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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Jablonski, Anna Mary F W 1914Jul23 1978Jan10 1978Jan16 A-30-02  
Jackson,         1934Jul-- J-13-10  
Jackson, Bessie G.  F   1897Oct07 1998Feb04 1998Feb13 11-1-J  
Jackson, Charles J. M   1863Mar17 1964Mar11 1964Mar23 GN-200-01  
Jackson, Clarence Edward Jr. M   1926Oct25 1989Dec23 1989Dec28 J-11-04  
Jackson, Gladys Gay Elnold F W 1910Oct20 1970Oct08 1970Oct12 GW-117-08  
Jackson, Harriett E. F   1912Apr15 1995Jun04 1995Jun15 2-230-GS  
Jackson, Heywood M N 1945Apr30 1952Jun17 1952Jun19 J-05-18  
Jackson, James J. M   1900Jun06 1974Jan20 1974Jan26 H-38-24  
Jackson, Larry M   1961Apr30 1976Jun30 1976Jul06 E-46-07  
Jackson, Lawrence Solomon M N 1895Jan17 1952May27 1952May31 J--  
Jackson, Miron Cecil M   1937Jun19 2002Oct26 2002Oct30 6-61-F  
Jackson, Sam M N   1966Mar26 1966Apr15 H-61-06  
Jacobs, Frank O. M W 1883Oct26 1957Jul06 1957Jul09 J-27-07  
Jacobs, Myra Della F W 1962-Apr23 1962Aug22 1962Aug24 J-27-08  
Jacobson, Elsie May F W 1884Nov18 1969May24 1969May28 E-30-10  
Jacobson, John M W 1876Dec24 1956May21 1956May24 GS-50-10  
Jacobson, Loren C. M W 1919Apr13 1967Oct29 1967Nov02 E-30-09  
Jacobson, Miriam F. F   1888----- 1986-----   JC-Z-26  
Jacobson, Stanley Ernest M W 1917Jul23 1975Sep17 1975Sep24 E-30-11  
Jaggars, Virginia F   1926Jul17 1992Aug07 1992Aug14 F-24-22  
Jagielski, LaTreua Virginia F   1917Jan25 1992Jan21 1992Feb03 GW-215-07A  
Jakbcak, John Joseph M W 1872Jun24 1973Jan16 1973Jan19 E-41-04  
Jakeway, Fred Harvey M W 1866----- 1953Feb10 1953Feb13 J-26-04  
Jakeway, Mary Ellen F   1864----- 1934Aug19 1934----- J-26-05  
Jalehchian, Fatah M W 1918Feb20 1985Sep24 1985Sep25 K-10-02  
James, Baby Girl F N 1969Apr29 1969Apr29 1969May09 H-69-24  
James, Cecilia F     1936Feb20 1936Feb22 C-42-05  
James, Elizabeth F W 1815Jun-- 1913Aug24 1913Aug26 GS-181-02  
James, Frances E. F   1886Apr07 1986May14 1986May19 GE-57-03  
James, Frederick W. M W 1878Oct08 1955Oct06 1955Oct08 C-67-07  
James, Isabel     (Gran) F W 1884Apr30 1962May03 1962May08 C-59-13  
James, John M       1919Jan17    
James, Lettie G. F B 1890----- 1965Aug14 1965Aug17 GN-200-05  
James, Margaret F     1915Feb27 1915Feb27    
James, Mary F W 1878Dec12 1972Oct30 1972Nov01 C-67-08  
James, Samuel W. M   1848----- 1933May23 1933Aug12 GE-57-04  
James, Vernon F. M W 1887Jun21 1964Jul09 1964Jul13 GE-57-02  
James, William B. M W 1886----- 1959Apr25 1959May04 J-44-01  
