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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Waddell, Lawrence F. M W 1914Sep26 1958Dec30 1959Dec31 B-44N-03  
Waddell, Lawrence M. M W 1888Jun08 1958Jun15 1958Jun18 B-44N-04  
Waddell, Louise May F W 1890Sep12 1962Sep10 1967Jul14 B-44N-05A  
Waddell, Polly M. F   1914Oct30 2000Mar07 2000Apr04 3-44-B  
Wade, Maxine F   1919Feb12 2002Apr04 2002Apr10 6-11-E  
Waechter, Herman M W 1882Oct18 1973Apr10 1973Apr19 A-13-03  
Wagner, Belle F   1858----- 1936Feb13 1936Feb15 B-37-13  
Wagner, Clara F   1893Feb27 1975Nov20   JC-N-4  
Wagner, Dr. Charles Cecil M W 1896Aug05 1978Aug15 1978Aug18 B-38-01  
Wagner, Frank Roscoe M W 1891Sep29 1966Jan20 1966Jan22 B-37-10  
Wagner, Harvey S. M W 1882Oct02 1962Feb03 1962Feb05 B-37-12  
Wagner, Hazel Cary F W 1886Mar23 1969Jun11 1969Jun18 B-37-11  
Wagner, Isabel M. F W 1912Nov03 1962Jul05 1962Jul09 GN-61-03  
Wagner, Mary Augusta F W 1894Mar22 1984Mar29 1984Apr02 B-37-09  
Wagner, Myron S. M   1893Jan03 1970Oct12   JC-N-3  
Wagner, Nelle L. F   1898Jan25 1995May23 1995May25 2-38-B  
Wagner, Nelle Louise F   1898Jan26     B-37-10  
Wagner, Patricia Ann F   1939Jun13 1999Jul19 1999Jul28 14-19-H  
Wagner, Philip Norman M   1912Mar19 1988Nov27 1988Nov30 B-38-14  
Wagner, William H. M   1853----- 1935Jul16 1935Jul18 B-37-14  
Waids, Pauline F W 1907Oct07 1968Apr07 1968Apr12 H-70-09  
Wakefield, James M. M W 1925Apr13 1977Sep10 1977Sep14 H-41-11  
Wakefield, Myrtle Allen F W 1883Apr24 1984Oct22 1984Oct26 E-20-09  
Walker, Annie F   1839Dec02 1913Jun06 1913Jun10 GE-139-09  
Walker, Deloris June F   1931Jun11 1990Jun09 1990Jun13 D-13-10  
Walker, Eugene Francis, Sr. M   1928Jan07 1993Feb08 1993Feb12 D-13-10A  
Walker, Gertrude Alameda F   1911Oct03 2002Feb08 2002Feb14 8-138-GE  
Walker, Hugh R. M   1873----- 1912Jul13 1912----- GE-138-01  
Walker, Hugh William M   1912Feb12 2002Mar19 2002Apr05 9-138-GE  
Walker, Isabelle Hoag F   1873----- 1934Jun29 1934----- GS-173-07  
Walker, John M   1888Nov05 1959Dec02 1959Dec07 H--  
Walker, John C. M W 1884Nov08 1973Nov14 1973Nov19 A-04-03  
Walker, Margaret Frances F W 1916Mar02 1984May20 1984May24 B-45-07  
Walker, Mary L. F   1890Jan08 1890Nov25 1890Nov25 H-33-12  
Walker, Nellie Katherine F W 1887May22 1971Nov19 1971Nov24 A-04-04  
Walker, Robert James M W 1906Jun11 1966Jul29 1966Aug03 GE-100-03  
Walker, Stephen M W 1895Jan15 1970Feb18 1970Mar12 H-68-06  
Walker, Waivia A. F   1892----- 1930Jun06 1930----- C-70-04  
Wall, Clara B. F W 1865Jul19 1948Jul02 1948Jul07 GS-182-NE  
Wall, Elizabeth F   1899Oct27 1909Aug29 1909Aug30 GS-182--  
Wall, Flora Jean F   1937Feb10 2001Jun02 2001Jun08 7-5-D  
Wall, George B. M   1881Jun26 1884May24 1884May-- GS-182--  
Wall, Ira S. M   1871Dec26 1892Aug10 1892Aug-- GS-182--  
