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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Nace, Arthur E. Sr. M   1918Aug12 1990Mar07 1990Mar10 F-18-10  
Nace,Ruth M.     1922May01 2005Aug29 2005Oct28 10-18-F  
Naff, Clarence Raymond M W 1877Sep04 1952Feb02 1952Feb05 B-45-14  
Nagel, William  (aka La Rose) M   1875Feb07 1957Jan23 1957Jan26 B-45-01  
Nagy, Alexander M W 1879Jun03 1966May22 1966May24 GW-42-13  
Nahamias, Edna F   1943Sep23 2003Mar18 2003Mar20 23-B  
Nahamias, Edna     1943Sep23 2003Mar18 2003Mar20 23-RowB  
Nakai, Noritatsu M O 1907Jul10 1994May11 1994May19 E-02-07  
Nally, George B. M W 1880Dec20 1971Oct31 1971Nov05 B-50-08  
Nally, Jennie F W 1887Sep16 1949Feb08 1949Feb12 B-50-07  
Nanasy, Celia F W 1888Jul25 1965Nov09 1965Dec01 GN-208-14  
Nanasy, Dennis M W 1889Jan09 1987Aug07 1987Sep24 GN-208-15  
Nardone, John B. M   1898Sep13 1979Sep24 1979Sep27 E-33-16  
Narevsky, Motyl M   1882Oct10 1962May01   JC-H-19  
Narrow, Victor, Jr. M W 1939Nov28 1950Nov26 1950Nov28 B-27-06A  
Nash, Earle R. M W 1891Jul15 1968Dec02 1968Dec31 GN-208-97  
Natale, Emily C. F   1914Jun16 1990Oct27 1990Nov01 D-12-11  
Natale, Robert John M W 1934Sep29 1954Sep24 1954Sep27 B-37-08  
Natale, Rose F W 1890May25 1970Jan30 1970Feb02 B-28-01A  
Nathanson, Anna F   1886----- 1968Feb08   JC-M-6  
Natheos, Charles John M   1948Mar29 1991Feb21 1991Feb28 GS-175-07  
Natterson, Anna O. F   1887----- 1956Dec22   JC-K-9  
Natterson, Samuel M   1880----- 1964Jun14   JC-J-9  
Naua, Ladislao E.     1913Jun26 1989Apr10 1989Apr14 D-17-04  
Nava, Jimmy Gale M W 1960Apr26 1960Jul22 1960Jul23 M--  
Navarro, Maria Dolores F W 1884----- 1931Dec08 1931Dec-- C-22-04  
Neal, Herbert J. M   1906Jul19 1990Jul06 1990Jul12 A-22-11  
Neal, Neida B.  F   1909Jul09 1996Jun07 1996Jun24 10-22-A  
Neasel, Helen Ivadell F W 1902Dec15 1953Feb03 1953Feb05 GE-12-06  
Neblett, Adeline Mae Clark F W 1889Mar03 1972Mar07 1972Mar11 J-10-05  
Neblett, Coulter J. M W 1882Sep29 1961Mar27 1961Mar30 J-10-06  
Neblett, Ida Osborn F   1919Jan08 1990Oct09 1990Oct12 J-10-08  
Neblett, Norris Delancy M W 1920Aug05 1983Sep13 1983Sep22 J-10-04  
Neblett, Robert Lowe M   1915Nov22 1993Jan30 1993Feb05 J-10-07  
Negen, Lottie F   1880----- 1960Feb10   JC-F-20  
Negen, Louis M   1873----- 1962May22   JC-F-19  
Negete, Maria Marez F   1887Sept11 1942Sep14 1942Sep15 J-03-01  
Neilson, Mikkel M W   1957Dec10 1957Dec14 B-39-11  
Neiman, John Albert M     1941Aug19 1941Aug22 H-19-11  
Neitzling, Della F W 1893Jun24 1966Jan28 1966Feb01 B-50-03  
Neitzling, Valentine   (Val) M W 1879Nov20 1963May17 1963May20 B-50-02  