Jameson, Ruth B. F N 1909Apr25 1971Aug21 1971Aug25 A-13-07  
Jamison, George M N 1908Feb09 1972May21 1972May27 H-39-01  
Janes, Charles Raymond M W 1927Jul06 1981Jul13 1981Jul18 GN-60-09  
Janes, Margaret R.  F   1927Feb08 1995May20 1995Jun02 9-60-GN  
Jarui, Fannie A.  F   1897Nov14 1996Jan19 1996Feb06 2A-22S-GS  
Jarvi, Kaarlo M W 1886Feb28 1983Feb16 1983Feb28 GS-225-02  
Jeffers, James Ray M W 1901Nov13 1969Aug14 1969Aug19 GW-124-04  
Jefferson, Eben Henry M N 1888Feb26 1955Jun28 1955Jul02 J-06-12  
Jefferson, Hazel Bell F   1888Sep19 1976Apr24 1976Apr28 J-06-11  
Jeffery, Grace Darling F W 1879Mar15 1953Feb17 1953Feb20 B-42-07  
Jeffery, John J. M W 1881Apr11 1963Mar07 1963Mar11 B-42-08  
Jenkins, Rachel V. F N 1884Feb06 1963May20 1963May31 J-41-11  
Jennings, Edw. Roy M W 1888Jun03 1965May24 1965May27 GN-101-06  
Jennings, Elizabeth M. F N 1869Dec15 1949Jun26 1949Jun30 J-04-07  
Jennings, Jewell Barnes F   1902Sep03 1975Dec22 1975Dec26 C-47-05  
Jennings, Olive Clara F   1908Feb18 1999Jan28 1999Feb04 2-1-K  
Jennings, Smith A. M   1907----- 1925May02 1925----- J-16-07  
Jennings, Smith C. M N 1880Oct01 1956Feb23 1956Feb29 J-04-08  
Jensen, Arthur Christian M   1912Mar06 1990Jul23 1990Jul27 E-26-03  
Jensen, Claretta F W   1977Jul13 1977Jul20 J-32-14  
Jenson, Knute M   1852----- 1938Jan02 1938Jan06 GE-148-07  
Jenson, Nora C. F   1887Nov27 1933Jul27 1933Jul27 GE-148-08  
Jenson, Olia F   1860-----   1940Nov15 GE-148-06  
Jetlund, Mark M   1878Apr20 1951Jul25 1951Jul28 J-28-02  
Jimenez, Basilio G.  M   1916Jun14 1996Apr18 1996Apr24 12-10-H  
Jimenez, Francisca F H 1912Dec02 1994Jan27 1994Feb03 H-10-07  
Jimenez, Porfirio M   1885Jan-- 1943Jan02 1943Jan10 M--  
Johannessen, Gudveig Sophie F   1909Jun18 1996May26 1996Jun03 6-A-D1  
Johansen, Edward  [Johan] M W 1872Jun29 1959Jun06 1959Jun09 GS-79-06  
Johansen, Ellen F   1867----- 1944Dec11 1944Dec14 GS-79-05  
Johns, Fred Carl M   1914Mar13 1978Nov08 1978Nov13 GW-18-09  
Johns, Mary H.  F   1923Feb08 1995Nov19 1995Nov27 8-18-GW  
Johnson, Al M     1936Oct25 1936Oct28 B-03-01  
Johnson, Albin C. M W 1905May21 1981Oct07 1981Oct12 A-07-04  
Johnson, Alfred  (Alf) M   1836----- 1921Apr23 1921----- GE-90-06  
Johnson, Alice Belle F   1927May01 2002Mar23 2002Apr04 5/5A-37-C  
Johnson, Allen Gus M W 1884Feb10 1967Apr03 1967Apr07 GN-63-13  
Johnson, Alma F   1899Jul22 1976Aug18 1976Aug24 GN-104-01  
Johnson, Andrew J. M W 1881Aug04 1960Jan20 1960Jan22 GW-19-05  
Johnson, baby           GE-195-NE  
Johnson, Blanche F W 1895Oct05 1968Feb10 1968Feb21 H-69-05  
