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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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 S=Sex  R=Race

Location of Grave=BLK-LT-GR


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Uedesma, Jose M   1882Mar19 1910Aug04 1910----- C--  
Ugarte, Carolina G. F AI 1902Feb06 1977Oct02 1977Oct05 H-12-07  
Ugarte, Jose M W 1925Mar19 1959Jan26 1959Jan29 H-12-10  
Ugarte, Jose G. M M 1899Nov23 1975Oct13 1975Oct13 H-12-08  
Ugarte, Mary Angie F W 1953May26 1969Jan15 1969Jan20 H-12-09  
Ugarte, Pedro G. M W 1917Apr26 1982Oct12 1982Oct19 H-12-06A  
Uharriet, Joseph John M   1913Jan12 1986Mar11 1986Mar17 K-03-04  
Uhlry, Richard Lee M W 1955Dec22 1966Apr17 1966Apr20 H-09-09  
Uhlry, Winifred D. M W 1905Mar23 1966Jun09 1966Jun14 GW-169-02  
Ulich, Gladys F W 1889----- 1972Oct06 1972Oct11 A-15-06  
Ulich, John M W 1889Oct08 1970Nov10 1970Nov13 A-15-05  
Ulrich, Daniel A. Solomon M   1984Nov20 1996May20 1996May24 1-12-E  
Underwood, Clarence Robert M W 1913Mar20 1963Oct11 1963Mar14 GN-62-15  
Underwood, Gladys Elvena  F W 1913Dec12 1980Feb12 1980Feb25 E-30-13  
Unger, Margaret E. F W 1902May12 1963May13 1963May18 GN-14-07  
Unknown M     1894Mar25      
Unthank, Anna F W 1873Oct12 1963Jul30 1963Aug20 GN-208--  
Urquiza, Facundo C. M W 1889Nov27 1963Jul28 1963Aug01 J-07-07  
Urquiza, Leocadia Lepe F Mx 1893Dec09 1952Nov10 1952Nov13 J-07-05  
Urquiza, Pilar O.   (Urquize) F W 1904----- 1935Feb22 1935Feb-- C-21-14  
Urquizo, Paula A. F W 1898----- 1960Sep17 1960Sep20 H-11-14  



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