Nelson, Bessie Belle F N 1903Dec28 1954Dec25 1955Jan04 J-03-08  
Nelson, Carl M W 1890Jan15 1957Mar04 1957Mar09 H-52-07  
Nelson, Dorothy Evans F   1918Sep05 1996Jun11 1996Jun13 12A-13-D  
Nelson, Emma F W 1879Dec24 1971Apr29 1971May04 GW-165-04  
Nelson, James Carl M   1948Jun28 1998Oct06 1998Oct13 5-44-E  
Nelson, James Edward M   1956Feb09 1993Mar27 1993Apr09 D-29-12  
Nelson, Jean Melba F   1921Nov27 2002Mar10 2002Apr25 2-179-GS  
Nelson, Joseph A. M         J-03-03  
Nelson, Leroy S. M W 1887Jan27 1967Nov26 1967Nov29 E-33-18  
Nelson, Louise F   1910Nov18 1975Aug21 1975Aug26 GN-39-09  
Nelson, Maye Bell F W 1891Jan21 1965Apr19 1965Apr22 GE-29-04  
Nelson, Nels M W 1873Dec17 1961Nov05 1961Nov07 GW-165-03  
Nelson, Nettie Virginia F W 1899Oct24 1982Jun10 1982Jun18 E-33-17  
Nelson, Oliver Wendell M   1922May14 2002Sep03 2002Sep27 2-179-GS  
Nelson, Rita Mae     1938Dec18 2004Nov15 2004Nov19 3-38-J  
Nelson, Roberta E. F W 1913May18 1954Jul15 1954Jul19 B-33-11  
Nelson, Ronald E. M   1919Sep17 1988Nov26 1988Nov30 D-13-12  
Nelson, Swem M W 1895Mar30 1977Jan01 1977Jan10 GS-225-07  
Nelson, Sylvester M W 1869Jan16 1959Dec24 1959Dec28 J-52-06  
Nelson, William P., Jr. M W 1924Oct08 1968Apr28 1968May01 B-34-14  
Nelson, William Prior M W 1894Jun07 1950Oct26 1950Oct28 B-34-15  
Nemeth, Elizabeth  F   1893May30 1990May02 1990May21 B-25-04  
Nemeth, Elizabeth  F   1888----- 1954-----   B-25-04  
Nemeth, John M W 1888----- 1954Nov09 1954Dec20 B-25-03  
Nemeth, Joseph M W 1895Jul25 1963May13 1963May16 GW-43-13  
Nemeth, Pearl Elizabeth F   1888----- 1954-----   B-25-04  
Nemeth, Rose F W 1895Dec08 1983Aug25 1983Aug30 GW-43-12  
Nepomchy, Dave M   1888Apr13 1979Apr07   JC-*-20  
Nesta, Salvador P. M W 1921Jun19 1962Dec21 1962Dec24 GN-204-05  
Nettleton, Grace L. F     1940Oct27 1940Oct30 GS-47-05  
Neubauer, Alfred Joseph M W 1898Dec22 1968Dec07 1969Jan02 GN-208-34  
Nevers, Lucile F   1888Oct20 1975Oct24 1975Oct31 E-18-11  
Newcomb, Clarence M   1897Dec10 1975Apr12 1975Apr15 E-38-05  
Newell, Catherine Prudon F W 1904Feb22 1982Dec01 1983Apr07 GW-69-09  
Newman, Marie Lingo F W 1887Nov02 1965Nov18 1965Nov22 J-47-13  
Newman, Robert Dean M W 1889Dec08 1964Apr16 1964Apr20 J-39-09  
Newman, Sanders A. M   1912Nov19 1987May22 1987May26 D-24-03  
Newsome, Walter Earl M N 1937Jan20 1963Oct11 1963Oct17 H-57-10  
Newton, Effa H. F W 1882Dec21 1984Feb25 1984Mar01 GE-13-08  
Nguyen, Richer Quyhn M   1958Nov28 2000Dec07 2000Dec16 5-1-K  
Nicholls, Leonard Ray M   1927Nov09 1999Oct04 1999Oct08 20-1-1  
Nichols, Betty J. F B 1879Oct16 1960Jul21 1960Jul25 J-45-10  
