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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Tabor, Daisy Cortez F W 1892Sep02 1965Nov18 1965Nov23 GN-102-04  
Tadla, Ann Marie F   1931Dec04 1999Dec31 2000Jan06 5-27-D  
Talbert, Hattie L. F W 1880Aug24 1957Oct22 1957Oct26 GS-10-10  
Talbert, Samuel E. M W 1874Feb04 1958Jan25 1958Jan29 GS-10-11  
Talkov, Louis M   1880----- 1966Feb21   JC-H-31  
Tamm, Alice F     1922Nov28 1922----- C-64-04  
Tanner,  Anton M     1933Jul03 1933Aug-- C-69-09  
Tanner, Allen H. M     1946Aug26 1946Aug27 H-48-09  
Tanner, Anton Frank M   1872Jun23 1946Jun20 1946Jun24 C-69-07  
Tanner, Daniel Grant M W 1957Dec17 1978Oct27 1978Nov02 GE-56-12  
Tanner, Genevieve Louise F W 1883Sep10 1970Jul25 1970Jul28 C-69-06  
Tanner, Grant Hamilton M   1931Aug28 1999Jul15 1999Jul20 14-32A-GE  
Tapia, Guadalupe J. M M 1882Jul30 1948Jul17 1948Jul20 H-12-06  
Tappan, Naomi  F   1903----- 1944Jan27 1944Feb01 B-53-05  
Tappan, Otho Harrison M   1889----- 1945Oct04 1945Oct09 B-53-04  
Tartikoff, Samuel M   1874----- 1962Feb23   JC-H-6  
Tarwater, Paul Stewart M W 1947Nov19 1951Apr26 1951Apr28 B-24-28  
Tate, Dorcus S. F W 1881May26 1972Nov26 1972Nov29 GN-60-10  
Tate, Earl L. M W 1910Oct04 1965Jun09 1965Jun14 B-50-09  
Tate, James M W 1877May11 1966Jun23 1966Jul02 H-60-05  
Tate, Joel C. M   1899Dec17 1976Jan14 1976Jan19 GN-60-05  
Tate, Laverne Earl M W 1885May05 1957Sep02 1957Sep05 B-50-11  
Tate, Lavida C. F W 1887Dec31 1972Apr19 1972Apr21 B-50-10  
Tate, Ruth Lestine F   1902Jun10 1996Apr06 1996Apr10 6-60-GN  
Taylor, Allene Lea F   1918----- 1940Jun17 1940Jun19 C-66-01  
Taylor, Andre M N 1985Aug11 1985Aug11 1985Aug21 GN-208-49  
Taylor, Anna Grider F W 1878May09 1972Jan15 1972Jan29 GW-07-12  
Taylor, Archie Lee M   1931May07 2000Apr27 2000May17 19-24-F  
Taylor, Arlee Theda F N 1892Aug21 1980Dec17 1980Dec22 J-01-14  
Taylor, Baby         1935Dec02 C-56-12B  
Taylor, Baby  (twin) M W 1957Sep15 1957Sep15 1957Sep17 H--  
Taylor, Baby  (twin) M W 1957Sep15 1957Sep15 1957Sep17 H--  
Taylor, Beverly Ann F W 1948Jul26 1948Jul26 1948Jul29 B-01-01  
Taylor, Charles A. M     1943Jun01 1943Jun03 B-16-05  
Taylor, Charles William M W 1876Aug21 1969Jul05 1969Jul08 GW-07-12  
Taylor, Clarence B. M W 1928Jun28 1994Nov30 1994Dec09 E-25-07  
Taylor, Ellen C. F W 1892----- 1962Aug16 1962Aug19 C-54-11  
Taylor, Emma Mary F W 1890May22 1984Mar22 1984Mar27 GW-123-02  
Taylor, Eugene M N 1947Sep14 1948Mar22 1948Mar23 J-05-01  