Wall, John M   1869Jul14 1869Sep17   GE-182--  
Wall, Otis M W 1873Jun30 1946Jan22 1946Jan25 GS-182-NE  
Wall, Peter M W 1836Mar07 1920Jan05 1920----- GS-182--  
Wall, Roscoe B. M   1875Nov25 1894Apr24 1894Apr25 GS-182--  
Wallace, Doris Lincoln F W 1911----- 1977Mar25 1977Apr18 GW-161-05  
Wallace, Edward M W 1862Nov09 1962Feb26 1962Mar01 J-31-09  
Wallace, Franklin Lew M W 1895Mar10 1982Sep10 1982Sep15 GW-161-05  
Wallace, Juanita Mae F   1920Aug11 1986Apr11 1986Apr14 K-05-07  
Wallace, Ray Harold M   1916Jun30 1987Aug12 1987Aug15 K-05-08  
Wallen, Charles Homer M W 1906Apr05 1960Jul23 1960Jul27 GW-171-02  
Wallen, William J. M W 1901May23 1976Dec14 1977Jan04 GW-171-02  
Wallenburg, Sonia Roberta F   1946Aug14 1997Oct05 1997Oct14 85-22-F  
Wallington, Arthur Burton M W 1893Oct06 1969Jul10 1969Jul16 E-46-14  
Walsh, Carl Eugene-Baby M W 1976Jun29 1977Jun02 1977Jun08 GW-216-04  
Walsh, Michael Louis M   1949Nov03 1989Dec23 1990Jan12 GW-216-04  
Walsh, William Harry M   1897Aug10 1975May17 1975May22 GW-209-04  
Walter, Arthur W. M W 1880Oct01 1959Jan15 1959Jan19 B-01-12  
Walter, Emma J. F N 1909Jul05 1979Sep30 1979Oct04 J-04-05  
Walter, Florence Marilla F W 1887Nov12 1962Dec22 1962Dec27 B-01-11  
Walter, Riley     (aka  Riely) M N 1913Dec25 1967Dec13 1967Dec19 J-18-13  
Walters, Albert H. M W 1885Sep13 1968Feb08 1968Feb14 B-12-10  
Walters, Cleo Edward M   1907Jan06 1997Nov12 1997Nov18 10-24-E  
Walters, Eddie M   1903Apr27 1988May09 1988May12 D-26-06  
Walters, Jane E. F W 1881Jul20 1956Jan02 1956Jan04 B-12-09  
Walters, Mamie G. F   1912Aug21 1988Aug03 1988Aug05 D-26-06A  
Walters, Mary Ruth Way F W 1903Jul02 1984Apr20 1984Apr25 E-24-09  
Walters, William B. M W 1899Oct--   1907Jun-- H-22-08  
Walters, William B. M W 1869Apr04 1908Jul13 1908Jul15 H-22-09  
Walton, Christine F N 1950Nov25 1972Jul09 1972Jul14 H-37-03  
Walton, John Joseph III M W 1980Sep23 1981Apr25 1981Apr28 GN-246-01  
Walton, Mamie F   1918Jul05 1974Aug25 1974Aug31 H-35-09  
Walton, Mary F N 1872Oct06 1951May05 1951May10 J-14-01  
Wann, Walter Hubert M   1924Dec24 1990Jul14 1990Jul18 F-03-10  
Ward, Charles "NMN" M   1948Jan24 1999Feb10 1999Feb16 7-41-J  
Ward, Charles Sr. M N 1896Jan03 1972Oct01 1972Oct05 J-40-16  
Ward, Cormack Hugh M W 1876Jun28 1959Jan27 1959Jan31 GW-41-03  
Ward, Curtie B.     1933Dec20 1991Dec28 1992Jan06 J-45-09  
Ward, Duncan Adelbert M W 1882Mar08 1965Jul02 1965Jul06 GE-56-03  
Ward, Hazel R. F W 1888Apr01 1960Jul11 1960Jul14 GE-56-05  
Ward, Johnnie "NMI" M   1937Dec24 1997Mar16 1997Mar24 9-41-J  
Ward, Larry C. M   1943Dec31 1978Nov01 1978Nov06 GW-76-09  
Ward, Marcella Elizabeth F W 1898Jul17 1949Feb03 1949Feb07 GE-56-04  
Ward, Margaret Sue     1916Jul17 2003Oct16 2003Oct20 16-25-E  