Nichols, Reese Haskell M W 1889Dec05 1950Apr09 1950Apr12 B-46-04  
Nichols, Stella Marie F N 1904Mar-- 1967Jan14 1967Jan16 H-44-03  
Niciforos, Michael John M   1940Jun24 1999Jun25 1999Jul02 9-20-D  
Nickloy, Walter H. M   1907Aug06 1974Aug06 1974Aug09 H-31-08  
Nicolai, Iona Josephine F W 1925----- 1973Mar10 1973Mar14 GS-37-02  
Nicolar, Joseph Fred M W 1885Feb03 1959May15 1959May18 GW-18-05  
Nielsen, Ole M W 1872Apr12 1955Dec31 1956Jan04 B-47-09  
Niemann, Baby       1912Aug01 1912Aug01 C-71-14  
Niemann, Clara Mae F W 1898Aug13 1983Dec14 1983Dec19 C-70-15  
Niemann, Daisy R.   (Neiman) F   1872----- 1939Jul18 1939Jul21 C-70-12  
Niemann, Frank Herman M W 1894Dec17 1959Aug29 1959Sep03 C-70-14  
Niemann, Herman H. M   1870----- 1946Sep25   C-70-13  
Niems, Elizabeth C. F     1940May13 1940May15 H-48-14  
Nieves, Cruz A. M   1952Apr15 1975Aug15 1975Aug19 E-06-08  
Nieves, Ida Aquirre F   1928Nov03 1997Jul14 1997Jul18 10A-31-D  
Nieves, Jose Vasques, Sr. M   1929Mar19 1993May29 1993Jun04 D-31-10  
Nieves, William Anthony Jr. M   2000Oct31 2000Oct31 2000Nov15 21-34-F  
Nieves-Padilla, Estevan Jose M   1999Sep10 1999Sep10 1999Sep17 4-34-F  
Nigro, Paul R. M W 1905Jul12 1967Apr04 1967Apr08 GN-107-02  
Nix, Grady Melvin M W 1895Jan28 1968May03 1968May08 A-02-01  
Nix, Lucille Molly F W 1893Sep23 1970Jun17 1970Jun22 A-04-06  
Nixon, Lillian F   1887Apr01 1945Dec06 1945Dec06 GE-97-04  
Norman, Arthur Lee M W 1881Oct01 1970Mar16 1970Mar18 GN-157-12  
Norman, Clara Marie F W 1883Sep12 1962Dec01 1962Dec03 GN-157-11  
Norman, Irma Elizabeth F   1914Feb21 1989Aug14 1989Aug17 GW-42-09  
North, Kenneth M W 1888Dec27 1968Dec22 1968Dec24 GW-163-05  
North, Othelda G. F W 1903Jun26 1962Oct21 1962Oct23 GW-163-06  
Norton, Fern Gay F W 1902Jul18 1964Sep11 1964Sep16 GW-69-02  
Norton, Nathan Daniel M W 1982Feb06 1982Jul26 1982Jul29 GN-208-98  
Norton, Victor A. M W 1889Jul12 1962May03 1962May07 GW-69-03  
Noton, Carl Edward M W 1913Nov24 1981Mar26 1981Apr21 C-45-13  
Novak, Anna F W 1894Mar16 1968Feb08 1968Feb10 GS-23-11  
Novak, Ester F W 1922Jun01 1977Jun01 1977Jun03 GS-23-05  
Novak, Mike M W 1892Mar26 1980Oct12 1980Oct15 GS-10-03  
Nowling, Gordon Arch M N 1900Jul25 1966Dec28 1967Jan04 E-25-01  
Noyes, Alice P. F     1940Sep01 1940Sep04 M-30-02SE  
Nunes, Viola Lorraine F   1976Sep04 1976Sep04 1976Sep10 GN-208-22  
Nunn, Michele LaRue F N 1954Sep30 1954Dec21 1954Dec23 B-25-06  
Nye, Baby Girl F W 1964Jul19 1964Jul19 1964Aug03 GN-208-21  
Nye, Belle Jones F   1868----- 1938----- 1938Mar07 GE-195-05  



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