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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Pacheco, Consuelo F H 1929Nov25 1994Aug30 1994Sep12 E-14-05  
Paddock, Herbert C. M W 1889Sep27 1971May15 1971May19 GN-206-05  
Paddock, Oma Dean F W 1888Jun27 1976Mar17 1976Mar19 GN-206-06  
Padie, Edwin L. M     1937Jul29 1937Jul30 A-28-06  
Padilla, Mauricio "NMN" M   1911Feb09 2000Feb18 2000Feb23 7-4-D  
Page, Alma F W 1885May26 1977Jan20 1977Jan25 GW-168-05  
Page, Bertha G. F W 1889May16 1964Jan06 1964Jan09 GS-08-11  
Page, Effie Greene F W 1879May22 1953Dec06 1953Dec09 B-09-02  
Page, James C. M W 1880Nov19 1959Apr18 1959Apr21 GW-168-04  
Page, Samuel G. M   1883----- 1968-----   B--  
Pahr, Joseph M W 1882Jun17 1954Jan04 1954Jan21 H-06-12  
Paine, Leroy H. M   1858----- 1933----- 1934Jan23 GE-196-SE  
Painter, Abram M W 1827Aug19 1900Oct22 1900Oct23 H-20-07  
Painter, Charles M. M W 1897Jan05 1964Aug20 1964Oct01 H-20-06  
Painter, Erma Lucille F   1912Jan03 1993May07 1993May14 H-20-04A  
Painter, Franklin J. M W 1871Jul29 1967Dec27 1967Dec29 H-20-06  
Painter, Patricia Merle F   1933Aug29 1976Sep16 1976Sep21 H-20-05  
Palacio, Otilia     1904Dec10 1988Feb15 1988Feb22 E-48-02  
Palatini, Helen Rose F W 1908Mar08 1963Aug24 1963Aug28 GN-37-06  
Palatini, Thomas J. M W 1899Apr28 1969Dec24 1969Dec27 GN-37-07  
Palmer, Clara L. F W 1881Aug10 1961Mar10 1961Mar13 GW-69-01  
Palmer, Georgia M. F   1901Nov05 1992Dec29 1993Jan05 A-04-07  
Palmer, John E. M W 1894Jan07 1969Feb06 1969Feb10 E-25-12  
Palmer, John K. M   1902Aug30 1992Feb08 1992Feb13 A-04-08  
Panno, Amy Christian F   1989Dec26 1990May05 1990May10 F-43-08  
Panter, David A. M   1950Mar10 1999Jan17 1999Feb05 13-24-F  
Pape, Frank M W 1870----- 1956Feb02 1956Feb08 J-31-04  
Park, Yang Gyu     1948May15 2004Feb04 2004Feb06 5-36-K  
Parker, Augusta L. F   1875----- 1944Nov26 1944Dec05 B-37-02  
Parker, Baby Boy M   1963Apr13 1963Apr13 1963Apr17 GN-208-17  
Parker, Edna Claire F W 1897Jul22 1964Aug12 1964Aug22 GW-171-13  
Parker, Emmet M     1933Apr28 1933Apr28 J-11-12  
Parker, Eva Juanita F W 1912Jun30 1986Jan18 1986Jan22 C-42-08  
Parker, Horace M   1868----- 1939Dec24 1940Feb08 B-37-02  
Parker, Jessie William M W 1881Feb28 1953Mar17 1953Mar24 GE-13-14  
Parker, Lanier N. M W 1944Jun05 1983Jul06 1983Jul12 GW-115-07  
Parker, Other Marvin M W 1893May07 1980Apr02 1980Apr08 GN-206-02  
Parker, Ovid Stephen M   1901Oct16 1975Apr12 1975Apr15 C-42-09  