Ward, Melvin L. M W 1923Nov13 1984Oct25 1984Oct30 E-25-15  
Ward, Minnie S. F W 1867Dec08 1947Apr03 1947Apr05 GS-82-08  
Ward, Stephanie Lynn F N 1983May23 1983May23 1983Jun02 GN-208-23  
Waring, Mattie Ellen Webb F W 1888Jun24 1973Mar06 1973Mar09 J-21-10  
Warneke, Carl H. M W 1882Oct30 1959Mar16 1959Mar19 B-45-08  
Warneke, Frances Alda F W 1856Nov09 1947Aug24 1947Aug26 B-45-13  
Warner, Frederick Milton M W 1884----- 1949Nov22 1949Dec12 C-42-06  
Warner, Harold Everett M   1909Jul31 1979Mar27 1979Apr02 D-16-07  
Warner, Malcolm Keith M W 1918May28 1980May02 1980May07 H-41-17  
Warner, Matilda Mrs. F   1848----- 1934Jul01 1934----- C-42-06A  
Warner, Ransome D.     1818----- 1904----- 1904Aug27 GS-178-02SW  
Warner, Vivian Lelia F   1914Oct06 1992Dec08 1992Dec10 D-16-07A  
Warren, Esther Myrtle F W 1894Dec27 1972May19 1972May22 A-26-11  
Warren, Grace Mary Jordan F   1881Aug-- 1975Oct07 1975Oct10 B-09-07  
Warren, Gustave Albert M W 1865Sep22 1955Feb17 1955Feb19 B-09-08  
Warren, Hubert E. M W 1892Oct22 1973Jan15 1973Jan19 A-26-12  
Warren, James Bryant M W 1902Dec11 1984Mar07 1984Mar12 K-01-04  
Warren, Pleasanna F N 1872Jun25 1963Feb25 1963Mar02 GN-61-10  
Warren, William James M W 1893Sep12 1965May16 1965May18 GN-159-09  
Warres, Edith E. F W 1898Sep24 1962Mar09 1962Mar12 GS-51-11  
Warres, George Martin M W 1902Apr09 1974Sep27 1974Oct01 GS-51-12  
Washburn, Edna Woolley F W 1888Jul18 1947Dec31 1948Feb21 GE-12-09  
Washburn, Edson D. M W 1886May05 1953Jun25 1953Aug11 GE-12-09  
Washburn, Guy Harrison M W 1888May12 1960May09 1960May14 GW-119-03  
Washburn, Myrtle May F   1914Sep13 1998Jul27 1999Nov17 3/1/2001  
Washington, Delphine F N 1865Feb20 1966Dec02 1966Dec05 GN-154-10  
Washington, Elzada F N 1881Aug01 1982Mar18 1982Mar23 GW-116-03  
Washington, Henry Lee M N 1900Mar15 1961Jul26 1961Jul29 J-42-08  
Wassell, Amy B. F   1871----- 1946Feb14 1946Feb18 GS-78-08  
Waters, Bernie Angel     1911Oct09 1992Feb17 1992Feb21 D-23-12  
Waters, Daisy Mable F   1915Sep27 1993Nov06 1993Nov12 D-23-12A  
Watkins, Audrey Lucille F   1911Sep25 2002Feb26 2002Mar06 6-54-J  
Watkins, Hobart J. M N 1901Jan01 1966Feb04 1966Feb12 GN-154-06  
Watkins, James C. M W 1866Jun05 1953Jan21 1953Jan23 C-48-10  
Watkins, John Hubbard M   1916Apr28 2001Jul14 2001Aug31 6A-49-C  
Watkins, Laura Elina F   1913Sep27 1995Feb16 2000Sep25 6A-49-C  
Watkins, Lois B. F N 1883Apr17 1966Oct29 1966Nov04 H-66-07  
Watkins, Mollie M. F W 1876Feb23 1963Aug31 1963Sep04 C-48-09  
Watkins, William Franklin M B 1912Dec01 1978Oct04 1978Oct10 J-54-05  
Watson, Bertha Viola F W 1901Feb10 1982Oct18 1982Oct22 B-52-16  
Watson, Bessie Loveless F W 1910Feb14 1981Jun02 1981Jun09 A-17-09  
Watson, Carl Hayes M W 1889Jan02 1967May13 1967May15 GW-05-05  
Watson, I. G. M   1900Aug08 1978Oct25 1978Oct31 J-54-09  
