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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Oberman, Hans M W 1903Sep22 1979Jan05 1979Jan09 E-40-03  
Oberman, Hyman M   1892----- 1963Dec05   JC-*-18  
Obeso, Josephine Barraza F   1916Dec14 1998May15 1998May20 8-26-A  
Obeso, Pedro S.   "Pete" M W 1916Jun25 1985Feb28 1985Mar05 A-34-04  
O'Brien, Ethel M. F W 1893Mar14 1960Nov19 1960Nov23 GW-168-03  
O'Brien, Howard Frederick M W 1908Nov30 1976Nov13 1976Nov20 GN-15-05  
O'Brien, John Francis M W 1888May30 1953Jun01 1953Jun05 B-20-11  
O'Brien, Michael Patrick M W 1878Jun07 1967Mar15 1967Mar21 H-71-02  
O'Brien, Patrick L. M W 1872Mar17 1951Oct02 1951Nov10 M--  
Obuckowski, Michael L. M   1924Dec29 1975Apr16 1975Apt21 E-07-01  
O'Connor, Arthur W. M W 1890Feb22 1967Feb01 1967Feb04 GW-113-05  
O'Connor, Joan Marie F W 1958Nov21 1958Nov28 1958Nov30    
Odell, Donald Earl M W 1911Feb02 1980Aug28 1980Sep16 GS-224-01  
O'Donnell, Anna H. F W 1882Feb19 1947Sep18 1948May20 B-01--  
Oeser, Clara Louise F W 1876Sep21 1969Aug16 1969Aug19 GN-110-07  
Oggs, Franklin B. M N 1874Nov13 1965Jun01 1965Jun05 GN-201-01  
Oggs, Ora Belle F N 1890Jun02 1973Jan03 1973Jan06 GN-201-13  
Oglesby, Anna Marie F W 1889Jun30 1976Jun12 1976Jun16 B-51-03  
Ogletree, Minnie L. F N 1889Apr11 1961Sep05 1961Sep08 J-45-07  
Ogletree, William Henry M N 1878Nov05 1959Dec10 1959Dec11 J-45-08  
O'Leary, Joseph  M W 1880Oct20 1952May07 1952May14 J-29-16  
Olin, Mabel Viola F   1903Jun15 1975Mar30 1975Apr04 J-29-11  
Olivas, Dessie F. F H 1912Jul15 1994May27 1994Jun03 D-16-11A  
Olivas, Wilson E. M   1904May25 1991Sep14 1991Sep18 D-16-11  
Olive, John M   1859----- 1944Apr13 1944Apr21 H-17-10  
Oliver, Forest S. M W 1882----- 1955Feb26 1955Mar08 H-07-06  
Oliver, Macon L. M   1894Jan20 1975Sep19 1975Sep23 A-17-12  
Olsen, Ole Edwin M W 1897Feb04 1947Aug04 1947Aug09 H-01-SE  
Olson, Bittie F   1872----- 1944Jan02 1944Jan06 GE-146-04  
Olson, Carl Robert M   1876----- 1940Feb08 1940Feb13 B-40-11  
Olson, Roy Charles M   1906May28 1976Jul25 1976Jul29 E-07-03  
Olson, Victor M   1872----- 1944Nov30 1944Nov30 GE-146-03  
Olson, Wava M.  F   1906Nov19 2001Mar12 2001Mar16 4-7-E  
O'Neal, William    Also O'Neil M     1936Jul17 1936Jul18 M-29-02SW  
Ontiveros, Oscar Enrique     2003Apr25 2003Apr25 2003May02 25-34-F  
Ontiveros-Beltran, Oscar Enrique M   2003Apr25 2003Apr25 2003May02 25-34-F  
Opsteeg, John M W 1876Jul17 1964Mar22 1964Mar24 J-28-13  
Opsteeg, Martin O. M W 1878Apr17 1951Aug10 1951Aug15 J-28-14  
Ordower, Bessie F   1900----- 1972Aug10   JC-J-27  
Ordower, Paul M   1896----- 1970Aug24   JC-J-26  
Ormiston, Lillian E. F W 1896Feb05 1958Jan04 1978Feb20 GN-208-50  
Ormiston, Raymond Arthur M W 1894Jun09 1977Sep09 1978Feb20 GN-208-49  
Ormsby, Mark Elliot M W 1960Oct05 1982Oct09 1982Oct14 GW-167-12  
Ormston, Agnes M. F     1922Sep21 1922Sep21    
Ornelas, Juan Luna M Mx 1908Jun24 1950Dec11 1950Dec16 J-04-01  