Johnson, Carl W. M W 1899Sep27 1968Sep10 1968Sep19 H-69-15  
Johnson, Chauncey Story M W 1898Jul19 1971Nov16 1971Nov19 E-29-14  
Johnson, Clifford Hjalmar M   1900Mar18 1988Mar23 1988Mar28 A-07-06  
Johnson, Cora Lee F   1922Jul22 1992Aug08 1992Aug17 J-36-02  
Johnson, David T. M     1936Feb16 1936Feb18 C-32-21  
Johnson, Delilah Louise F W 1882Jul04 1969Nov20 1969Nov22 GN-200-11  
Johnson, Della May F W 1883May26 1947Jan15 1947Jan21 B-29-01  
Johnson, Della Tiller F W 1884Sep14 1969Jun29 1969Aug01 B-49-05  
Johnson, Dolly F W 1896Nov21 1967Apr22 1967Apr28 E-18-10  
Johnson, Dr. Aheliobas Alfred M W 1886Oct03 1955May08 1955May11 B-49-05  
Johnson, Edith Lucille F W 1910Nov21 1950Feb18 1950Feb21 H-19-04  
Johnson, Edna Mabel F W 1910Feb10 1984Jun17 1984Jun22 GN-248-05  
Johnson, Edna Selby Fine F W 1907Apr08 1968Nov29 1968Dec03 GN-205-12  
Johnson, Edward B. M W 1883May01 1956Jan15 1956Jan18 C-51-05  
Johnson, Elsa Mary F   1894Nov11 1990Feb19 1990Feb26 GE-13-12  
Johnson, Emma Mary F W 1889Aug13 1965Apr15 1965Apr17 C-51-06  
Johnson, Ernest J. M W 1886Oct06 1977May23 1977May26 B-21-16  
Johnson, Ernest J. M N 1875Mar15 1963Mar04 1963Mar08 GN-104-09  
Johnson, Ester Linned F W 1900Sep18 1983May13 1983May17 B-21-15  
Johnson, Fannie Louise F     1946Mar06 1946Mar09 GE-13-09  
Johnson, Florence J. F W 1885Feb18 1952Mar19 1952Mar24 B-49-06  
Johnson, Forest M W 1901Nov23 1973Jul20 1973Jul24 B-39-15  
Johnson, Fred Baity M   1896Jun27 1979Aug16 1979Aug21 A-06-01  
Johnson, Gus H. M W 1875Oct08 1966Mar23 1966Mar28 GW-06-14  
Johnson, Hans M W 1889Mar26 1962Jul28 1962Jul31 GN-155-07  
Johnson, Hubert Nathaniel M W 1908Oct16 1973Oct17 1973Oct22 GN-248-04  
Johnson, Ida F N 1862Feb01 1957Jan27 1957Jan30 J-03-09  
Johnson, Ida Briggs F N 1886Jul17 1981Apr28 1981May04 J-12-11  
Johnson, Isyle Grace F W 1913May08 1986Jul03 1986Jul09 K-04-10  
Johnson, Jacob Burton M W 1917Jan17 1957Aug19 1957Aug23 J-31-13  
Johnson, James Rodney M N 1917Aug27 1973Jun18 1973Jun23 A-25-01  
Johnson, Janice Cherie F N 1969May13 1969May15 1969May23 H-69-24  
Johnson, Jesse Bernard M   1886----- 1943Nov12 1943Nov-- GE-13-11  
Johnson, Jessie Beatrice Osborn F W 1906Sep13 1978Jan22 1978Feb09 GW-169-14  
Johnson, John M W 1881Nov08 1962Feb01 1962Feb06 H--  
Johnson, John Henry M W 1858Jul18 1949Mar06 1949Mar19 M-21-09  
Johnson, John W. M W 1882Apr25 1966Mar18 1966Mar21 GS-23-10  
Johnson, John Wesley M W 1883Jun05 1948Sep14 1948Sep18 GS-26-10  
Johnson, Josephine F   1869----- 1945Dec04 1945Dec08 GE-144-11  
