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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Location of Grave=BLK-LT-GR


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Iberri, Vanessa B. F W 1969May30 1981Sep21 1981Sep28 A-21-02  
Ichihashi, Yuriko Susan F J 1948Nov14 1963Jan14 1963Jan21 GN-208-10  
Imm, Helen Jean F   1907Aug17 1977Sep20 1977Nov17 GW-165-13  
Inchausti, Doris F W 1909Jul06 1981Oct01 1981Oct06 E-40-06  
Ingells, Linda Diane F   1946Oct17 1997Aug07 1997Aug22 4-238-GE  
Ingman, Adeline F   1852----- 1910Jan12 1910Jan14 H-05-19  
Ingman, Lewis M   1846----- 1914Apr20 1914----- H-05-18  
Inman, Jack Reverdy M W 1890May24 1981Feb02 1981Feb05 GE-35-01  
Inman, Pearl Elsie F W 1890Jul20 1967Nov30 1967Dec04 GE-35-02  
Irish, Annette Louise F W 1900Sep22 1970Nov18 1970Nov23 GW-161-14  
Irish, Vernon Higgins M W 1902Aug13 1980Jan02 1980Jan07 GW-161-15  
Irvin, Jesse B. M N 1893Nov14 1985Apr04 1985Apr19 GN-61-07  
Irvin, Luther M N 1887Mar17 1970Mar01 1970Mar12 H-41-10  
Irvin, Olivia F N 1897Mar31 1982Jan22 1982Jan25 GN-61-07  
Irvine, Muriel Kutz F W 1901Feb09 1980Mar16 1980Apr01 GN-208-28  
Issleib, Cora Maud F W 1900Nov28 1964Mar06 1964Mar09 J-46-02  
Issleib, Frank Henry M W 1893Dec20 1981Jul17 1981Jul21 E-23-10  
Iverson, Edward Northey M   1914Dec12 2000Mar04 2000Mar10 2-32-E  
Iverson,Leora Francis     1916May11 2005Nov17 2005Nov26 2-32-E  



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