William A. M W 1891Oct04 1957Aug05 1957Aug08 GE-140-06  
Cassidy, Ryann     2003Jul08 2003Jul08 2003Jul15 4-34-F  
Cassidy, Ryann Elizabeth     2003Jul08 2003Jul08 2003Jul15 34-34-F  
Castellanos, Antonio B. M W 1902----- 1929Jul12 1929Jul-- C-13-11  
Castello,Judith C.     1941Jan22 2005Apr01 2005Apr11 10-171-GW  
Castillo, Alejandro H. M M 1885Jul10 1947Jun26 1947Jun30 H-12-04  
Castillo, Gabriel M W 1917Aug06 1935Oct08 1935Oct08 C-12-11  
Castillo, George Del M W 1906Jul05 1984Jul11 1984Jul13 GS-24-05  
Castillo, Jorge Alberto M   2001Jun13 2001Jun13 2001Jun19 18-34-F  
Castillo, Juanita F W 1926Nov20 1931Jun06   E-24-02  
Castillo, Veronica Alexandra F   1997Nov14 1997Dec15 1997Dec22 5-34-F  
Castleberry, Lynn Charlene F W 1949May17 1949Sep24 1949Sep24 B-01--  
Caston, Charley M N 1900Jun03 1965Jun23 1965Jul08 H-61-04  
Castorena, Victoria Josephine F   1987Jul25 1988Nov01 1988Nov05 K-49-06 Obit
Castro, Zavier R.  M   1998Dec05 2000May30 2000Jun06 8-31-F  
Catherwood, Arthur H. M. M   1896Nov10 1972Jun29 1972Jul14 B-25-01A  
Catherwood, Frances Marvel F W 1897Mar14 1971Aug10 1971Jul27 B-25--  
Catton, Harold Edward M   1908Dec10 1976Apr21 1976Apr23 GN-106-03  
Cauch, Altha Merrifield F W 1892Jun03 1982Apr27 1982Apr30 GE-192-03  
Cauch, Carl E. M   1924Sep08 1946Aug01 1946Aug01 GE-192-02  
Cauch, Lela B. F   1893----- 1931Jun04 1931----- GE-192-04  
Caulfield, James E. M   1902Aug05 1974Jan08 1974Jan11 A-28-08  
Cawley, Urban Dennis  M W 1887Oct02 1969Aug14 1969Aug23 A-03-05  
Cech, Anastasia E. F W 1887Apr01 1966Mar12 1966Mar15 GW-123-03  
Cech, Fanny K. F   1847----- 1922Mar14 1922----- B-48-05  
Cedarholm, Enoch M   1882Dec18 1976Jan10 1976Jan13 GW-219-06  
Celaya, Bernice F W 1930Jan-- 1930Dec07 1930Dec-- C-13-05  
Celaya, Jesus M W 1895Feb01 1932Mar04 1932Mar-- C-22-05  
Cenderelli, Frank M W 1888Feb17 1977Jan02 1977Jan06 A-22-01  
Center, Arthur Deloss M W 1895Nov08 1970Sep04 1970Sep11 B-45-15  
Cervantes, Joe M W 1899Sep13 1967Mar15 1967Mar21 H-71-01  
Cervantes, Maria de Jesus F W 1896Dec21 1972Jan08 1972Jan13 A-28-06  
Cervantes, Ramon Cruz M W 1893Nov30 1978Jul15 1978Jul19 A-28-07  
Chambers, George Fred M W 1880Jul16 1959Apr05 1959Apr08 GW-120-11  
Chambers, Gerald A. M W 1899Feb24 1979Jun12 1979Jun18 GE-241-02  
Chance, Margarete F N 1880May15 1966Nov27 1966Dec01 GN-202-04  
Chandler, Betty Belle F W 1913Jul26 1968Jun21 1968Jun24 A-10-10  
Chandler, Jean F W 1958Feb18 1958Feb18 1958Feb19 B-47-31  
Chandler, Lloyd Railey M   1910Oct11 1993Jan15 1993Jan20 A-10-10  
Chaney, Jessie         1940----- H-47-13  
Chapman, Albert Franklin M W 1887Nov09 1970Sep15 1970Oct10 A-19-10  
Chapman, Bertha F. F W 1886----- 1953Nov14 1954Feb18 H-06-14  
Chapman, Bonnie F. F W 1886Mar11 1960Oct24 1960Oct27 GW-172-07  
Chapman, Everett Olonzo M W 1885Mar11 1961May03 1961May06 GW-172-06  
Chapman, Henry Christopher M W 1874Dec25 1952May04 1952Jun23 H-06-01  
Chapman, John E. M N 1894Oct23 1976Oct16 1976Oct20 J-15-06  