Taylor, Irene Ann Perry F N 1898Mar19 1979Oct11 1979Nov06 J-20-02  
Taylor, James Robert M W 1883Oct19 1959Mar13 1959Mar-- GW-123-01  
Taylor, Jas. Burnett M   1894Apr08 1966Jul28 1966Aug02 J-14-02  
Taylor, Jesse M W 1883Aug25 1949Dec1 1949Dec03 C-54-12  
Taylor, Jessie Honore F W 1904Mar13 1987Aug31 1987Sep03 E-06-10  
Taylor, Jimmie Lee M W 1934Oct07 1967Jan25 1967Jan30 C-58-08  
Taylor, Joella F N 1874Feb28 1955Dec24 1955Dec30 J-14-04  
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth F W 1950May14 1952Oct08 1952Oct11 B-01-05  
Taylor, Maude V. F W 1887Jul04 1950Dec24 1950Dec28 GE-34-04  
Taylor, Pearl August M W 1873Aug15 1952Nov23 1952Nov25 H-50-19  
Taylor, Robert George M W 1914Oct29 1978Apr19 1978Apr24 E-05-04  
Taylor, Sidney M W 1907Apr07 1966Aug27 1966Sep01 H-66-03  
Taylor, Thomas M   1920Mar09 1973Sep30 1973Oct11 H-49-22  
Taylor, William Felix M   1881----- 1944----- 1944Jun19 GE-175-10  
Teadman, Blito F       1899Nov08 H-27-10  
Teagar, Bertram M W 1888Jun04 1973Mar27 1973Mar30 GW-215-02  
Teagar, Grace Lonise F W 1890Apr19 1979Nov06 1979Nov15 GW-215-03  
Teal, Clyde Leonard M N 1899Jul25 1971Nov11 1971Nov17 E-09-05  
Tellis, Carlyle O. M   1909Jan26 1990Apr12 1990Apr17 D-10-04  
Tellis, Isabel M. F   1916Feb08 1999Aug17 1999Aug31 4A-10-D  
Terhorst, Mary Frances Kolb F W 1927Feb11 1973Jun22 1973Jun25 B-53-01  
Terry, Susan Emma F W 1888Aug03 1972Sep28 1972Oct04 E-46-02  
Theesen,Shirley A.     1941Jul19 2005Mar05 2005Mar13 10-32-E  
Theraux, Edith N. F W 1917Apr12 1970Feb17 1970Mar17 ??-59-06  
Thew, Harriet  "Dutton" F       1905----- H-26-06  
Thiessen, John F. M W 1882Oct17 1971Mar09 1971Mar18 B-42-07  
Thomas, Amy Lynne F W 1974Nov29 1978Jan24 1978Jan28 GN-255-03  
Thomas, Clarence Joseph M N 1912Feb22 1971Jun28 1971Jul15 H-69-25  
Thomas, Earl Sr. M   1886Jun04 1967Oct14 1967Oct28 H-71-11  
Thomas, Grace Isabelle F W 1895May08 1978Aug02 1978Aug04 GW-115-01  
Thomas, Jennie F N 1884Oct13 1972Apr17 1972Arp20 GN-149-09  
Thomas, Larry Jr.  "Keith" M W 1965Sep19 1985May31 1985Jun04 H-18-09  
Thomas, Lillian M. F W 1921Jul25 1968Nov12 1968Nov26 H-68-14  
Thomas, Morley M W 1903Jun08 1978Apr04 1978Apr06 GW-114-05  
Thomas, Roy Howard M   1922Jun28 1974Dec02 1974Dec05 GE-24-02  
Thompson, Addie Margaret F W 1881Nov26 1973Feb23 1973Feb27 H-20-15  
Thompson, Alfred G. M W 1864Feb04 1950Mar29 1950Apr01 B-05-01  
Thompson, Alma P. F   1906Nov06 1991Sep04 1991Sep18 GN-158-04  
Thompson, Dolly F W 1895Nov05 1966Jun22 1966Jun28 E-15-03  
