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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Vail, Sheila Jane F W 1971Nov18 1971Nov18 1971Nov24 GN-208-34  
Vail, Shelley Jean F W 1971Nov18 1971Nov18 1971Nov24 GN-208-35  
Valencia, Javier Villa M W 1932Nov03 1962Sep02 1962Sep07 H-26-12  
Valenzuela, Adolph Bert  "Rudy" M W 1916Feb04 1984Jun06 1984Jun09 K-11-12  
Valenzuela, Alonzo M W 1893Dec19 1969Sep08 1969Sep13 GS-08-10  
Valenzuela, Juan M W 1924Aug09 1924Aug10 1924Aug-- C-07-07  
Valenzuela, Magnalena F W 1929Oct22 1938Sep14 1938Sep17 C-14-13  
Valenzuela, Mary Virginia F W 1900----- 1982Dec13 1982Dec16 GS-08-09  
Valenzuela, Miguel   (Miguil) M         C-07-06  
Valle, Marie Eleanorrios F   1917Jul01 1997Dec26 1998Jan5 5-26-A  
Valley, Dorothy Blanche F W 1908Jan25 1970Mar01 1970Mar05 J-51-01  
Van Damme, Lucine F W 1875Dec18 1953Feb19 1953Mar13 GS-78-06  
Van Damme, Seraphin M W 1872Apr20 1949Nov06 1949Nov09 GS-78-07  
Van Delden, Marie F   1904May15 1987Jan12 1987Jan15 K-12-09  
Van Diest, Barbara Lee F   1943Oct31 1986Oct25 1986Oct29 D-30-11  
Van Doren, Kittle B. F   1902Feb14 1995May14 1995May17 7-12-D  
Van Doren, Robert     1908Jun24 2003Mar11 2003Mar18 7/7a-12-D  
Van Doren, William Nelson M   1908Jun24 2003Mar11 2003Mar18 7/7A-D-12  
Van Fossen, Apphia C.  F W 1894Nov18 1958Feb11 1958Feb14 B-21-08  
Van Fossen, Homer Francis M W 1892Jul14 1966Sep18 1966Sep21 B-21-07  
Van Hofwegen, Wesley J. M   1952Mar21 1995Oct09 1995Oct17 3-43-F  
Van Tress, Charles Webster M W 1888Mar29 1964Apr23 1964Apr28 GN-151-01  
Van Wie, Minnie Grace F W 1877Jul11 1969Jul24 1969Jul26 GN-59-05  
Vanarsdale, David John M W 1982Jan16 1982Jan31 1982Feb23 GN-208-38  
Vance, Beulah F. F W 1910Feb05 1960Dec28 1960Dec31 GW-172-05  
Vance, Obie Earl M W 1903Mar13 1984Jun29 1984Jul05 GW-172-04  
Vandenburg, Harry Leslie M W 1888Jul08 1952Sep08 1952Sep11 GS-08-12  
Vander Valk, Bastian J. C. M W 1887Sep11 1980May20 1980May22 GW-164-11  
Vander Valk, Catherine F M 1889May04 1973Jun03 1973Jun07 GW-164-10  
Vander Vort, Robert Warren M W 1888Jul24 1958Jun25 1958Jun28    
VanderValk, Harriet Ruth F   1921Sep05 1989Aug24 1989Aug29 GW-68-02  
Vandervlag, Newtenna M. F   1916Oct 18 1996May25 1996May31 3-4-F  
Vandervlag,Robert     1916Jun17 2005Jan07 2005Jan13 2-4-F  
Vanwey, Baby F W   1965Nov28 1965Dec04 GN-208-15  
Varela, Alfonso M   1933Oct19 1993Dec11 1993Dec20 F-03-01  
Vargas, Arlene F H 1994Mar25 1994Mar25 1994Apr01 K-62A-01  
Vargas, Trinidad M W 1884May06 1967Aug23 1967Sep01 H-67-15  
Varnum, Hazel May F W 1913Feb16 1971May29 1971Jun04 H-02-02  
Varnum, William Arthur M W 1901Apr03 1980Feb10 1980Feb15 H-02-01  
Vasquez, Dolores Padron F   1920Jan06 2001Jun04 2001Jun07 5-11-D  
