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Lake Elsinore Cemetery

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Zabel, Jack G. M W 1897Apr14 1970Jan31 1970Apr20 GW-169-06  
Zackon, Esther F   1899----- 1975May02   JC-K-4  
Zamora, Maria Isabel F   1921Jun28 2000Mar17 2000Mar22 7-24-D  
Zamudio, Javier "NMI" M   1958Jan27 1996Jun01 1996Jun11 8-2-F  
Zapel, Esther F   1898----- 1977Nov17   JC-P-1  
Zaralegui, Loretta Mary F   1933Jan31 2000Nov12 2000Dec07 10A-24-F  
Zaralegui, Loretta Mary F   1933Jan31 2000Nov12 2000Dec07 10A-24-F  
Zarvis, Birdie Mae F W 1900Apr02 1984Dec27 1985Jan02 A-31-09  
Zeigler, Merle Ray      (Ziegler) M W 1927Jul25 1983Jul17 1983Jul20 A-36-02  
Zerounian, Ernestina "NMN" F   1917Oct31 2001Apr07 2001Apr19 2-25-F  
Zerounian, Haig J.     1914Aug29 1989Sep12 1989Sep18 F-25-03  
Zhedtz, Anthony John M W 1895Apr23 1980Sep03 1980Sep08 GN-200-08  
Zhedtz, Katherine S. F W 1895Jun25 1965Feb19 1965Feb23 GN-200-07  
Zhedtz, Marie F W   1985Nov28 1985Dec05 GN-200-09  
Ziegler, Elizabeth Opal F W 1900Feb12 1976Nov02 1976Nov05 GS-222-01  
Ziegler, Jacob M W 1900Aug26 1984Dec12 1984Dec28 GS-222-01  
Zimbo, Clara F   1906Dec17     C-49--  
Zimbo, Clara Irene F   1905 Dec17 2000Aug17 2000Sep01 6-49-C  
Zimbo, Clara Irene F   1905Dec17 2000Aug17 2000Sep01 6-49-C  
Zimbo, Peter M W 1882Jun05 1955Mar09 1955Mar14 C-49-05  
Zimdin, William M W 1880Dec21 1951Mar04 1951Mar07 GE-95-05  
Zimmerman, Bernhardt M W 1876----- 1946Jun18 1946Jun22 J-27-13  
Zimmermann, Augusta F W 1873Aug17 1962Apr09 1962Apr12 J-27-12  
Zin, Marian Inez F   1856Dec28 1946Dec08 1946Dec11 B-25-01  
Zin, Wilber J. M   1860Mar17 1919Dec02 1919Dec02 B-25-02  
Zorrero, Estella Marie F W 1959Feb15 1970Feb28 1970Mar04 E-14-06A  
Zubal, Eizbieta F   1908Jan10 1994Sep27 1994Oct05 A-34-03  
Zughaft, Nathan M   1890Jan25 1972Jun28   JC-Z-20  
Zumwalt, Edward Lee     1964Aug07 2004Mar07 2004Mar15 1a-28-D  
Zupan, Georgia Lee F   1924Aug10 1991Jun21 1991Jun26 A-23-05  
Zupan, John Mitchell M   1912Dec16 1991May30 1991Jun07 A-23-04  
Zupan, Stephen David M   1956----- 1976Jul28 1976Aug03 A-23-06  

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