Johnson, Josephine F W 1884Mar19 1961Jun05 1961Jun07 GW-20-01  
Johnson, Lanora A. F   1895Nov29 1974Oct21 1974Oct23 A-06-02  
Johnson, Lawrence Bernard M   1863----- 1937Apr05 1937Apr08 GE-13-10  
Johnson, Lawrence Bertrand M W 1907Mar02 1960Nov24 1960Nov28 GE-13-04  
Johnson, Leola Bell F N 1893Jun11 1970Dec26   H-41-15  
Johnson, LeRoy M W 1909Mar01 1973Oct03 1973Oct09 GN-248-07  
Johnson, Loretta K. F W 1940Jan15 1984Apr19 1984Apr24 K-02-08  
Johnson, Loucinda  (Lou) F W   1927Dec03   GE-90-05  
Johnson, Love May      F W 1874Sep01 1950Sep17 1950Sep20 GS-23-09  
Johnson, Lula Mae F   1913Feb18 1994Oct14 1994Oct20 A-07-05  
Johnson, Mabel L. F W 1882Nov22 1958Jul18 1958Jul21 GW-74-02  
Johnson, Margaret Pearl F   1904Aug20 1996Jan09 1996Jan12 5-38-C  
Johnson, Marvin M   1928----- 1934Nov29 1934----- C-51-07  
Johnson, Mary F N 1902May13 1960Jan03 1960Jan08 B-26-09  
Johnson, Mildred Evelyn F   1904Aug30 1999May21 1999May27 13-29-E  
Johnson, Nichols M W   1968Aug09 1968Aug13 E-17-10  
Johnson, Ola Mae F W 1914Mar30 1986Dec14 1986Dec18 D-24-02  
Johnson, Pearlie B. F   1918----- 1978Sep12 1978Sep18 J-30-12  
Johnson, Pete M W 1865----- 1952Feb06 1952Feb07 M-22-01  
Johnson, Raymond Cyrus M W 1909Mar07 1987Aug19 1987Aug24 D-24-02A  
Johnson, Raymond Freemont M W 1891Jun06 1967Mar22 1967Mar25 GE-13-05  
Johnson, Rena Lee F   1946Dec10 2003Jan06 2003Jan13 5-28-C  
Johnson, Rena Lee     1946Dec10 2003Jan06 2003Jan13 5-28-C  
Johnson, Robert Lee M N   1967Oct01 1967Oct14 H-60-04  
Johnson, Ronald Freemont M   1929May07 2002Oct17 2002Oct22 8-37-C  
Johnson, Sophie I. F W 1883Dec12 1961Apr5 1961Apr08 GW-06-13  
Johnson, Susie Elizabeth Crumley F   1887Sep27 1977Nov12   GN-63-12  
Johnson, Virginia Mae F   1906Oct28 1989Aug25 1989Sep01 B-39-16  
Johnston, Charles M W       C-31-09  
Johnston, Gloria Pearl F   1928----- 1929Aug23 1929----- GE-195-11  
Johnston, Lloyd Raymond M W 1903May14 1954Feb09 1954Feb11 GE-195-09  
Johnston, Pauline E. F W 1881Mar22 1956Oct22 1956Oct26 B-11-06  
Johnston, Thelma Beach F   1908----- 1933----- 1933----- GE-195-10  
Johnston, William Wallace M W 1950Apr29 1950Jun21 1950Jun24 B-24-04  
Joiner, Elsie Mae F W 1895Dec13 1976Oct23 1976Oct27 B-11-10  
Joiner, Joseph Warren M W 1889Aug16 1961Nov12 1961Nov15 B-11-11  
Jones, Albert Hilton M W 1903Dec30 1962Oct26 1962Oct29 J-24-12  
Jones, Anderson M   1903Nov05 1979Mar28 1979Apr03 J-20-03  
Jones, Bernadine Lorene F W 1924Feb16 1986Jun27 1986Jul01 D-25-03A  
Jones, Bertram F. M   1908Dec18 1994Oct08 1994Oct17 A-11-04  