Vasquez, Joseph M.  M   1915Aug31 2002Dec21 2002Dec27 5A-11-D  
Vasvary, Geza H. M W 1875May14 1957Mar08 1957May11 GE-144-07  
Vasvary, Rosalia F W 1879Jan18 1958Nov01 1958Nov04 GE-144-06  
Vaughn, Laura McGinnis F   1903Nov25 1978Oct01 1978Oct04 GE-240-02  
Vega, A. Rosalie F   1931Jun19 2001Jan27 2001Feb01 7A-29-D  
Vega, A. Rosalie F   1931Jun19 2001Jan27 2001Feb01 7A-29-D  
Vega, Albert Sepulveda M   1928Nov01 2003Jan15 2003Feb03 2/1/2001  
Vega, Albert Sepulveda     1928Nov01 2003Jan15 2003Feb03 1/1/2002  
Vega, Celia "NMN" F   1921Aug19 1999Aug11 1999Aug17 11A-23-D  
Vega, Francisco M   1926Sep-- 1939Mar19 1939Mar21 H-11-03  
Vega, Joseph B. M W 1932Feb28 1955Feb14 1955Feb18 J-08-02  
Vega, Manuel     2004Mar16 2004Feb03 2004Feb06 9a-29-D  
Vega, Margaret Ann  (Margie) F W 1955Jul17 1958Jul28 1958Jul30 B-24-28  
Vega, Margarita S. F W 1902Jul20 1986Oct31 1986Nov05 GN-154-02  
Vega, Maria Josefina F   1934May03 2003Feb07 2003Feb14 6A-29-F  
Vega, Maria Josefina     1934May03 2003FEb07 2003Feb14 6a-29-F  
Vega, Miguel M W 1875Sep29 1968Feb28 1968Mar02 J-08-13  
Vega, Nellie B. F H 1925Jan15 1994Mar13 1994Mar18 D-29-09  
Vega, Rafael C. M W 1904Jun02 1964Jun12 1964Jun15 GN-154-01  
Vega, Rosa F W 1892Aug13 1980Jul10 1980Jul15 J-08-04  
Vega, Rosa Dolores F   1926Nov06 2003Apr15 2003Apr18 10-44-F  
Vega, Rosa Dolores     1926Nov06 2003Apr15 2003Apr18 10-44-F  
Vega, Rosalie Anne F   1933Sep20 1999Feb08 1999Mar02 CN1-1-1  
Vega, Ruben Junior M   1976Mar17 2000Dec30 2001Jan11 12-5-F  
Vega, Salvador M W 1950Feb11 1950Feb11 1950Feb-- C-13-12  
Vega, Salvador Ralph M   1954Mar03 1981May19 1981May21 GN-64-04  
Vega, Salvador S. M   1931Oct28 1988Jun08 1988Jun13 D-29-07  
Velasco, Jose P. M W 1885Feb19 1960Aug07 1960Aug08 J-45-03  
Velasco, Ramona Ruiz F W 1895Aug31 1982Jun08 1982Jun14 J-45-02  
Velasco-Molina, Sebastian     2004Apr10 2004Apr10 2004Apr15 10-34-F-1  
Velasques, Alfonso M. M M 1959Jan23 1978Dec13 1978Dec18 J-31-11  
Velasquez, Julian M W 1900Jun15 1971Mar12 1971Mar17 H-69-19  
Velasquez, Natividad Jr. M   1972Jul23 1992Sep13 1992Sep18 J-20-09  
Velasquez, Rosa "NMN" F   1908Aug31 1999Dec29 2000Jan07 12-34-J  
Veloz, Richard M   1942Jul24 1995Sep01 1995Sep08 8-12-D  
Venable, Guy Mannering M W 1884Nov13 1949Jan18 1949----- B-10-06  
Venable, Ryneer Wilson M   1902Jun14 1991Oct20 1991------ H-05-14  
Venable, Virginia F   1906Oct23 1993Jan15 1993Jan21 H-05-15  
Ventura, Edward M   1924Jan31 1988Mar26 1988Apr06 K-48-14  
Vermaas. Jacob M W 1888Aug15 1973Mar05 1973Mar20 A-01-10  
Vermass, Greta Adriana F W 1888Jun03 1968Sep22 1968Sep25 A-01-09  
Vernal, Enrique M W 1924Aug05 1925May16 1925May-- C-15-07  
Vernon, Elizabeth R. F   1854----- 1936Jul19 1936Jul22 H-23-08  
Vernon, Ethan John M W 1893Aug29 1948Aug22 1948Aug25 H-23-06  