Watson, Jack Mitchell M   1920May17 1998May02 1998May07 71-208-GN  
Watson, Jack Willis M N 1911Dec15 1966Jan14 1966Feb02 H-61-08  
Watson, Kenneth E. M     1943Aug03 1943Aug07 GE-146-08  
Watson, Mitchell Jay M W 1964Dec04 1971Nov07 1971Nov11 GN-208-71  
Watson, Patricia Kathleen F   1932May11 1993May20 1993May26 F-26-12  
Watson, Shirlie     1933Apr09 2004Feb29 2004Mar08 5-35-K  
Watson, Thomas Olen M W 1887Dec25 1972Sep15 1972Sep18 B-52-17  
Watson, William     1908Feb26 2003Apr05 2003Apr10 10-17-F  
Watson, William Porter M   1908Feb26 2003Apr05 2003Apr10 10-17-A  
Watson, Zoray Octavia F   1916Aug10 1993Dec07 1993Dec14 J-54-08  
Watts, Alexander Ben M   1885----- 1984Mar12   JC-F-25  
Watts, Hattie Benson F W 1874----- 1941Jan08 1941Jan10 B-40-10  
Watts, Jamie Lee F   1978Dec18 1979Apr15 1979Apr19 GN-208-37  
Watts, Jessie F     1940Feb22 1940Feb26 H-47-14  
Watts, Sarah F   1893----- 1982Aug09   JC-F-24  
Wax, Adolph M   1868----- 1962May20   JC-F-7  
Wax, Hyman M   1887----- 1963Apr01   JC-B-5  
Wax, Rose F   1888----- 1962Dec18   JC-B-6 Link
Wax, Sadie F   1871----- 1963Jul14   JC-F-7  
Webb, John A. M W 1885Oct14 1957Oct24 1957Oct26 J-21-11  
Webb, Josephine Evelyn F W 1903Sep08 1966Aug08 1966Aug12 GW-162-09  
Webb, Lucille F W 1915Dec31 1966Feb01 1966Feb04 GN-14-06  
Weber, Archie Thomas M W 1918Mar09 1983Oct29 1983Nov01 A-15-03  
Weber, Millie Myrtle F W 1891Apr16 1973Apr24 1973Apr28 A-15-02  
Weber, Pauline Marie F   1919Feb17 2001Jun16 2001Jun29 3A-15-A  
Weber, Sadie F   1893Oct14     JC-C-12  
Weber, Samuel M   1896Mar13 1971Jul24   JC-C-12  
Weber,Wayne Alan     1962Aug11 2005Nov10 2005Nov21 4-10-F  
Webster, Alverdo P. M     1940Nov06 1940Nov12 GS-47-06  
Wegforth, John Frederick M W 1864Aug11 1947Apr27 1947Apr30 B-36-01  
Weidt, William Ernest Kort III M   1970Mar06 1992May01 1992May08 GN-201-07  
Weinblatt, Elsie F   1903----- 1973Oct23   JC-*-15  
Weinblatt, Isidore M   1909-----     JC-*-14  
Weiner, Hyman M   1875----- 1960May06   JC-I-21  
Weingard, Achsah Phyllis F   1919Jun13 1988Apr20 1988Apr23 D-21-05  
Weingard, Frederick Eugene M   1912Apr26 1997Oct26 1997Oct31 5A-21-D  
Weintraub, Anna F   1891-----     JC-G-23  
Weintraub, Henry M   1885----- 1968Nov23   JC-G-23  
Weir, Clydie N. M   1892Aug17 1894Dec18 1894Dec19 H-31-04  
Weir, Gertrude A. F   1873Jul19 1897Dec26 1897Dec28 H-31-03  
Weise, Myrl L. F   1915Apr02 1995Ju0l6 1995Jul11 2-30-D  
Weisenborn, Mary Jo F W 1920Mar04 1971Jun30 1971Jul06 E-22-10  
Weiser, Travis Paul M   1986Mar01 2000Jul10 2000Jul14 9-32-F  
Weishaup, E. C. Duke M W 1889Sep21 1957Jun16 1957Jun22 B-25-10  
Weisman, Alexander M W 1896Dec26 1973Jan08 1973Jan10 E-10-01  
Weisman, Philip M M   1922Sep09 2003Feb03 2003Feb05 JC-A-7  