Jones, Bessie Lee F   1898Apr30 1976Jan02 1976Jan06 GN-15-07  
Jones, Bethine A. F   1899Sep10 1995Mar25 1995Mar30 12A-16-D  
Jones, Bud M W 1884Oct01 1965Dec06 1965Dec09 H-59-05  
Jones, Calvert Lee M W 1959Aug21 1959Aug25 1959Aug27 C-48-14  
Jones, Casey M C 1909Jan10 1977Feb26 1977Mar04 GN-249-04  
Jones, Dale K. M   1917Nov22 1992Sep03 1992Sep09 F-25-11  
Jones, Deanna Elaine  F   1938Oct06 1997Feb25 1997Mar04 6-27-D  
Jones, Dolleon F W 1917Jul31 1985Jul24 1985Jul31 GN-249-03  
Jones, Donald Leon M   1935Oct06 2000Oct04 2000Oct16 6-38-K  
Jones, Donald Ray M W 1948Jun19 1949Aug22 1949Aug24 C-57-07  
Jones, Eddie Mae F   1908Jul13 1999Dec03 2000Jan13 10-46-E  
Jones, Edmond M W 1871Jan23 1952Mar30 1952Apr02 J-24-11  
Jones, Edward M   1824Jun15 1900Apr24 1900Apr26 B-20-05  
Jones, Eligha Harvey  M     1941Jun11 1941Jun30 B-47-03  
Jones, Estella F   1927May21 2002Jul10 2002Jul16 7-44-DD  
Jones, Ether     1900May20 1988Jan31 1988Feb04 D-16-12  
Jones, Eva Harris F W 1842Jul-- 1927Oct12 1927----- H-06-09  
Jones, Eve Mary F   1919Aug07 1998May16 1998May21 12-25-F  
Jones, Florence Elizabeth F W 1902Sep10 1973Aug06 1973Aug10 E-06-02  
Jones, Geo. Hardin Sr. M W 1922Feb16 1971Oct11 1971Oct15 C-40-12  
Jones, Harry William M W 1909Aug09 1982Oct11 1982Oct13 E-46-11  
Jones, Herman Eugene M C 1903Aug28 1977Jan28 1977Feb02 GS-230-01  
Jones, Hugh Sr. M   1897Apr03 1975Jan04 1975Jan08 E-06-01  
Jones, Ida Bell F   1871----- 1944Jan20 1944Jan22 C-47-07  
Jones, Ida F. F     1938Feb17 1938Feb19 M-30-14  
Jones, Jack Claude M W 1898Jan01 1953May06 1953May08 GS-73-08  
Jones, James Kermit M N 1944Mar03 1971Dec11 1971Dec15 A-11-03  
Jones, John Paul M W 1891Apr30 1957Apr05 1957Apr19 B-26-10  
Jones, John Shirley M   1922Jun18 1988Jun27 1988Jun30 D-25-02  
Jones, Julia Cameron F   1867----- 1899Dec08 1899Dec10 GS-184-09  
Jones, Kenneth Harold M W 1921Aug24 1977Mar15 1977Mar18 E-29-01  
Jones, Lee M   1898----- 1939----- 1939Dec21 M-30-13  
Jones, Leland Allen M   1907Jul25 1987Jul08 1987Jul13 GN-15-06  
Jones, Lonnie Gene M   1943Jul16 1976Aug04 1976Aug09 GE-244-04  
Jones, Mamie Elizabeth F W 1889Jan27 1959Jul01 1959Jul03 B-32-05  
Jones, Margaret Eleanor F W 1898Mar31 1978Jul13 1978Jul18 GN-152-08  
Jones, Marie F N 1934Dec14 1948Jun06 1948Jun10 J-05-02  
Jones, Melvin Cassiebianco M W 1885Sep12 1966Dec03 1966Dec06 GN-36-05  
Jones, Morris Leech M W 1832Sep-- 1901----- 1901May21 H-06-10  
Jones, Paul Floyd M W 1883Jan10 1965Jan01 1965Jan05 GN--  
Jones, Paul Kious M   1901Apr29 1975Jan03 1975Jan06 E-37-12  