Vernon, Hettie F W 1875Feb26 1951Feb06 1951Feb08 GE-187-02  
Vernon, Lether M N 1906Apr23 1956May22 1956May24 J-18-02  
Vernon, Walter Clyde M   1888Feb10 1967Feb15 1967Feb22 H-23-05  
Vernon, William Francis M   1856----- 1938Sep08 1938Sep10 H-23-07  
Vice, Mary Etta F W 1869Dec04 1949Jun07 1949Jun10 GE-13-03  
Victoriano, Cirelo M   1881Aug05 1977Nov23 1977Nov29 GN-61-15  
Victoriano, Rev. Paula Cowan F N 1911Apr16 1963Apr18 1963Apr22 GN-61-14  
Vietzke, Clarence Clifford M   1901Jul21 1978Sep14 1978Sep18 GN-252-04  
Vietzke, Zelma Mae Haddon F W 1901Jan13 1984Dec01 1984Dec06 GN-252-05  
Vigil, Dennis F. M   1916May17 1973May20 1973Jun12 H-41-21  
Villa, Chon Raymond M W 1917Mar25 1983Feb07 1983Feb11 C-12-05  
Villa, Elsa F   1932May04 1992Jun06 1992Jun15 D-21-12A  
Villa, Lisa Begonia Hernandez F   1967Mar26 1987Apr22 1987Apr27 D-21-12  
Villa, Maria A. F     1944Jul09 1944Jul12 H-12-01  
Villa, Natividad M W 1895Jul26 1964Nov24 1964Nov28 H-11-08  
Villa, Porfirio M W 1887Sep15 1967Jun22 1967Jun24 H-13-08  
Villa, Sabina F W 1895Feb19 1978Apr18 1978Apr21 H-13-07  
Villareale, Peter M   1898May06 1989Dec25 1989Dec29 F-26-01  
Villarreal, Robert M W 1949Jan16 1971Nov03 1971Nov08 E-39-15  
Villarreal, Victorio M   1913Dec23 1975Jul20 1975Jul22 E-39-17  
Villavicencio, Epifania     1926Jan10 1989Feb15 1989Feb22 D-29-08  
Vincent, Anne Margaret F   1916Nov01 2000Sep20 2000Sep26 4-7-D  
Viner, James D. M W 1963Nov10 1994Dec10 1994Dec20 D-28-01  
Vinh, Vu Quang     1923Oct27 2003Aug03 2003Aug15 7-2-K  
Vinholt, Peter M   1876----- 1934Aug07 1934Nov09 GS-86-07  
Vinson, Harrison M W 1888Oct22 1971Sep28 1971Oct04 E-24-01  
Vinson, Pearl E. F W 1882----- 1957Feb03 1957Mar25 B-25-06  
Virgen,Frank J.     1969Mar10 2005Feb23 2005Jul15 2-86-DD  
Vogel, Charlotte F W 1878Jul22 1966Jun19 1967Jul17 B-47-S-21  
Vogel, Josephine W. F   1906Apr15 1991Jun21 1991Jun26 A-14-04  
Vogel, Ludwig M     1946Oct23 1946Oct26 B-47-20  
Vogel, Maurice G. M W 1898Dec17 1977Jan02 1977Jan07 A-14-03  
Vollan, Iver Martin M W 1892Sep15 1982Jun15 1982Jun18 E-40-11  
Vollan, Norman Victor M   1917Mar19 1988May16 1988May19 GW-211-01  
Vollan, Willetta Marie F W 1896Sep18 1982Sep25 1982Sep28 E-40-10  
Von Moos, Alfred I M W 1899Aug03 1980Jun24 1980Jul14 C-49-13  
Von Moos, Alfred Leo  II  - Baby M   1945----- 1946Dec13 1946Dec16 C-49-13  
Vonderschmitt, Michael Robert M W 1963Dec04 1983Dec31 1984Jan05 K-01-06  
Vories, Rowland T. M   1887----- 1940May10 1940May17 H-48-13  
Vrana, Michael M W 1882Apr25 1967Jul13 1967Jul15 GW-41-09  
Vrana,Jennie B. F   1887Mar25 1986May04 1986May07 GW-41-08  
Vuide, Dolores Brambick F       1944Jun10 H-11-NW  



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