Thompson, Frank M W 1883Dec23 1960Nov22 1960Nov25 H-50-11  
Thompson, Jake Adolph M N 1883Dec11 1967Sep08 1967Sep11 J-48-10  
Thompson, James LaVerne M W 1904Dec15 1973Oct09 1973Nov03 GN-158-03  
Thompson, Jim M W 1888----- 1971Jan10 1971Jan15 H-40-14  
Thompson, Joe Robert M W 1915Jan15 1970Dec30 1971Jan08 H-42-22  
Thompson, Kathleen Bell F   1910Sep11 1998Oct21 1998Oct27 1-127-GS  
Thompson, Laura Alice F N 1897Dec27 1977Sep06 1977Sep09 J-48-09  
Thompson, Maria Nellie F W 1867May08 1956Jun28 1956Jul02 B-05-02  
Thompson, Mary Kelly F W 1883Oct17 1966Feb08 1966Feb12 GN-207-08  
Thompson, Minnie Ethel F W 1869Jan28 1951Feb27 1951Mar02 GS-49-08  
Thompson, William M   1882----- 1944Sep20 1944Sep20 H-20-14  
Thorne, Nina May F W 1872Apr11 1958Mar26 1958Mar29 GS-132-04  
Thorne, William H. M   1862----- 1940Jun25 1940Jun27 GS-132-03  
Thornton, William E., Jr. M   1967Nov23 1995Apr24 1995May01 3-3-E  
Thrailkill, Glenn O. M N 1890May20 1960Jun24 1960Jun27 GW-118-03  
Thrailkill, Mathilda Margaret F   1889Dec16 1974Nov17 1974Dec18 GW-118-04  
Thurman, Joseph M     1938Jul02 1938Jul06 C-58-09  
Thurman, Mary Ellen F     1945Jan05 1945Jan08 C-58-10  
Tidman, Louisa A. F W 1832----- 1901Jul03 1901Jul04 C-27-20  
Tidman, Peter M     1901----- 1901Jul04 C-27-19  
Tidwell, Everlena F N 1900Sep17 1954Jan27 1954Jan30 J-02-12  
Tilley, George M   1904Apr09 1904May16 1904May16 H-02-10  
Tilley, George H. M   1863----- 1933Jun13 1933----- H-02-09  
Tilley, Harold M         H--  
Tilley, Marjorie May F W 1911Aug02 1980Mar19 1980Apr09 A-06-05  
Tilley, Oscar Eugene M W 1901Mar06 1974Oct06 1974Oct09 A-06-06  
Tilley, Paul M         H--  
Tilley, Samantha D. F   1876----- 1945Mar12 1945Mar15 H-02-08  
Tilley, Thomas J. M W 1910Sep02 1968Jul15 1968Jul18 H-02-14  
Tilley,Jane W.     1917Jan15 2005Feb25 2005Mar02 15-2-H  
Tillman, Anthony M B 1955Mar12 1994May29 1994Jun07 D-29-06A  
Tillmon, Fannie Frances F   1935Nov16 1989Jan28 1989Feb01 D-29-06  
Timm, Gerhard L. M W 1905May08 1994Apr19 1994Apr22 F-01-01  
Timm, Julia H. F W 1900Feb27 1994Apr24 1994Apr27 F-01-02  
Timmis, Anna F W 1854Dec-- 1908Feb11 1908Feb13 GE-186-04  
Timmis, Arthur Willard M   1876Jul13 1897Jun29 1897Jun30 GE-186-06  
Timmis, Dillwyn S. M W 1878Oct13 1958Mar17 1958Mar20 GE-186-11  
Timmis, Donald Earl M   1912May23 1991Aug17 1991Aug24 GW-186-01  
Timmis, Earl R. M W 1887Mar05 1956Oct22 1956Oct25 GE-186-05  
Timmis, Elmer W. M W 1885Feb09 1903Dec26 1903Dec26 GE-186-08  