Jones, Robert T. M   1942----- 1945Feb03 1945Feb03 B-49-07  
Jones, Robin F N 1968Jul02 1968Jul02 1968Jul18 H-69-09A  
Jones, Russell Elmer M   1902Mar01 1989Nov26 1989Nov30 K-38-07  
Jones, Sarah D. F W 1826Sep-- 1912Nov16 1912Nov18 B-20-04  
Jones, Selma Hilda F   1914Nov30 1999Nov24 1999Dec01 8-38-K  
Jones, William Calvert M W 1921Sep11 1985Oct05 1985Oct09 C-48-14  
Jones, William Clifton M   1917Sep07 2000Apr06 2000Apr11 9-12-D  
Jones,Meradine     1920Feb25 2005Jul28 2005Aug04 9a-12-D  
Joo, John M W 1871Mar29 1953Feb10 1953Feb18 C-53-14  
Joo, Julia F   1878----- 1943Jun11 1943Jun14 C-53-15  
Joosten, Dorothy Davis F W 1906Oct06 1974Dec29 1975Jan03 A-10-02  
Joosten, Jos. M. W. M W 1894Mar03 1970May25 1970May28 A-10-01  
Jordan, Genie Williams F W 1886Aug18 1968Sep04 1968Sep06 B-07-03  
Jordan, Horace Stanley M   1917Jun13 1992Sep22 1992Sep29 D-10-12  
Jordan, Jonathan David M W 1896Jun10 1973May05 1973May09 B-07-04  
Jordan, Mary Bonny F W 1920Jul23 1979Nov10 1979Nov14 GS-51-09  
Jordan, Mary Elizabeth F N 1918Mar25 1959Aug28 1959Sep04 J-13-06  
Jordan, Paul M   1932Dec30 1993May29 1993Jun04 F-02-04  
Joseph, Geo. M W 1890----- 1962Dec10 1962Dec13 GW-164-05  
Joudrey, Burton R. M   1905May27 1995Jun07 1995Jun16 3-43-A  
Joudrey, Verna J.  F   1908Dec17 1995May24 1995May31 4-43-A  
Joy, Alva Curtis M W 1875Feb26 1959Aug01 1959Aug05 GW-19-01  
Joy, Amanda E. F W 1877Nov16 1966May20 1966May25 GW-19-02  
Joy, John Richard M W 1901Apr02 1985Sep23 1985Sep26 D-25-08  
Joy, Sue Seton F   1910Jun12 1989Aug24 1989Aug28 D-25-08A  
Joy, Willie Dell F W 1913May09 1973Nov29 1973Dec03 E-38-10  
Joyce, John Frances M W 1878Jun22 1952Jan23 1952Jan26 GW-05-03  
Juarez, Jesus Melendez M   1915Dec07 2000Sep23 2000Sep29 3/3A-14-D  
Juarez, Jose M W 1891Feb13 1959Mar20 1959Mar23 GW-120-01  
Juarez, Merced R. F W 1865----- 1930Nov05 1930Nov-- C-23-09  
Judd, George Herbert M   1853----- 1938Dec03 1938Dec07 H-14-10  
Julius, Wilber M N 1870 Oct14 1972Jan29 1972Feb04 H-69-02  
Junkley, Anthony M W 1881Aug24 1966Jun18 1966Jun21 GW-76-11  Photo Email
Junkley, Grayce F W 1882Jun30 1968Aug19 1968Aug22 GW-76-10  Photo Email
Jur, Kazimierz M.     1918Dec18 1991May05 1991May09 E-36-12  
Jure, Sally Ann F W 1939Jan23 1981Apr27 1981May08 GS-224-01  
Justesen, Evelyn Rose F W 1910Dec21 1971Dec06 1971Dec10 E-24-04  
Justesen, Mark De Vere M   1892----- 1961May30   GS--  
Justesen, Marsha J.     1939Dec14 2004Aug18 2004Dec03 4-24-E  



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