Chapman, Robert M W 1903Sep03 1972Jun08 1972Jun30 H-50-20  
Chapman, Wilma Mae F   1899May24 1979Nov23 1979Nov30 J-15-05  
Charbonneau, Norman Clarence M   1928Jun14 1999Sep09 1999Sep16 2-21-D  
Chase, Charles E. M     1934Feb22 1934Feb22 J-23-03  
Chase, Charles E.  M     1934Jul07 1934Jul21 B-03-05  
Chase, Louisa     (Louise) F     1935Dec08 1935Dec19 B-03-06  
Chasmer, Carol Joyce F W 1947Aug10 1986Aug11 1986Aug15 K-11-02  
Chatman, Edward Albert M   1900Nov10 1979Jul13 1979Jul20 GN-250-03  
Chatters, Edwin Lamar M   1889Jun15 1979Feb22 1979Feb26 GN-199-09  
Chatters, John Wadsworth M N 1886Sep12 1982Feb11 1982Feb17 A-14-12  
Chatters, Marie R. F N 1901Mar26 1983Dec09 1983Dec13 A-14-11  
Chatterson, Leslie Howard M W 1873Jul14 1949Feb14 1949Mar22 B-231-08  
Chavez, Antonia Oaxaca F W 1933Jan17 1973Oct23 1973Oct30 A-03-06  
Chavez, Dolores Mary F W 1905Jun29 1973Jun07 1973Jun12 A-13-08  
Chavez, Hilario M     1936Sep27   M-29-05  
Chavez, Modesta F   1900Dec28 1975Apr07 1975Apr11 A-01-08  
Cheredes, Jim J. M W 1894Oct12 1973Mar11 1973Mar16 GW-45-13  
Child, Genevieve Anna F   1902Sep02 1993Jun24 1993Jul16 GE-31-02  
Childers, Ernest J., II M W 1941Jul16 1951Jul09 1951Jul14 B-24-30  
Childers, Guy Carlton M W 1876Sep13 1956Mar20 1956Mar22 B-27-04  
Childers, Mary C. F W 1878Mar28 1965Jun05 1965Jun09 B-27-05  
Chilton, Brad Aaron M   1983Feb14 2003Apr13 2003Apr17 12-47-F  
Chilton, Brad Aarron     1983Feb14 2003Apr13 2003Apr17 12-47-F  
Chinery, William Orian M   1901Dec26 1990Jan05 1990Jan10 K-10-05  
Chostner, Henri B. M W 1911May13 1957Nov19 1957Nov23 GS-50-12  
Chrisman, Celia E. F   1883----- 1937Jul30 1937Aug02 GE-145-05  
Christensen, Irene Anna F W 1898Jan17 1970Aug24 1970Aug27 A-11-11  
Christensen, Nellie Redinger F W 1887Dec24 1972Feb06 1972Feb10 B-28-07  
Christensen, Oscar Parnell M W 1894Jan20 1984Mar11 1984Mar15 A-11-12  
Christensen, Peter Cornelius M W 1876Jul07 1952Jan13 1952Jan16 B-28-08  
Christensen, Ruth Miller F   1891----- 1940----- 1940Nov29 GS-126-08  
Christie, Charles Arthur M C 1971Aug10 1971Aug10 1971Aug12 GN-208-70  
Christie, Donald LeRoy Jr. M W 1972Oct11 1972Oct21 1972Dec24 GN-208-  
Christman, John H. M   1869----- 1939Mar06 1939Mar11 C-41-07  
Chulufas, Christ A. M   1885Oct26 1979Jan18 1979Jan23 E-21-02  
Chulufas, Lily Maud F   1892Sep28 1974Dec03 1974Dec06 E-21-03  
Chutuk, Joseph M W 1922May11 1972May29 1972Jul07 H-49-17  
Cipriani, Naomi Sue F   1904Jun19 1991Apr09 1991Apr16 J-06-08  
Cipriani, Nathaniel R. M   1896Apr25 1976Feb03 1976Feb06 J-06-07  
Citron, Anna F   1889----- 1975-----   JC-H-5  
Citron, Hyman M   1892----- 1962Nov30   JC-H-4  
Clapp, Clarence Arnold M W 1907Nov26 1960Jun12 1960Jun15 H--  
Clapp, Ernest Lusk M W 1887Oct30 1969Feb06 1969Feb08 GW-06-06  
Clapp, Ester Elizabeth F   1902Sep07 1988Feb04 1988Feb10 GW-06-07  
Clark, Alice M. F W 1841Nov-- 1927Jan12 1927Jan12 H-32-13  
Clark, Allie Mae F   1855----- 1908----- 1908Feb26 J-10-02  
Clark, Alma    baby F     1914Jun01 1914Jun03 J-10--  