Parker, Ruth C. F W 1916Dec04 1967Feb02 1967Feb07 H-66--  
Parkhurst, Letha Alice F   1907Feb15 1992Aug01 1992Aug05 D-12-05  
Parkins, Emma Jane F   1857----- 1941Feb13 1941Feb16 B-16-03  
Parkins, Robert M   1853Dec22 1934Feb28 1934Jul16 B-16-04  
Parks, Cora May F   1879----- 1936Dec31 1937Jan05 GE-100-01  
Parks, Ethel F     1937Nov06 1937Nov08 C-42-04  
Parks, George W. M W 1873Jul17 1957Sep27 1957Oct10 B-02-12  
Parks, Marie Carmen F W 1921Jul17   1965Mar24 GN-149-12  
Parks, Rosa S. Weber F W 1880Jan15 1977Jan09 1977Jan27 B-02-13  
Parlier, Clyde R. M W 1897Sep10 1962Aug21 1962Aug24 GE-196-02  
Parnham, David Woodson M   1903May18 1993Nov04 1993Nov09 GE-235-04  
Parnham, Winnie Roxie F   1904Sep22 1975Jan27 1975Jan31 GE-235-05  
Paroli, Valentine M W 1903Feb14 1972May25 1972Jun07 H-49-18  
Parr, Alice M. F   1894Sep19 1986Mar09 1986Mar14 GW-73-05  
Parry, Nellie LaFerne F   1898Mar08 1988May25 1988May27 E-47-08  
Parry, William T. M W 1898Feb24 1972Oct01 1972Oct04 E-47-09  
Parslow, Ella T. F W 1876Dec12 1966Jul29 1966Aug02 GW-44-09  
Parsons, Iva M.  F   1915Jul07 1998Aug17 1998Aug20 6-18-A  
Partch, Sandy M. F   1949May01 1986Sep18 1986Sep22 K-05-09  
Partlow, Bert L. M W 1900Oct13 1970Apr05 1970Apr10 C-39-10  
Partlow, Michael Wayne M   1956Jul12 2003Jan05 2003Jan09 12/12A-7-F  
Partlow, Michael Wayne     1956Jul12 2003Jan05 2003Jan09 12/12a-7-F  
Partridge, Eldridge M     1943Jun19 1943Jun22 H-51-06  
Paschal, Judy Mae F   1949May25 1999Sep30 1999Oct05 3-28-E  
Paschal, T. H.     1926Aug26 2004Jan29 2004Feb02 3-28-E  
Passan, Evelyn F   1902Oct24 1974Nov11 1974Nov13 GE-29-03  
Passan, Thomas Guy M   1902Nov24 1988Jan27 1988Jan29 GE-94-01A  
Patera, Pauline F   1901Feb12 1976Apr04 1976Apr14 GN-201-06  
Patera, Stanley M   1907Dec19 1965Feb24 1965Feb27 GN-201-05  
Patrick, Dorothy M. F   1927Sep13 1994Apr07 1994Apr12 E-39-18 email
Patrick, Jack E. M   1927Aug29 1986Jan25 1994Apr12 E-39-18 email
Patrick, Marie Lena F W 1888Jul24 1966May08 1966Nov03 GN-208-94  
Patrick, Myrtle Ester F   1912Aug11 1993Jan30 1993Feb18 C-32-17  
Patrick, Powell Elder Sr. M W 1914Jul26 1973May01 1973May04 C-32-17  
Patrick, Ross E. M W 1913Dec01 1994Jul02 1994Jul07 F-03-04  
Patterson, Anna Mae F W 1900Apr16 1974Sep16 1974Sep26 GE-233-04  
Patterson, Charles S.T. M W 1874Jun22 1952Sep30 1952Oct03 C-59-13  
Patterson, David Walker M W 1877Jul30 1971Feb05 1971Feb08 GN-101-04  
Patterson, Earl Raymond M W 1899Jan23 1961Nov05 1961Nov09 GW-17-03  