Weissenborn, Herman M W   1961Jul04 1961Jul08 J-44-05  
Weitz, Fred M W 1897Mar15 1956Sep18 1956Sep21 J-30-11  
Welch, Lewis Ralph M   1874----- 1945Mar22 1945Mar24 GS-51-10  
Weldon, Marguerite Joceph F W 1962Mar19 1984Jul19 1984Jul23 K-10-09  
Wells, Gertrude May F W 1879Oct21 1958Sep26 1958Sep30 B-22-07  
Wells, Homer Frank M W 1880Feb27 1951Feb26 1951Feb28 B-02-02  
Wells, William B. M   1848Dec28 1928Apr06 1928Apr06 GE-99-01  
Wesch, Emil Daniel Sr. M   1902Sep01 1979Aug27 1979Aug30 A-07-08  
Wesch, May    (Mae) F W 1909Aug04 1972Feb12 1972Feb15 A-07-07  
West, Alex M N 1867Mar27 1955Feb05 1955Feb07 M-24-08  
West, Bessie W. F N 1897May06 1969Mar06 1969Mar12 ??-42-13  
West, Raymond F. M W 1905May17 1985May21 1985May24 A-43-01  
West, Ruth E. F W 1905Nov02 1985Sep03 1985Sep03 A-43-02  
West, Ruth Emma F   1911Jan22 1990Mar11 1990Mar16 GS-227-07  
West, Sudie F N 1893Jan26 1969Oct29 1969Nov04 M-27-16  
Westerfield, Clarence Wade M W 1914Mar09 1972Jul24 1972Jul28 C-32-03  
Westphal, Albert G. M   1857----- 1939Dec28 1939Dec31 B-39-04  
Westphal, Francis Hannah F W 1862Oct02 1951Nov22 1951Nov25 B-39-05  
Westphal, Glenn Albert M W 1898Jul03 1962Jul10 1962Jul13 B-29-10  
Westphal, Katherine Ann F W 1904Nov21 1953Dec06 1953Dec10 B-29-09  
Westrup, Hulda Josephine F     1942May20 1942May25 GS-24-10  
Wetherbee, Minnie M. F     1940Jan06 1940Jan17 B-47-04  
Wetherell, Arlie Fay F W 1893Apr03 1949Apr08 1949Apr12 B-25-04  
Wetherell, Dellah Marie F W 1864Jul20 1950Dec18 1950Dec21 B-25-03  
Wetzel, Edna F. F W 1882Jun27 1972Jul26 1972Jul28 GN-197-07  
Wetzel, Emily Winona F W 1880Jul09 1962Jul18 1962Jul20 GW-74-01  
Whalen, Albert William M W 1916Apr23 1963Jan07 1963Jan11 GN-197-05  
Whalen, Orville William M   1915Dec27 1976Aug19 1976Aug21 GE-243-02  
Whalen, Robert O.  M   1942Jul25 1997Dec20 1998Feb17 2-243-GE  
Wheaton, Gertrude Eloise F W 1895Oct07 1972Feb12 1972Feb16 H-24-12  
Wheeler, Beatrice F W 1881Apr19 1964Mar11 1964Mar14 GW-122-04  
Wheeler, Dan M N 1879Nov11 1947Oct19 1947Oct23 H-51-NE  
Wheeler, Eunetia Victoria F   1884Aug07 1975Jun30 1975Jul02 GN-38-05  
Wheeler, Jack M W 1892Jan28 1967Jan28 1967Apr04 H-70-03  
Wheeler, Robert W. M W 1907Oct19 1960Jun23 1960Jun25 GW-122-05  
Wheeler, William J. M W 1887Apr27 1971May03 1971May07 GN-38-04  
Whenham, Adam M. M W 1907Jul17 1972Feb26 1972Mar16 H-60-09  
Whiesenant, Earnest M W 1892Jan13 1962Jan03 1962Jan06 GW-115-10  
Whisenant, Beulah F   1899Aug03 2003Jan29 2003Feb04 11-61-GN  
Whisenant, Beulah     1899Aug03 2003Jan29 2003Feb04 11-61-GN  
Whisenant, Horace Manning M N 1900Jul24 1963Dec28 1964Jan04 GN-61-12  
Whitcomb, Calvin Louis M W 1863Nov13 1957Jan08 1957Jan11 GE-56-01  
Whitcomb, Inez Delta F W 1873Jan01 1969Jan31 1969Feb04 GE-55-06  
Whitcomb, John Doane M W 1894Jan06 1987Dec25 1987Dec30 GE-55-03  
