Zebadiah Baker information

An Audit of the sale of the estate of Zebadiah Baker deceased
Jno.(Johnathan) Standley to a set of shoemaker tools ......... 0,,19,,6
Do. (ditto) Saddle & Si..ingle                       ......... 5,, 3,,0
Do. (ditto) One Horse                                .........14,,15,,0
William Lewis to 1 pair of saddle bags               ......... 1,,12,,6
William Harwell 1 rasor (razer) box & case            ......... ,,10,,6
Benj. (Benjamin) Crabtree to hats and cloaths (clothes) ...... 6,, 0,,0
                                                              29,, 0,,6 
(Debts Due)
One bill on Junno. Chambers    .....$4,,82
Book aut. agt. Jno. Chambers   ..... 3,,62 1/2
                                    $8,,44 1/2

(signed by) Benj. Crabtree Adm.
Octr. Se.. 1810

Ret. on Oath by
The Administator Benj.

(signed by)
R. Martin clk

Notes: The first section is shown is Pounds,,Shillings,,Pence which is the English system and the second is in Dollars. One pound = 20 shillings and one shilling = 12 pence. This is a translation of the Will Book 2 Page 310 from Wilkes County North Carolina. 

An Inventory of the estate of Zebadiah Baker deceased

To one horse, one saddle, one briddle, one pair of saddle-bags, one set of shoemakers tools, one razor & shaving box, and wearing clothes.
(signed by) Ben. Crabtree, Adm.
July Se.. 1810
The above Inventory Ret. on
Oath by the Administrator

R. Martin, Clk 

Notes: From the Will book 2 page 301 of Wilkes County North Carolina.

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