Patterson, Georgianna F W 1874Oct18 1951Oct25 1951Oct27 H-16-08  
Patterson, Harold B. M   1900----- 1938Feb07 1938Feb10 B-46-14  
Patterson, Hazel F   1896May14 1959Sep06 1959Sep12 B-46-13  
Patterson, John F. M   1853----- 1942Aug26 1942Aug29 H-16-09  
Patterson, Loral Amanda F   1891Dec26 1975Nov25 1975Dec02 GN-101-05  
Patton, Margaret Ruth F W 1910May10 1967Sep05 1967Sep08 B-36-13  
Patzner, Cecilia F W 1890Mar16 1981Nov23 1981Nov25 B-52-07  
Patzner, Gustav Waldo M W 1877Jan22 1959Nov12 1959Nov14 B-52-05  
Patzner, John Anton M W 1875Jan06 1951Apr20 1951Apr23 B-52-06  
Paul, Bessie Tula F W 1918Sep10 1971Dec01 1971Dec04 GW-165-11  
Paul, John Ira M   1908Jul12 1976Aug14 1976Aug18 J-30-04  
Paul, Mabel Louise F   1899Mar31 1991Jaan31 1991Feb14 J-30-04  
Paul, Nellie Mae Farr F W 1873Jan10 1952Aug13 1952Aug16 J-30-01  
Pavelick, Frances     1904Mar09 1989Jan16 1989Jan20 C-61-10  
Pavelick, George Edward M W 1907Mar08 1982Mar04 1982Mar08 C-51-08  
Pavlick, Margaret B. F W 1880Apr07 1974Sep24 1974Sep27 GE-236-01  
Pawling,Francis John M W 1905Feb15 1971Oct25 1971Nov01 H-70-07  
Payne, Hyacinth F B 1884Sep21 1970Nov20 1970Nov24 GN-153-05  
Payne, James Frank M   1935Sep20 1991Jun22 1991Jul08 A-01-12  
Payne, John M W 1885Jul28 1969Jul15 1969Jul19 H-68-15  
Payne, Myrtle "NMN" F   1910Aug24 1999Dec21 2000Jan06 9/4/2001  
Payton, F.C.     1894Aug-- 1894Aug-- 1894Aug15 H-26-08  
Payton, Jacob Maurice M B 1961Mar13 1961Mar13 1961Mar16 B-24-43  
Pearce, Bert Walter M W 1877Feb28 1964Jan13 1964Jan15 GN-62-02  
Pearce, Grace M. F W 1882Nov25 1969Feb19 1969Feb24 GN-62-03  
Pearce, Odie Earl M   1909Aug15 1993Aug19 1993Aug23 F-30-03  
Pearce,Edith     1908Sep03 2005Jun08 2005Jun10 4-30-F  
Pearl, Fred L. M   1856----- 1920May13   H-17-03  
Pearl, James H. M W 1827Sep-- 1904----- 1904Apr12 H-17-01  
Pearl, Susan S. F W 1830Feb-- 1904----- 1904Apr12 H-17-02  
Pearson, Edwin Ervin M   1890Oct03 1975Dec10 1975Dec12 A-27-01  
Pearson, Erma Viola F   1898Sep26 1992May07 1992May12 A-27-02  
Pearson, Herbert M N 1926Dec23 1972Dec24 1972Dec29 H-38-21  
Peck, Amanda A. F   1846----- 1898Apr20 1898Apr21 GS-28-05  
Peck, Capt. Leonard B. M W 1839May-- 1914Apr30 1914May02 GS-28-06  
Peck, Carver C. M W 1876Apr-- 1930Feb01 1932----- GS-28-05  
Peck, George A. M   1866----- 1911Jan27 1911Jan29 GS-28-04  
Pedroza, Arturo Cesar M   1937Apr06 1998Apr05 1998Apr09 11-34-C  