Whitcomb, Lillian Dena F W 1895Nov28 1963Jun20 1963Jun23 GE-55-04  
Whitcomb, Minnie May F W 1863Dec16 1959Jun29 1959Jul02 GE-56-02  
Whitcomb, Nathaniel M W 1873Nov27 1957Dec13 1957Dec16 GE-55-05  
White, Ben F. M W 1891Jan04 1968Jan22 1968Jan-- C-72-09  
White, Carol E. F W 1955Jun23 1955Dec17 1955Dec19 B-24-50  
White, Cleve G. M N 1902Mar06 1963Jul22 1963Jul24 H-60-03  
White, Earl Kenneth M   1926Apr25 1987Jan11 1987Jan16 GW-67-01  
White, Franklin Aaron M W 1886Feb18 1973Jul06 1973Jul10 GW-169-13  
White, Frederick K.  (or A.) M   1856----- 1925Jul21 1925Jul25 C-73-03  
White, Hazel Dena F W 1893Jun28 1976Dec31 1977Jan05 GW-169-12  
White, Joseph R. M   1946Dec07 1946Dec07 1946Dec07 B-02-2ndSE  
White, Katie J. F   1864----- 1940Apr05 1940Apr08 C-73-04  
White, Lelia Lurinda F   1893Jan01 1987Jul09 1987Jul31 C-73-09  
White, LeRoy M N 1878Sep18 1965Oct05 1965Oct13 GN-203-04  
White, Margaret B. F N   1971Nov21 1971Nov29 H-68-18  
White, Marie M. F   1917Jul01 1995Oct08 1995Oct12 7-211-GW  
White, Minnie Josephine F W 1896Sep08 1961Sep20 1961Sep23 C-73-05  
White, Minnie Lena Julia F   1895Nov30 1978Sep08 1978Sep12 GN-39-05  
White, Princella Virginia F N 1902Mar03 1973Apr08 1973Apr11 J-20-01  
White, Shirley Ann F W 1959Oct27 1959Oct27 1959Oct29 B-24-36  
White, Verna Marie F W 1911Oct01 1973Aug09 1973Aug16 A-04-05  
Whitley, Baby         1942Aug22 C-43-2NE  
Whitlock, Sadie Lucretia F W 1899Feb06 1985Mar07 1985Mar12 H-08-15  
Whitlock, William M W 1888Aug02 1965Mar04 1965Mar26 H-08-16  
Whitman, Hugh M N 1887Jan11 1960Nov02 1960Nov05 J-46-12  
Whitman, Julia C. F N 1892----- 1969Oct09 1969Oct13 J-46-11  
Whitmore, Minnie F N 1887Aug09 1953May16 1953May22 J-01-15  
Whitney, Wilber Earl M W 1887Jul04 1955Oct03 1955Oct05 J-20-12  
Whitt, John Ray M   1939Sep26 1997May 31 1997Nov19 13-22-A  
Whitt, Lucille "NMI" F   1928Aug04 1997Nov13 1997Nov19 13-22-A  
Whittle, Jason Joseph M   1990Jun01 1990Sep14 1990Sep19 K-49A-10  
Whittle,Kenneth E.     1930Dec22 2005Sep10 2005Sep16 8-49-K  
Wiard, Amelia J. F W 1878Aug07 1961Mar29 1961Mar31 GW-46-08  
Wiard, Ross M W 1883----- 1938Feb03 1954May24 H-06-12  
Wickerd, Cora Ruth F W 1897Nov01 1963Sep28 1963Oct01 GW-163-03  
Wickerd, Joyce Edward M   1889Apr14 1976Feb12 1976Feb16 GW-163-04  
Wickerd, Ray R. M W 1887Mar18 1960Feb26 1960Feb29 B-52-15  
Wickerd, Ruth Mary F W 1888Dec13 1952Sep05 1952Sep09 B-52-14  
Wiener, Samuel David M W 1923Mar29 1970Dec06   E-21-04  
Wiercinski, Victor M W 1888Mar24 1967Feb17 1967Feb25 GE-58-05  
Wiggins, Irene F   1923Sep09 2002Jul26 2002Jul30 5-40-A  
Wightman, Anna C. F W 1892May16 1969Jul17 1969Jul22 E-05-09  
Wightman, Edward M W 1895Nov28 1967Jun19 1967Jun24 E-05-10  
Wikel, Anthony P.  M   1955Feb24 1985Nov23 1998Feb13 86-22-F  