Clark, Bert Henry M W 1883Mar26 1956Apr01 1956Apr03 GW-170-08  
Clark, Carl O. M W 1871Aug31 1967May31 1967Jun12 H-59-08  
Clark, Clara Minerva F W 1874May28 1959Sep03 1959Sep10 J-10-  
Clark, Delancy Sidney M W 1887May09 1946Jun25 1946Jun26 J-10-SE  
Clark, Earl K. M   1916May11 1975Apr03 1975Apr08 E-42-03  
Clark, Edna M. F   1882Jul29 1974Nov13 1974Nov18 E-22-07  
Clark, Edward C. M W 1876Sep19 1956Nov21 1956Nov25    
Clark, Ethel Marie F W 1898May15 1981Mar09 1981Mar12 GN-107-04  
Clark, Fay Harry     1896Oct02 1988Jan19 1988Jan22 GN-107-03  
Clark, Frank M W 1871Sep08 1964Nov24 1964Nov30 GN-155-10  
Clark, Frank Durban M W 1872May05 1951Mar09 1951Mar12 B-06-03  
Clark, George S. M W 1906Sep04 1980Jul24 1980Aug22 J-22-04  
Clark, Harry Richard M W 1876----- 1952Mar29 1952----- J-10-10  
Clark, Hope Parilee F W 1904Aug27 1987Jun23 1987Jul01 GW-169-05  
Clark, Jack Edward, Sr. M W 1902Jan06 1982Jun06 1982Jun10 GW-212-04  
Clark, James Riley M   1943Jun03 1943Jun03 1943Jun07 M-28-2ndSW  
Clark, James T. M N   1955Apr20 1955Apr28 J-02-01  
Clark, John Daniel M W 1923Jun08 1948May20 1948May24 GE-55-12  
Clark, Josephine Falley F W 1872----- 1953Oct06 1953Oct10 B-06-04  
Clark, Lewis Delancy M W 1851----- 1932Apr05 1932----- J-10-01  
Clark, Lora Idella     "Della" F W 1891Aug31 1982Oct19 1982Oct25 GW-170-07  
Clark, Lottie S. F W 1883May08 1965Jun13 1965Jun17 GW-170-10  
Clark, Louree M N 1893Feb02 1967Apr19 1967Apr22 GN-104-04  
Clark, Luther Thomas M W 1881Jan08 1974Apr09 1974Apt12 GW-170-09  
Clark, Marvin Lyle M   1930Jun14 1989Feb14 1989Mar22 GN-107-04  
Clark, Oliver S. M W 1839May-- 1913Oct15 1913Nov15 H-32-12  
Clark, Richard M. M   1940Mar23 1940Mar23 1940Mar27 M-28-SW  
Clark, Stewart M W 1881Jul-- 1942Feb19 1942Feb21 H-32-10  
Clark, Tom M         C-30-SW  
Clark, Vida Mae F   1898May22 1988Jan20 1988Jan23 GW-212-05  
Clark, Wallace Irwin M W 1897Nov08 1948Aug19 1948Aug21 J-10-03  
Clark, Wilford M W 1899Dec17 1968Aug12 1968Aug15 H-68-10  
Clarke, Maud M. F W 1887Feb22 1955Mar21 1955Mar22 B-53-03  
Clarke, Norman Wilson M W 1872----- 1960Dec06 1961May30 B-53-02  
Clausen, Harold George M W 1899Mar19 1973Jun26 1973Jun29 E-28-10  
Clausen, Virginia F W 1919Apr16 1970Aug03 1970Aug06 E-28-09  
Claxton, Robert Morchamp M W 1900Jul02 1963Jun19 1963Jun21 GN-201-09  
Clayton, Ada May F W 1888Jun01 1961Dec26 1961Dec30 J-42A-09  
Clayton, John W. M W 1842Feb08 1913Sep10 1913Sep12 H-22-03  
Clayton, Susan E. F W 1850Mar-- 1921Aug04 1921Aug06 H-22-04  
Cleland, Dave M W 1895Oct12 1964Dec01 1964Dec07 J-56-04  
Cleland, Florence B. F W 1894Jun21 1966Dec13 1967Jul17 J-56-04  
Clements, Asa M. M W 1880Mar14 1965Aug11 1965Aug14 J-32-04  
Clements, Elva M.  (Elveretta) F   1866----- 1938Aug19 1938Aug22 GE-143-07  
Clements, Laura D. F W 1891Dec04 1960Jan16 1960Jan19 J-32-05  
Cleminson, James M W 1886Jun07 1960Jun02 1960Jun06 GW-169-01  
Clemons, Roland L. M   1953Feb10 1974Aug12 1974Aug16 H-39-02  
Cleveland, Vesta Edwards F   1886Sep24 1978Jun01 1978Jun12 E-11-08  