Timmis, Grace L. F W 1880Aug04 1964Dec11 1964Dec15 GE-186-10  
Timmis, Howard R. M   1892Dec26 1893Mar25   GE-186-09  
Timmis, John M W 1844Sep-- 1925Feb27 1925------ GE-186-03  
Timmis, Mary Jane F W 1917Jul07 1985Apr25 1985Apr30 GE-186-02  
Timmis, Nellie M. F   1890Jan27 1901Jan08 1901Jan09 GE-186-07  
Tiniakoff, Martha Ann F W 1942Sep15 1972Oct18 1972Oct21 GS-224-04  
Tinney, Veda M.  F   1907Dec24 1995Mar30 1995Apr05 4-237-GE  
Tinnis, William Clay M W 1908May04 1977Aug29 1977Sep01 GE-237-03  
Tippings, Charles Arthur M W 1920Oct25 1983May03 1983May06 GW-120-10  
Tippings, Patricia Ann F   1925Feb19 1976Jun08 1976Jun11 GW-120-09  
Tishkoff, Goldie F   1903----- 1965-----   JC-J-11  
Tishkoff, Samuel M   1900----- 1956Jun26   JC-J-10  
Tobias, John A. M   1938Oct12 1993Nov18 1993Nov24 D-20-10  
Tobin, Georgina Lillian Sophie F W 1922Feb22 1969Apr12 1969Apr16 A-07-09  
Tobin, William Stephen Jr. M   1922May31 1998Nov02 1998Nov06 2-10-D  
Todd, Arthur Pierce M   1910Oct09 1983Jul24 1986Jun20 D1-A-38  
Todd, Gertrude F. F   1904Jul17 1989Jul26 1989Jul29 D-25-09A  
Todd, Sarah Jane F   1863Mar04 1915Oct30 1915Oct30 H-10-06  
Todd, Wayne David M W 1903Aug19 1979Dec15 1979Dec19 D-25-09  
Toepfer, Rosemary Marian F   1988Mar21 1988Mar21 1988Mar29 K-49A-30  
Toftee, Rebecca Marie F W 1984Oct04 1984Oct04 1984Oct10 GN-208-95  
Tokay, Vendel       2002Jun30 2002Jul09 10-11-K  
Tolbert, Henry M N 1879Sep15 1968Aug04 1968Aug12 H-42-21  
Toley, Mike M W 1889Dec22 1959Feb24 1959Feb27 GW-71-01  
Tomlinson, Edwin Marton M W 1887Apr07 1970Dec19 1970Dec22 B-52-03  
Tomlinson, Edwin Morton M   1909Jun30 1992Mar30 1992Apr03 B-51-01  
Tomlinson, Helen A. F W 1910Sep29 1968Feb12 1968Feb17 GN-159-05  
Tomlinson, Iva F   1912Sep18 2001Oct22 2001Oct26 2-51-B  
Tomlinson, Madlyn B. F W 1894Dec10 1969Jan29 1969Feb01 B-52-04 Photo
Tommassy, Manfred J. M W 1885Jun08 1963May11 1963May14 GS-80-08  
Tommassy, Valeska  Schmidt  F   1885----- 1943----- 1943Nov09 GS-80-07  
Tontz, Clarence, Jr. M W 1947Dec18 1947Dec18 1947Dec19 B-44-S-15B  
Tope, Franklin, Carmel M W 1898Mar28 1967Mar11 1967Mar-- GW-120-05  
Tope, Laura Bell F W 1865Aug30 1959May27 1959May29 GW-121-03  
Toplansky, Becky F   1893Jan14 1975Nov28   JC-C-4  
Torbett, Bessie Edith F W 1890Jun14 1947Feb27 1947Mar01 GS-132-02  
Torbett, Carl Ray M W 1890Jun08 1949Aug18 1949Aug20 GS-132-01  
Torbett, Etta May F W 1890Apr28 1973Jan01 1973Jan04 C-65-07  
Torbett, Glen    AKA Harry M W 1887Oct27 1958Oct20 1958Oct23 C-65-06  