Pellam, Ellery D. M   1916Apr26 1988Dec04 1988Dec07 D-17-08  
Pellam, Frances Mary F   1912Mar09 2002Jun07 2002Jun28 8A-17-D  
Pellam, Odessa Arlevie F W 1890Jan16 1983Jan11 1983Jan14 E-38-08  
Pellam, William Thomas M W 1882Jul18 1970Nov04 1970Nov09 E-38-09  
Peltier, Louis Joseph Sr. M W 1898Jun17 1980Oct04 1980Oct07 GN-35-03  
Pelton, Amanda F   1859----- 1939Dec31 1940Jan04 B-47-11  
Pelz, Herbert F. M   1915Nov08 1989Feb26 1989Mar01 E-27-12  
Pelz, Joseph Michael M   1900Mar13 1973May15 1973May18 E-28-12  
Pelz, Mary Elizabeth F W 1905Mar29 1977Apr12 1977Apr16 E-28-11  
Pelz, Raymond Joseph M W 1928Sep11 1984Nov15 1984Nov19 E-27-03  
Pennington, Mildred Louise F   1905Aug12 1990Feb16 1990Feb24 C-40-02  
Peoples, Carrie       1918Dec12 1918Dec06    
Peraza, Victor Manuel M   1966Feb11 1989Nov25 1989Nov30 D-26-08  
Perez, Anatasia F Mx 1908Apr15 1953Aug25 1953Aug29 J-07-09  
Perez, Daniel Franco M   1941Apr10 1999Sep15 1999Oct01 11-2-H  
Perez, Dolores B. F   1869----- 1944Jun08 1944Jul20 H-11-07  
Perez, Ezequiel Gonzales M   1950Apr10 1997Dec18 1997Dec30 3-31-D  
Perez, Hilidoro A. M W 1947Aug03 1956Sep06 1956Sep10 H-10-03  
Perez, Jesus M W 1935Aug25 1936Mar09 1936Mar-- C-21-11  
Perez, Juan Franco M   1920Mar28 2001May06 2001May11 3-35-E  
Perez, Levi R. M H 1975Dec01 1994Jun28 1994Jul01 E-31-05  
Perez, Marcel Arthur M W 1942Jan12 1961Dec16 1961Dec22 GW-113-07  
Perez, Maria F W 1968Sep09 1968Sep09 1968Sep10 H-10-04  
Perez, Maria Delfino F W 1959Oct04 1959Oct04 1959Oct05 H-10-03  
Perez, Mary R. F M 1951Sep27 1951Sep27 1951Sep28 C-19-01  
Perez, Pasqual M M 1893May17 1947Dec27 1947Dec28 H-10-10  
Perez, Ricardo M   1954Feb18 1993Sep07 1993Sep14 D-31-01  
Perez, Ruben M   1943Mar27 1990Oct25 1990Oct31 F-58-10  
Perkins, Betty Lou F W 1944Mar19 1978Mar27 1978Apr03 GN-246-07  
Perkins, Electa F W 1879Jul06 1971Nov16 1971Nov18 GE-100-04  
Perkins, Everett F. M   1901Oct25 1993Jan04 1993Jan08 F-18-01  
Perkins, Florence H. F   1907Mar14 1991Nov14 1991Nov20 D-32-05A  
Perkins, Forrest Gilbert M   1907May03 1987Jun11 1987Jun16 D-32-05  
Perkins, John S. M W 1878Oct14 1967Jul03 1967Jul05 GE-58-07  
Perkins, Marley Hanford M W   1971Mar15 1971Mar25 GE-58-09  
Perkins, Tovias Lee M C 1977Jan13 1977Jan21 1977Jan26 GN-208-41  
Perkins, Zak Orion M   1987Oct08 1988Jan27 1988Jan30 K-48A-05  
Peroutka, Jerome J. M   1925Apr26 1991May02 1991May08 E-25-11  
Perret, Andre M   1874----- 1943Mar04 1943Mar08 GS-179-11  