Clevenger, Woodrow Wells M W 1912Nov20 1973Jun18 1973Jun25 E-15-06  
Clewett, Annie L. F   1875Jun12 1901Nov13 1901Nov14 C-72-04  
Clewett, Ethel V. F   1911----- 1914Aug06 1914----- B-43-09  
Clewett, George H. M W 1841Apr28 1905Nov24 1905Nov28 C-72-03  
Clewett, Lydia Langford F W 1818Aug-- 1907Dec23 1907Dec30 C-72-01  
Clewett, Marie Ellen F   1884----- 1971Jan03 1971Jan07 GS-181-01B  
Clewett, Ralph E. M   1903----- 1914Jun15 1914----- B-43-10  
Clewett, Rebecca A. F W 1848Jun13 1921Oct02 1921Oct04 C-22-02  
Clifford, Donald Jay M W 1924Jan23 1974May26 1974Jun18 GN-40-05  
Cline, Dolores Ann F   1951Jun17 2003Feb19 2003Feb28 6-12-F  
Cline, Dolores Ann     1951Jun17 2003Feb24 2003Feb28 6-12-F  
Clinkingbeard, Robert H. M W 1887Jun22 1963Jan14 1963Jan16 GN-157-06  
Clipper, Karen Denise F N 1963May15 1963May15 1963May29 GN-208-11  
Clogston, Charles H. M   1874-----   1946Oct04 GE-53-08  
Clogston, Donald B. M   1917----- 1943-----   GE-53-01  
Clogston, Ivan Paul M   1913----- 1943Nov16 1943Nov19 GE-53-07  
Clogston, Sarah Alice F   1880----- 1945Mar07 1945Mar11 GE-53-06  
Cloney, James E. M W   1951Sep29 1951Oct04 M--  
Clopton, Claudia F   1894Dec07 1976Mar05 1976Mar09 A-18-08  
Cloudsley, Hilda D. F W 1899May14 1967May21 1967May26 E-31-04  
Clouse, Dot M W 1904Aug14 1980Jun12 1980Jun17 GN-204-09  
Clouse, Mary Senith F   1907Feb11 1990Aug28 1990Aug31 GN-204-08  
Cnossen, Fred W. M W 1963Feb20 1969Jan07 1969Jan10 GW-166-11  
Cobb, Cindy Valli F   1972May02 1991Jun30 1991Jul05 GS-133-04  
Cobbold, Linda F   1951Nov24 1990Apr18 1990Apr24 D-12-10  
Cochran, Eva May F   1928May28 1978Aug26 1978Sep07 H-43-21 email
Cochran, John H. M W 1869Aug09 1957May12 1957May16 M--  
Cochran, Roger Duane M W 1926Mar25 1983Feb26 1983Apr01 H-43-20 email
Cockeram, Osmond A. M W 1880Oct10 1963May10 1963May11 H--  
Cody, Jack Lewis M   1928Apr14 1984Oct27 1984Nov16 GS-232-07A  
Cody, Mary M. F W 19??Jul21 1987Jun17 1987Jul01 GS-232-07B  
Cofer, Ruth Elizabeth F   1917Feb08 1977Jul15 1977Jul20 A-22-15  
Cofer, Ted Lee M   1915Apr02 1986Apr09 1986Apr14 A-22-14  
Coffman, Eleanor Catherine F W 1898Jul19 1969Jun27 1969Jul01 E-40-08  
Coffman, Paul Loring M W 1893Mar15 1966Nov16 1966Nov21 E-40-09  
Cogorno, John M W 1883Mar02 1968Oct10 1968Oct12 H-68-12  
Cogswell, Harvey W. M   1868----- 1944Dec22 1944Dec23 C-70-17  
Cohen, Dora F   1893----- 1978Jan08   JC-F-18  
Cohen, Louis Samuel M   1886Dec20 1965Jun27   JC-J-7  
Cohen, Rose F   1890----- 1959Mar25   JC-I-11  
Cohen, Samuel M   1886----- 1963Nov23   JC-I-10  
Cohn, Carla Edna F   1956Jul13 1985Dec16 1985Dec21 D-32-09  
Colalongo, Angelina F   1898Jan06 1975Feb25 1975Feb28 A-02-10  
Colbert, Callie Alma F W 1890Aug27 1980Apr22 1980Apr25 J-27-02  
Colbert, Louis M N   1965Jan11 1965Jan14 H-61-02  
Colbert, Waldo W. M W 1880Dec30 1959Jan23 1959Jan27 J-27-03  
Colbey, Ida Pearle F W 1897Nov22 1965Jan30 1965Feb02 GN-103-08  
Cole, Allan M. M     1935Sep15   M-29-08  
Cole, Gerald Alex M   1967Sep21 1971Nov19