Tordoff, Alfred W. M W 1912Nov18 1971Sep04 1971Sep09 GW-124-05  
Tordoff, Mary Elizabeth F   1915Oct30 1999Jul09 1999Jul15 6-124-GW  
Torn, Louis M   1885----- 1967Jan15   JC-B-4  
Torres de Guzman, Ofelia F   1941Mar14 2001Dec08 2001Dec14 7-35-F  
Torres, Augustin Olivares M   1917Jul15 1976Sep25 1976Sep29 E-03-08  
Torres, Lorenso ""NMI" M   1931Aug10 1997Apr08 1997Apr15 8-15-D  
Torres, Miguel M   1913Sep25 1992Sep19 1992Sep23 F-43-09  
Torres, Miguel O. M W 1905May02 1973Feb14 1973Feb19 E-03-07  
Torres, Oscar Guillermo M   1929Jun02 2002Mar22 2002Mar28 6-50-DD  
Torres, Vidala L.     1913-----     GS-03--  
Torres, Vidala Luna F   1913Apr28 2000May21 2000May24 6-3-E  
Tosutovich, Leo M W 1902Apr05     GS-26-05  
Totaram,David Michael     1931Nov20 2005Oct09 2005Oct17 6-13-DD  
Tottleben, Oscar M W 1882Oct07 1972Jul14 1972Jul19 E-05-04  
Towles, Augusta   (Agusta)       1925Mar25 1925----- GS-09-07  
Townsend, Charles A. M   1857----- 1942Apr03 1942Apr04 H-15-05  
Townsend, Charles H. M   1879Aug22 1945Nov17 1945Nov20 H-15-03  
Townsend, Della M. F   1876----- 1901----- 1901Dec12 H-20-03  
Townsend, Herbert  "Bert" M W 1876Jul13 1958Feb25 1958Mar01 H-15-09  
Townsend, Leonard Paul  M   1912Dec15 2000Dec25 2000Dec28 13-20-H  
Townsend, Madge Ethel F   1895Nov19 1975Oct05 1975Oct09 A-10-11  
Townsend, Mary E. F   1859----- 1933Aug24 1933Sep30 H-15-06  
Townsend, Minnie E. F W 1880Dec18 1962Jan05 1962Jan05 H-15-04  
Townsend, Rosanne F W 1947Nov04 1951Jan18 1951Jan22 B-27-06B  
Townsend, Sena Palma F N 1890Jan20 1970Nov20 1970Nov24 GN-154-07  
Townsend, William Love M N 1885May20 1963Oct15 1963Oct23 GN-155-11  
Trainor, Arthur Frederick M W     1956Mar15 B-30-06  
Trainor, Elizabeth F W 1869Nov02 1955Dec13 1955Dec22 B-30-06  
Travelstead, Alice E. F W 1913Jan19 1971Feb21 1971Feb25 J-50-15  
Travelstead, Benjamin H. M W 1945Sep13 1965Oct21 1965Oct25 J-50-16  
Traver, Dorothy Alice F   1909Sep20 1990May16 1990May18 GW-124-09  
Traver, Eugene Clifton M W 1885Sep05 1966Nov21 1966Nov23 GW-124-11  
Traver, Mabel Vivian F   1887Mar07 1975Oct18 1975Oct22 GW-124-10  
Travis, Eudora Belva F   1910Dec03 1997Jul19 1997Aug08 10-55-J  
Travis, James Lloyd M W 1909Dec12 1983Jul06   J-55-10  
Traylor, Thos. M N 1884Apr30 1970Sep12 1970Sep21 H-72-10  
Treat, Glen M   1914Nov15 1973Jul05 1973Jul11 H-49-20  
Trejo, Ruben M W 1968Apr11 1985Mar10 1985Mar14 C-20-07  
Trent, Frank M     1940Feb13 1940Feb28 H-48-05  