Perret, Eugenia F   1846----- 1937Apr06 1937Apr10 GS-179-03  
Perret, Henry M W 1884Jun10 1972Jan08 1972Jan12 GS-179-04  
Perret, Ivy F W 1890Mar26 1982Apr27 1982Jul12 GS-179-05  
Perret, Pauline F   1877----- 1927Mar27 1927----- GS-179-10  
Perrett, Jacqueline E. F   1925Dec05 1994Mar20 1994Mar25 A-08-16  
Perrus, John M   1900Aug30 1989Jul23 1989Jul26 K-33-07  
Perry, April Marie F N 1962Apr06 1962Apr12 1962Apr17 M--  
Perry, Chas. M N 1961Apr15 1961Apr15 1961Apr17 M--  
Perry, Donald M N 1962Oct18 1962Nov12 1962Nov19 GN-208-10  
Perry, Harold Alvin M N 1953Jun20 1953Jun20 1953Jun24 J-01-03A  
Perry, Haroldine Modjeska F   1934Oct23 1999Jun19 1999Jun29 2-33-J  
Perry, Margurite Elizabeth F N 1910Oct25 1985Dec30 1986Jan06 J-32-12  
Perry, Mary Ellen F N 1880May25 1971Nov10 1971Nov15 J-39-07  
Perry, Patricia Ann F N 1960Jan24 1960Jan25 1960Jan27 B-25-03  
Perry, Roy Gene II M N 1951Nov07 1978Jan14 1978Jan18 J-19-12  
Perry, Wilson B. M N 1900Jun06 1987Sep07 1987Sep12 J-33-07  
Pesano, Mariana         1942Jul31 H-51-10  
Pestrui, Dan M. M W 1903Feb24 1966Dec24 1966Dec27 GW-22-09  
Peters, Otto C. M   1881----- 1935Dec01 1935Dec06 J-27-06  
Petersen, Anna E. F W 1865Jan05 1954Mar17 1954Mar20 GE-194-06  
Petersen, Hans M   1865----- 1923May16 1923May20 GE-194-07  
Peterson, Anna F W 1875Aug25 1949Nov12 1949Nov16 B-17-01  
Peterson, Charles Oscar M W 1886May15 1950Mar26 1950Apr10 B-01-NW  
Peterson, George M   1861----- 1942Apr04 1942Apr07 GS-48-15  
Peterson, Jewel W. F W 1903Feb11 1966Apr20 1966May06    
Peterson, Margaret B. F W 1898Mar18 1968Jun04 1968Jun13 GW-164-01  
Peterson, Neal B. M W 1897Nov07 1968Oct17 1968Oct22 H-43-13  
Peterson, Peter Henry M W 1884Apr22 1968Mar03 1968Apr10 H-59-08  
Peterson, Phillip Paul M   1984May06 1988May08 1988May12 K-20-04  
Peterson, Raymond Lee M W 1940Jun06 1964Mar06 1964Mar12 H-59-14  
Peterson, Thomas M W 1882May15 1952Jul20 1952Jul24 B-16-01  
Peterson, Walter M W 1892Jul07 1956Nov26 1956Nov29 GE-146-05  
Petinak, Marko J. M W 1895May09 1963Apr03 1963Apr06 J-55-01  
Petrie, Vera Elaine F   1927Mar23 2001Apr25 2001May16 7/1/2001  
Petrinic, Anna M. F W 1895Jul12 1985Jan02 1985Feb11 GS-48-05  
Petrinic, Stephen Petric M W 1890Apr23 1947Jul24 1947Jul28 GS-48-06  
Pettigrew, Clinton M W 1910Apr19 1969Sep28 1969Oct08 H-69-16  
Pettis, Henry Parks M   1859----- 1930Dec11 1930----- B-25-NW  
Pettis, Lauretta A. F   1863----- 1945Jan15 1945Jan17 B-25-02  
