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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Location of Grave=BLK-LT-GR


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Yake, David Howard M W 1899May23 1970Apr24 1970Apr27 A-12-05  
Yake, Mary Ann F W 1897Aug29 1969Oct19 1969Oct21 A-12-06  
Yale, Emily H. F     1905Mar17 1905Mar20 GS-173-04  
Yale, John - M.D. M   1822----- 1892May06 1892May07 GS-173-01  
Yarborough, Kathryn Ethel F N 1891Oct17 1971Feb14 1971Feb27 J-12-06  
Yarborough, Tommy Robelia M N 1895Jul23 1969Mar19 1969Mar28 J-12-07  
Yates,  (child)           GS-176-05  
Yates, Ernest Carlyle M W 1919Dec03 1979Oct08 1979Oct19 GS-176-05  
Yates, Grace Louise F   1910Oct16 1998Aug01 1998Aug11 13-34-C  
Yates, Harriet F   1823----- 1917Nov28 1917Nov30 J-14-05  
Yates, Helen M. F   1921-----     GS-176--  
Yates, Lafayette M W 1844Jan01 1924Oct22 1924Oct22 GS-176-09  
Yates, Lafayette, Jr. M W 1876May29 1953Dec08 1953Dec11 GS-176-01  
Yates, Mary M. B.  F W 1847Sep17 1930----- 1930----- GS-176-08  
Yates, Mary S. F W 1876Oct07 1965Feb12 1965Feb16 GS-176-02  
Yates, Meada Lowe     1884----- 1929Jul18 1929----- GS-176-04  
Yates, Robert E.  M   1909Jul24 1995Feb28 1996Mar15 13-34-C  
Yates, Wilby M W 1880Jan01 1949Jul21 1949Jul23 GS-176-03  
Yeager, Jacob M     1916Mar11 1916Mar14    
Yeargan, Julia F N   1950Oct28 1950Nov08 J-06-01  
Yeo, John Edwin M W 1877Oct11 1963Dec01 1963Dec04 GN-107-01  
Yetter, Anna M. F W 1899Sep20 1970Sep24 1970Oct17 GN-208-37  
Yetter, Floyd Cortland M W 1895Sep02 1983Jul29 1983Aug29 GN-208-40  
Yetter, Herbert Chas. M W 1879May11 1972Dec16 1973Feb08 GN-208-36  
Yetter, Jessie H. F W 1894Aug25 1973Jul17 1973Sep17 GN-208-39  
Yetter, Maybelle F W 1879Mar05 1970Apr18 1970May23 GN-208-35  
Yocum, John A. M   1848May04 1926Sep09 1926Sep09 C-53-06  
Yoder, Dean Lester M   1897Aug16 1990Oct20 1990Oct24 A-22-17  
Yoder, Harvey LeRoy M   1925Jul10 1996Nov22 1996Nov26 18-22-A  
Yoder, Nora A. Meinhardt F W 1896Jan11 1968Mar15 1968Mar19 A-22-18  
Yonauski, Louise F   1895May14 1993Feb19 1993Feb24 B-SNor-01A  
York, Mary Lee F   1865Mar09 1963Apr25 1963May05 GS-08-02  
York, Rierzi A.   (Rienzi) M   1862----- 1938Sep09 1938Sep12 GS-08-01  
Young, Carol Ann F W 1962Apr24 1977Nov18 1977Dec09 A-08-05  
Young, Cecil Alan M W 1909Jun18 1953Oct11 1953Oct14 GS-52-12  
Young, Gordon M. M   1906----- 1908Feb14 1908Feb16 GS-52-10  
Young, Harry N. M W 1868Jan20 1955Jul01 1955Jul08    
Young, James W. M   1933Dec13 1994Aug21 1994Aug25 B-26-04  
Young, Julia P. F   1881Mar30 1975Jul14 1975Jul18 GW-63-09  
Young, Leslie Lyman M W 1897Jan15 1958Jul16 1958Jul19 GW-120-03  
Young, Lester B. M W 1894Jan08 1964Aug25 1964Aug29 GW-21-04  
Young, Louis Jay M   1921Jun08 1996Jul12 1996Jul16 1-14-D  
Young, Mary Ellen Belle F   1916Mar07 1996Nov22 1996Dec06 46-B-D1  
Young, Maude Estella F W 1885Sep19 1956May24 1956----- C-46-01  
Young, Otis L. M   1882----- 1920Oct04 1920----- GS-52-11  
Young, Pierce B. M N 1881Mar08 1963Dec22 1963Dec26 GN-59-12  
Young, Robert J. M W 1899Jan27 1970Dec02 1970Dec18 B-04-04  
Young, Vivian Claire F W 1893Aug18 1981Aug28 1981Sep01 GW-21-05  
Yule, Jean       1941Mar12 1941Mar14 H-16-06  
Yung, George J. M W 1875Nov10 1962May06 1962May09 B-28-12  
Yung, Jessie May F W 1891May29 1951Nov12 1951Nov15 B-28-11  
Yurick, Dorothy F W 1919Sep10 1985Apr19 1985Apr24 K-02-11  
Yurman, Chana F   1897Aug17 1978Sep07   JC-Z-14  
Yurman, Joseph S. M   1888Mar07 1981Jul07   JC-Z-15  



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