Tretola, Harold Lee M   1978Feb15 1979Apr04 1979Apr17 GE-57-13  
Triplett, William Sr. M   1870----- 1946Jan22 1946Jan26 J-02-16  
Triviso, Nancy     1970May21 2003Feb24 2003Jul01 6-6-F  
Triviso, Nancy Satuki F   1970May21 2003Jun24 2003Jul01 6-6-F  
Troncozo, Antonio M. M W 1919Jan12 1967Jun05 1967Jun12 GW-05-10  
Tronowsky, Frank M   1891----- 1925Nov21 1925----- C-73-12  
Troup, Alvin Ray M W 1900May24 1977Apr03 1977Apr06 A-23-02  
Troup, Ruth Minnie F   1915Feb18 1990Feb14 1990Feb20 A-23-01  
Trout, Irma (M. or N.) F   1875----- 1940Oct07 1940Oct09 C-47-09  
Trout, Milton E. M   1870----- 1944Jun12 1944Jun14 C-47-10  
Troxler, Herbert     1909Mar13 1991Jun12 2004Jul07 6-3-niche 1  
Troxler, Isabelle A     1911Jun19 1993Apr29 2004Jul07 7-3-niche 1  
Truitt, James Chester M N 1898Sep06 1970Nov19 1970Nov30 GN-152-01  
Truitt, Maude C. F N 1898Oct22 1970Nov30 1970Dec03 GN-152-02  
Trujillo, Jose Eulaterio M W 1904Aug18 1968Jan20 1968Feb01 H-69-01  
Tryon, Della Estelle F W 1902May29 1978Mar18 1978Mar23 E-17-11  
Tryon, Wm. Barney M W 1904Sep26 1978Apr24 1978Apr27 GW-70-07  
Tsobanacos, George M W 1887Apr01 1959May29 1959Jun02 GN-16-02  
Tucker, Joseph Thomas M N   1950Oct01 1950Oct04 J-06-02  
Tuckman, Kitty McGill F W 1886Jul26 1950May31 1950Jun05 B-23-11  
Tuggle, Opal Berniece F   1913Sep18 1992Dec31 1993Jan05 F-43-02  
Tumlinson, Bell     1879----- 1959May03 1959----- GE-193-03  
Tumlinson, Maude F W 1881Jan25 1970May22 1970May25 GE-193-04  
Turku, John Peter M W 1889Feb17 1948Nov15 1948Nov18 GS-49-06  
Turku, Mary F W 1884----- 1957Nov05 1957Nov08 GS-49-07  
Turner, Bertha C. F W 1900Jan16 1971May15 1971May18 A-01-01  
Turner, Dolores Natalie F   1874----- 1946Feb06 1946Feb09 B-44-06  
Turner, George Matthew M N 1882Dec13 1959Sep25 1959Sep30 J-44-03  
Turner, John M     1943Oct25 1943Oct30 H-47-08  
Turner, Mary Louise F   1929Jul25 1999Apr007 1999Apr19 10/1/2001  
Turner, Wesley A. M W 1889Apr07 1948Oct19 1948Oct26 B-42-12  
Turnham, Clarence B., Sr. M W 1913Sep26 1993Dec29 1994Jan03 D-29-11A  
Turnham, Jane German F   1913May27 1993Jul28 1993Jul30 D-29-11  
Tuttle, William  Ray M W 1891Dec29 1959Apr12 1959Apr16 GW-05-08  
Tybie, Ada F       1927Dec07 B-17-07  
Tybie, Ada May F W 1882Sep08 1956Apr07 1956Apr10 B-20-08  
Tyler, Dewey M W 1899Oct22 1969Sep28 1969Oct16 E-02-01  
Tyler, Vivian M. F W 1909Jul28 1970Jun05   E-02-01  
Tyus, Andrew M N 1905Oct15 1968Apr05 1968Apr12 H-70-08  



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