Petty, George Alba M W 1903Jul26 1970Jul21 1970Jul24 A-27-03  
Peyton, Clara E. F   1907Feb07 1978Oct07 1978Oct11 E-31-11  
Pfeiffer, Joseph J.  M   1915Feb18 1996Jan27 1996Feb01 7-23-GS  
Pfeiffer, Marie T. F W 1903Jun21 1971Feb12 1971Feb16 GW-170-04  
Pfeiffer, Mavis Arlene F W 1922Mar18 1975Sep21 1975Sep27 GS-23-06  
Pfingston, Rusty Lee M   1965Aug16 1978Aug16 1978Aug21 A-31-03  
Pfohlmann, Arthur M. M   1894Jun29 1976May06 1976May18 E-43-06  
Pfohlmann, Eleanor Juliet F   1896May16 1976May19 1976May21 E-43-05  
Phelan, Rose Matilda F W 1874Mar16 1958Dec16 1958Dec18    
Philipps, Robert Peter M W 1910Jul22 1987Mar06 1987Mar09 A-31-11  
Phillips, Carrie Lillian F   1904Nov05 1994Apr16 1994May05 C-39-06  
Phillips, Douglas Mack M W 1947Aug01 1974Apr13 1974May04 C-45-11  
Phillips, Eugene W. Sr. M   1913Sep15 1974Oct21 1974Oct25 GW-17-10  
Phillips, George A. M W 1883Apr04 1957Jan19 1957Jan22 GS-24-08  
Phillips, Grace M. F W 1878Mar06 1956Oct25 1956Oct28 GS-24-07  
Phillips, Howard E. M   1919Feb25 1995Jun15 1995Jun21 3-214-GW  
Phillips, Ivy Yates F W 1883Sep17 1968Jan12 1968Jan15 GS-79-07  
Phillips, Jennie Thompson F W 1873Jan24 1955Mar07 1955Mar10 GW-118-05  
Phillips, Joseph Dexter M W 1884Nov16 1961Aug03 1961Aug07 GS-79-08  
Phillips, Joseph James M W   1954Sep01 1954Sep10 H-06-11  
Phillips, Josephine F W 1888Sep08 1947May30 1947Jun06 B-09-01  
Phillips, Josephine Elnora F W 1899Dec18 1977Feb19 1977Feb23 E-04-05  
Phillips, Leon M W 1869Oct10 1950Dec21 1950Dec23 M--  
Phillips, Rita May F W 1924May04 1974Feb11 1974Feb15 GW-214-04  
Phillips, Samuel George M W 1889Oct22 1973Feb23 1973Feb28 E-04-06  
Phillips, William M W 1886Nov08 1962Feb06 1962Feb09 B-49-02  
Phinos, George J. M   1913Aug16 1939Oct25 1939Oct30 B-17-02  
Phinos, James George M W   1961Nov09 1961Nov11 B-18-08  
Phipps, Donald Pearle F   1929Jan28 2002Oct30 2002Nov15 85-24-F  
Phipps, Lorraine Eugenia F   1931Oct29 1999Apr02 1999Apr21 85A-24-F  
Phug, John M   1902Nov20 1988Feb05 1988Feb12 K-08-03  
Pich, Wilhelm Johan M   1919Oct31 1995Nov10 1995Dec19 5-7-D  
Pickett, Marian E.     1874----- 1942Sep04 1942Sep07 GS-128-02  
Pierce, Baby Girl F W 1948Jan02 1948Jan02 1948Jan05 M--  
Pierce, Dorothy Lee F   1930Apr07 1981Jun19 1981Jun24 J-52-05  
Pierce, Florence "NMN" F   1910Jul15 1999Feb12 1999Feb22 4A-20-D  
Pierce, Katherine F.  F   1908Feb25 1995Aug18 1995Aug28 6-25-A  
Pierce, Paul M B 1904----- 1972Jun19 1972Jun23 A-25-04  
Pierce, Roy Cloborn M   1910Jul01 1987Aug27   D-20-04  