Orr, Hannah Gibb F W 1897Mar19 1968Nov09 1968Nov13 A-13-06  
Orr, Mignon Ernestine F W 1889Dec19 1967Nov21 1967Nov24 GN-112-02  
Orr, William Geary M W 1898Feb18 1981Feb28 1981Mar03 A-13-05  
Orris, Stephen Henry M W 1966Jul01 1983Nov12 1983Nov16 A-40-02  
Ortega, Askley "NMI" F   1997Mar25 1997Mar25 1997Apr04 8-34-F  
Ortega, Marie C. F W 1961Feb28 1961Feb28 1961Mar01 B-24-39  
Orth, Joseph C. M W 1893Jul14 1983Dec05 1983Dec09 GN-110-09  
Orth, Rose Mary F W 1894May10 1976Dec24 1976Dec28 GN-110-08  
Ortiz, Eduviges Carrillo F   1919Oct17 2003Feb12 2003Feb19 9-28-J  
Ortiz, Eduviges Carrilo     1919Oct17 2003Feb12 2003Feb19 9-28-J  
Ortiz, Humberto Gasper M   1940Feb14 1997Jul28 1997Aug01 12-2-F  
Ortmayer, Franklin William M W 1880Mar06 1963Dec03 1963Dec06 GN-108-03  
Ortmayer, Mattie E. F W 1880Dec19 1964Jan27 1964Jan29 GN-108-04  
Osborn, Blanche Mildred F W 1885Jul31 1970Apr20 1970Apr21 C-47-02  
Osborn, Bruce M. M   1915Sep18 1995Mar05 1995Mar08 10-12-A  
Osborn, Ernest Le Roy M W 1908May26 1974Jun28 1974Jul02 GW-168-07  
Osborn, Harriet G. F   1913Sep08 1988Aug11 1988Aug16 A-12-09  
Osborn, John Francis M W 1884Jun01 1961Jun15 1971Jun17 C-47-01  
Osborn, Lavern Louise F W 1899Mar31 1981Nov10 1981Nov16 GN-207-01  
Osby, Marvelle Jean F   1925May27 1988Feb28 1988Mar07 J-17-03  
O'Shaughnessy, Mary Jane F   1861----- 1931May27 1931Jun04 B-46-05  
Osin, Charles M     1957Aug08   JC-K-29  
Oslakovich, Catherine Edna F   1917Dec12 2000Nov12 2000Nov20 11-49A-GS  
Ostrom, Pearl D. F W 1871Mar24 1962Jan31 1962Feb03 B-46-11  
Ostrom, Ralph W. M   1859----- 1936Jan17 1936Jan20 B-46-10  
Osuna, Roman M     1894Mar05      
Oswald, Albert J. M     1929Aug06 1929Aug06 GS-27-06  
Oswald, Florence G. F W 1881Jul10 1970May25 1970May28 GS-27-07  
Otis, Benjamin H. M       1904Jul24 H-01-05  
Otto, Thersa F     1928Oct01 1928Oct10 B-21-01  
Ough, Norval B. M W 1878Jan11 1960Mar16 1960Mar19 GW-70-04  
Ousley, Herbert F. M W 1884May28 1971Dec20 1971Dec22 E-38-06  
Overlie, Mary F   1935May08 1987Sep11 1989Jun16 F-24-90  
Overton, Ethel Marie F   1896Jan22 1979Jul21 1979Jul27 GN-204-07  
Overton, Harold Ellsworth M   1903Mar17 1986Aug01 1986Aug04 GW-167-04  
Overturf, Daniel Simpson M W 1891Oct21 1967Mar24 1967Mar27 GN-102-09  
Overturf, Ethel I. F W 1898Feb06 1978Jan30 1978Feb02 GN-102-08  
Owens, Beatrice Fanny F   1886Dec22 1975Sep17 1975Sep22 GW-116-02  
Owens, Gerald Gordon M   1934Feb03 1977Nov04 1977Nov17 H-42-09  
Owens, John Robert M W 1933Jan01 1969Mar05 1969Mar15 H-42-09  
Owens, Ronald Douglas M W 1940Apr02 1967Oct06 1967Oct10 E-41-14  
Oyas, Celedonio M W 1896Mar03 1984Dec07 1984Dec11 A-30-03  
Oyas, Dolores F W 1929Jan04 1936Oct28 1936----- C-21-11  
Oyas, George Washington M W 1908Feb22 1976Oct04 1976Oct11 C-21-13  
Oyas, Mary Louise F W 1903----- 1980Oct18 1980Oct23 C-21-01  
Oyas, Richard W. M Mx 1926Jun07 1945Mar06 1949Jan15 J-08-03  



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