Wikisal, Joseph M W 1887Feb28 1948Jun17 1948Jun21 GE-54-06  
Wilder, John W. M     1920Sep11   J-24-04  
Wilder, Mrs. John F         J-24-03  
Wilkes, Willis W. M   1892Oct10 1974Jan21 1974Jan29 H-37-07  
Wilkins, Catherine F       1915Apr15    
Wilkins, Dean Charles M W 1949Mar05 1950Jun10 1950Jun12 B-24-01  
Wilkins, Les M       1914Jun05    
Wilkinson, Charles Jesse M W 1878Jul06 1947Feb14 1947Feb17 GS-10-08  
Wilkinson, George Cleveland M W 1875Dec29 1954Jul29 1954Aug02 GS-26-08  
Wilkinson, Nannie Ellen F W 1887Jun23 1978Dec02 1978Dec06 GS-10-07  
Wilkinson, Virginia M. F W 1882Sep20 1967Aug10 1967Aug15 GS-26-07  
Wilkinson, William M W 1872Sep14 1950Jun11 1950Jun15 B-23-01  
Willard, Cameron Dix M W 1870Nov15 1947Nov07 1947Nov11 GS-25-07  
Willard, Effie Lane F   1875----- 1963Mar03 1963----- GS-25--  
Willberger, Guy Arthur M W 1881Feb19 1948Jun25 1948Jun29 GS-27-10  
Willette, Alford M W 1891Aug19 1960Aug14 1960Aug16 GW-41-06  
Willette, Clara Frances F W 1880Jan11 1972Sep16 1972Sep19 GW-41-07  
William, Henry Clay M N 1889Apr18 1968Sep27 1968Oct05 H-69-11  
Williams, Alice K. F   1910Jun29 1988May20 1988May24 D-16-04  
Williams, Alta B. F N 1884Jun03 1958Feb07 1958Feb11 J-18-01  
Williams, Benjamin M W 1878Mar06 1951Dec01 1951Dec06 J-28-01  
Williams, Cary W.   (Carrie T.)       1946Feb10 1946Feb12 H-10-04A  
Williams, Charley "NMN" Jr. M   1911Jul18 1999Feb18 1999Feb24 6A-9-D  
Williams, Clara Ana F W 1892Aug22 1983Dec28 1984Jan04 J-47-09  
Williams, Curly F N 1919Sep19 1984Dec20 1984Dec31 E-04-08  
Williams, Don S. M N 1900Feb11 1966May16 1966May21 J-44-10  
Williams, Elizabeth F W 1898Sep22 1969Apr07 1969Apr10 H-67-04  
Williams, Emma B. F W     1940Oct25 C-63-E  
Williams, Ernest W. M W 1887Apr05 1961Aug24 1961Aug29 GW-70-09  
Williams, Essie Mae F N 1924Jan05 1963Oct18 1963Oct23 J-52-04  
Williams, Esther V. F   1875Aug17 1900Feb08 1900Feb10 H-27-08  
Williams, Fred M W 1886Apr12 1949Nov26 1949Nov29 B-07-02  
Williams, Genie F   1886----- 1968----- 1968Sep06 B-07-03  
Williams, George Henry M W 1891Dec16 1968Aug31 1968Sep05 H-42-14  
Williams, Gertrude Margurite F   1904Nov08 1989Dec13 1989Dec28 E-22-04  
Williams, Henry M N 1873----- 1941Apr23 1941Apr25 J-13-09  
Williams, Irvena F W 1869Jul06 1954Mar28 1954Apr01 GE-193-06  
Williams, John M   1871----- 1929----- 1929----- C-56-22  
Williams, John Calvin M W 1906May14 1967Dec24 1967Dec27 E-22-03  
Williams, Joseph J. M   1872----- 1936Feb08 1936Feb11 J-27-11  
Williams, Joseph Reginald M W 1897Jun17 1962Nov24 1962Nov27 J-47-10  
Williams, Lawrence L. M N 1914Apr05 1971May11 1971May25 A-32-01  
Williams, Lulu F W 1874May17 1953May11 1953May12 H-57-06  
Williams, Lulu May F W 1881Aug22 1963Sep29 1963Oct03 GN-158-11  
Williams, Luther M N 1900Jun05