Pierini, Norma F W 1911Nov19 1973Nov28 1973Dec07 GW-19-08  
Pietrowicz, Walter M W 1892Jul07 1956Nov26 1956Nov29 GE-146-05  
Piette, Juliene Marie F   1899Aug17 1986Jun27 1986Jul01 K-03-03  
Pignatore, Delores M. F W 1926Jul25 1985Mar06 1985Mar09 A-28-11  
Pike, Clarence S. M W 1891Feb28 1959Apr07 1959Apr11 GW-70-06  
Pike, Edna F W 1897May24 1973May08 1973May11 GW-70-05  
Pineda de Moz, Maria F.     1949Nov20 2004 Nov08 2004Nov12 5-65-DD  
Pineda, Baby Girl F W 1967Jan02 1967Jan02 1967Jan19 H-52-01  
Pinkston, Edgar M     1944Feb27 1944Mar01 GE-145-04  
Pinney, Ethel May F W 1896Apr15 1968Mar26 1968Mar30 GE-54-05  
Pinney, George Wm. M W 1880Feb14 1968Sep12 1968Sep14 GE-54-10  
Piotrowski, Helen F   1894Feb17 1991Sep04 1991Sep18 GN-208-20  
Piotrowski, John M W 1890Apr08 1967May07 1967May31 GN-208-21  
Piper, Helen Mae F W 1934Mar04 1977Feb02 1977Feb04 GW-213-05  
Piscitello, Joseph S. M W 1900Mar16 1957Oct21 1957Oct24 B-48-02  
Piscitello, Mildred Gilda F W 1914Sep23 1973Aug18 1973Aug21 B-48-03  
Pitt, Kenneth Nathaniel M W 1884----- 1950Feb21 1951Mar16 B-02-01  
Pitts, Agatha Idell     1922Apr16 2003Jun14 2003Jun23 11/11a-21-D  
Pitts, Agatha Idell F   1922Apr16 2003Jun14 2003Jun23 11/A-21-D  
Pitts, Carolyn Louise F W 1951Dec13 1952Jun17 1952Jun19 B-24-16  
Pitts, Homer Elbert M   1905Mar15 1987Sep25 1987Sep29 D-21-11  
Plano, Atilio Vincent M W 1902Apr22 1973May22 1973May29 GS-229-06  
Plavala, Bertha W. F W 1898Oct17 1984Aug17 1984Aug22 GN-199-11  
Plavala, John M W 1889Aug05 1964Aug19 1964Aug21 GN-199-12  
Plevnic, Mary Elizabeth F W 1920Dec05 1983Sep18 1983Sep28 GS-227-02A  
Plevnic, Mike John M   1914Aug15 1993Aug27 1993Sep14 GS-227-02  
Plowman, William S. M W 1886Jan31 1962Jun02 1962Jun05 GN-155-04  
Plug, Evangelina S. F   1909Aug24 1988Sep12 1988Sep16 K-08-04  
Pochy, Esther F W 1883May30 1974Apr22 1974Apr25 GS-23-01  
Poidomani, Wm. P. M W 1899Apr19 1967Sep08 1967Sep12 E-41-06  
Polansky, Esther  (Suroff) F   1888----- 1963Oct25   JC-*-3  
Poll, Rebecca F   1887Dec25 1963Oct06   JC-K-19  
Ponce, Adnres M   1903Feb04 1996Jan08 1996Jan10 5-46-E  
Ponce, Monica F W 1910May04 1987Mar29 1987Apr03 E-46-06  
Pope, Viola Mae F W 1905Feb13 1978Jan20 1978Jan25 GE-241-03  
Popkin, Hyman M     1958Jun03   JC-K-31  
Porteous, Henry Marton M W 1863May05 1953Jun22 1953Jun25 M-23-02  
Porteous, William F. M     1918----- 1918Aug07 J-24-05  
Porter, Ambretta F N 1914Jan18 1972Jul08 1972Jul15 H-38-19  
Porterfield, Charles M. M W 1882Jul10 1967Jun11 1967Jun14 GW-67-09  
Porterfield, Elsie F W 1890Sep10 1971Feb06 1971Feb09 GW-67-08  
Portlock, Jesse James M W 1907Aug15 1982May11 1982May13 A-41-01  
Posin, Paul S. M   1901Oct19 1970Feb06   JC-F-30  
Posin, Rose G. F   1904Aug01 1969Jul18   JC-F-31  
Post, Ernest Edward M W 1902Jul22 1971Jun01 1971Jun03 H-38-17  
Postallo, Andrew David M N 1908----- 1969Oct28 1969Nov11 M-23-14  
Poteet, La Verne Orlean F M 1937Jan12 1986Feb08 1986Feb13 E-13-08  
Poteet, Rev. John C. M W 1912Apr24 1977Nov23 1977Nov28 E-13-10  
Potter,  Amanda Sarah F   1857----- 1942Feb27 1942Mar02 GS-128-01  
Powell, Ella F N 1899Aug17 1968Aug25 1968Aug30 H-42-03  
Powell, Gardner M N 1906Jun22 1978Apr23 1978Apr28 J-15-07  
Powell, George M N 1896Sep17 1967Jan30 1967Feb07 H-66-11  
Powell, George G. M W 1901Aug10 1983Oct07 1983Oct17 E-41-07  
Powell, Nancy Carolyn F   1932May22 1993Mar24 1993Apr23 E-41-07  
Powers, Abigail Maria F W 1886Aug13 1969Apr28 1969Apr30 GN-202-06  
Powers, Marvin Edwin M W 1877Aug13 1970Apr29 1970May05 GN-202-05  
Poyer, Edward M   1902Oct29 1974Jan03 1974Jan14 H-39-16  
Poyorena, Bert George M W 1908Feb22 1977Mar26 1977Mar29 GE-33-08  
Prado, Bertha Margarita F   1946Jun29 2000Apr17 2000Apr21 10-19-D  
Prado, Theodosia L. F W 1887May28 1966Jul17 1966Jul23 H-11-09  
Prentice, Charles Kenneth M W 1907Jul19 1983Feb20 1983Feb25 D-22-06  
Prentice, Myrtle Marie F   1906Nov10 1996Jan25 1996Jan29 6-22-D  
Presbrey, Allen L. M W   1967Sep29 1967Oct04 H-70-02  
Pressl, Gertrude V. F W 1905Feb14 1963Apr23 1963Apr27 GN-157-07  
Preston, John Charles M W 1891Apr19 1966Dec22 1967Apr14 GN-208-98  
Price, Elizabeth F W 1891Jun20 1972Feb18 1972Feb25 C-40-13  
Price, Leonard K. M W 1892Apr08 1976Dec15 1976Dec23 GW-17-02  
Prieto, Edmund Nathaniel M   1958Nov23 1985Apr03 1985Apr12 J-38-08  
Prime, Hannah S. F     1937Aug10 1937Aug12 GE-11-04  
Prince, Charles S. M W 1828Jul07 1907Feb10 1907Feb12 H-58-C  
Prindiville, Robert L.  M W 1922Nov21 1983Jun17 1983Jun22 D-12-06  
Proper, Lillie Maude F W 1883----- 1972Dec19 1972Dec23 GW-217-04  
Proper, William Albert M W 1887Sep04 1973Jan11 1973Jan15 GW-217-03  
Provenghi, Casey Renee Hale     1974Mar23 1990Apr27 1990May04 F-50-12  
Provolt, Myrtle Alma F W 1879Jul05 1960Jun30 1960Jul05 B-31-02  
Provolt, Stephen E. M   1873----- 1936----- 1936Nov15 B-31-01  
Pruden, John M         E-05-02  
Pruden, June Helen F